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They Only Imagine

18 March 2023

Let me give you some encouragement.

I've written about the coming solar catastrophes. I readily admit that most of what is released from Suspicious Observers is theoretical. Most of it cannot be objectively verified -- except for one part of it.

These facts cannot be denied: Earth's magnetic shield is weakening, and our magnetic poles are wandering. This can be measured objectively with instruments; it's not just a theory indirectly arrived at by other evidence. The accelerating pace of change has been measured, and the algorithm to predict future changes has been accurate so far. That algorithm says we have roughly twenty years before something radically shifts. We may not be entirely sure what that shift will bring, but it will not be pleasant.

The alignment of the magnetic field lines is moving with the wandering poles. Not only does this mean your magnetic compass will be increasingly unreliable, but it's already unpleasant for a lot of animals that rely on the magnetic field lines for seasonal migration and survival. Mass die-offs have been recorded: birds, sea mammals, etc. Worse, there's a measurable threat from solar activity. For example, the routine solar wind, blasting particles across the entire solar system, are not being deflected as would be normal. More and more of that stuff is bleeding into the atmosphere. The current "soft spot" is over the South Atlantic, where watercraft and aircraft both suffer navigational disruptions. The intruding solar particles affect the instruments they use.

This does not include the threat of any CMEs, as the shield drops to allow more solar plasma to leak into our atmosphere, as well. This is going to get worse. And if the theoretical work on such things has any meaning, we should expect it to become life threatening in the later stages. Even with full protection, a big enough CME could destroy the power grid. We just missed one in the past week, a massive blast that would rival the Carrington Event shot off into space on the other side of the sun. Keep in mind that the sun rotates, so the sunspots that caused that plasma explosion will be facing Earth this coming week.

No, there's not a darned thing you can do to prevent the coming disaster. This is not a "black pill" message; it's just the reality of where things are going. A single Carrington Event today would heat every conductive item on the planet, burning wires and connections. Clear sky lightening will arc down to the ground randomly and massively. Humans have survived this stuff before, but an awful lot of the comforts we rely on could evaporate with only a few hours' notice. Indeed, civilization itself will collapse. Everything electronic and electrical will be burned and all power generation disabled. We'll be back to the mid-1800s in terms of what works. Only the purely mechanical implements will be usable, things powered by muscle, wind and water (including steam power). How much of our infrastructure can be run that way? How much of what you own can be operated without wires carrying electricity?

And this is just the background against which the West is destroying itself regardless of solar disasters. We have an awful lot of human-caused destruction coming at us. The globalists imagine that they can seize control of the West in the next few years. It won't work, but that won't stop them trying. Competing against the globalists are the Zionists, who imagine God is on their side and will deliver it all into their hands. The neocons who use both the globalists and the Zionists are banking on the collapse of the West, and imagine that this collapse will put them in a position to seize control, but that will also fail. It will simply result in decentralization, rather like sand running between their fingers when they try to close their collective fist around us all.

There is nothing to save. There is no hope of making the world a better place; the world is being destroyed. Unfortunately, this is not the End Times. It's just another round of what Noah survived, a global reset on human existence. As long as there is no direct government attack on faith itself, as long as it's just one religion or philosophy bashing another, one ideology versus another, this is not the End Times. The Final Apocalypse must come as a response to mankind as a whole gathered against genuine faith in Christ. For those of us pursuing genuine faith in Christ, our greatest threat is our own fleshly natures. Granted, the greatest threat to humanity is the Jewish ethnic agenda, but that pursues what Satan offered Christ in the Wilderness Temptations. They aren't targeting real faith itself. This is just another round of destruction from which God is going to build a future we cannot imagine.

The one thing we can do is build something that neither man-made nor natural disasters can knock down, and that's the Covenant. It's not enough that God offers one for us to accept, but that the Covenant itself demands we strive to build something that will still be standing when the few survivors crawl out of their shelters to a devastated world to restart from scratch. Genuine Covenant faith outlives us. But it's our duty to build it up, to breathe life into the model it portrays. God said that He will not let His Word disappear from this life, so the whole point is that, while He doesn't need us, He wants to use us for His glory. He wants us to embrace the Covenant and make it real, so that He can involve us in His divine revelation that never fails, though Heaven and Earth should pass away.

Human ambition it about to be stomped into the dirt. Fallen people imagine they can build something that can reach into the heavens; it hasn't changed since Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. It's going to be knocked down again, but God has promised that when we engage His revelation, we can participate in something that is fundamental to Creation itself. What we do in faith will stand beyond the Day of Judgment.

Do what your convictions drive you to do. There's time enough to get started on building a Covenant legacy for those who follow us. God is behind it; how can it fail?

This document is public domain; spread the message.