Catacomb Resident Blog

Walking through Apocalypse

09 March 2023

On the faith level, you need to query your convictions about everything. You should have something inside of you driving you to every significant decision about your life. That's what it means to submit to Christ; you actively seek to know His will. He speaks in your convictions.

But in the absence of divine guidance in your convictions, there's nothing wrong with using what is referred to as "common sense". For example, Covenant people need to be wary of state and local jurisdictions where they live. How about Pennsylvania? Well, in their senate, a proposed law will demand parents endure a government approved lecture about any vaxx before they are allowed to file for exemption for their kids in school.

This reminds us of how the Lord sometimes uses human government to move His people around. His purposes are always aimed at getting us some place He wants to use us, but it's not always obvious at the time. If something like that is enough to signal it's time to move, and the Lord doesn't require you to stay, then the only question is where you need to be instead.

It's more than mere politics. The people who press laws like that are actually being restrained by the situation from instituting more draconian measures, like actual forced injections. They belong to a different culture entirely. They are foreigners by any other definition. They want us out of their way.

What you do about it is the real issue. It's quite likely our Father will require most of His servants to stay put and see how things turn out. Rather, it's things like this that indicate the trends. Right when the mainstream is beginning to admit that the vaxx is a bigger threat than the infections it claims to treat, some politicians are willing to bare their fangs about enforcing compliance on future mandates. It's just another excuse to exercise oppression. But the threat is real, as is our Father's power to protect His servants or not, as He sees fit. He could heal and deliver from the effects of the vaxx. Or, He may be asking you to endure those effects for His glory.

I'm not suggesting you copy me on this, but I would not hesitate to use violence to resist a vaxx mandate, and I'm staying where I am. Fortunately, my state government is a little more sane about such things. Still, there's no denying that this is only the start of a very long and evil trend. I keep an eye on the alien powers in my area who would love to force their decisions upon us. You really need to know your own convictions in order to walk through this apocalypse.

This document is public domain; spread the message.