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Facing tribulation

This is not prophecy, but it is prophetic ministry. You will not see "thus saith the Lord." You'll get my convictions. If it doesn't work for you, just ignore me. An outline of my basic teachings are found in this HTML book (PDF version here). In addition, there is a PDF booklet: Code of Noah HOWTO. Comments, questions, etc. -- contact me at

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False Hopes 30 Dec -- Ditch the false hopes of political and social betterment.

Stay Out of It 28 Dec -- Pray for a revival of the Covenant and let God work out the details.

The Lonely Path 27 Dec -- We need to get comfortable with it.

About End Times 26 Dec -- Folks, this is just my take on things.

Covenant Isolation 24 Dec -- Most of us will spend the next twenty years in social isolation and loneliness.

Boundaries of Defilement 23 Dec -- The Covenant is a radical change in identity.

Demise of the Majority 21 Dec -- The end is coming soon for a majority of the human race.

Prayer Works 20 Dec -- You can't take any of the world with you into Eternity.

Necessarily Small Time 18 Dec -- My support for Suspicious Observers is limited.

Variations Required 16 Dec -- The basic flaw of human nature is the false belief in objectivity.

Results Are His 15 Dec -- The results are in His hands.

Not My People 14 Dec -- They will never understand my loyalty to Christ.

More Satan's Claws 12 Dec -- Our struggle is not against flesh and blood.

Satan's Claws 11 Dec -- The only way to stay out of Satan's grasp is to cling to the Savior in His Covenant.

Degrees of Evil 07 Dec -- God is not so simplistic as to operate like an on/off switch.

Hold the Funeral Already 06 Dec -- Western Civilization is dead.

What Kind of World? 02 Dec -- What kind of world will you build when it's over?

Not Libertarian 30 Nov -- The whole point of libertarian theory is to unleash greed.

The Bible Is an ANE Book 28 Nov -- This is rather long, and may be hard to follow.

Random Thoughts 26 Nov -- I've got some random stuff I need to share.

A Particular Hellscape 24 Nov -- Intel and security work under human authority is a special hellscape that has few peers in this world.

An Anchorage 23 Nov -- Establishing the freedom of conscience.

Winning People 21 Nov -- It's not a question of being nice to people.

On the Primacy of Moral Accountability 17 Nov -- There are bad questions.

Don't Answer 16 Nov -- Do you understand the basic philosophical assumptions of the gospel message?

The Personal Connection 14 Nov -- Compelling logic cannot give you peace with God.

The Mark of Shalom 13 Nov -- We oppose sin, but seek to redeem sinners.

Weirdness Online 12 Nov -- One way or another, the saints of God will tribulate.

The Antichrist 09 Nov -- I've been asked to comment on the Antichrist.

Building Fortitude 08 Nov -- Good moral people never run for elected office.

Why Bother? 04 Nov -- This is where I stand by the mercies of God.

Moral Agency 03 Nov -- The Covenant demands discrimination.

Door Is Closing 02 Nov -- I'm wondering if it's not already too late.

Grace, Mercy and Law 01 Nov -- Your flesh cannot receive grace.

That Project 31 Oct -- Pray with us as we work on this thing.

Posting Frequency 30 Oct -- going to slow down.

Doomsday Books 29 Oct -- Keep your eye on the mission.

Time Is Short 28 Oct -- I'm a friend, not your guru.

Flawed Flesh 27 Oct -- God doesn't measure performance, but looks for a desire to please Him.

Your Priorities 26 Oct -- Take some time to assess what really matters in your obedience to Covenant and conviction.

Just Show Up 25 Oct -- Show up for spiritual combat duty and see what happens.

Recycling the Earth 24 Oct -- The fundamental moral issues remain the same, regardless of how you look at it.

Covenant and Conviction 23 Oct -- Where I stand on the inspiration of the Scriptures.

Unneeded Answers 22 Oct -- There is no need to reconcile scientific hypotheses with the Bible.

However Much Granted 21 Oct -- What really matters is the truth that carries you through however much living you are granted.

No Matter What 20 Oct -- We need to restore covenant and conviction no matter what's coming.

Well Away 19 Oct -- Where I belong is well away from their doors.

Clear View with Biblical Lens 18 Oct -- Lord, help us to see clearly by Your Word.

Someday I'll Know 17 Oct -- It's important to obey regardless of what I might know about how it turns out.

He Owns You 16 Oct -- Draw near to God and let Him do what He must do.

Lifts You Up 15 Oct -- Divine moral law is an elevating privilege, not a restriction.

Amish-Mennonite Model? 14 Oct -- It's a definite maybe.

Non-Zionist News Response 13 Oct -- You need to make up your own mind.

Pebbles and Boulders 12 Oct -- I feel a great sadness that so very many children of the Lord will never get hold of the vast promises our Father gave us in His Word.

The Heart Can Rule 11 Oct -- The fleshly nature knows its place.

Tell the Truth 10 Oct -- The awareness of the truth is a precious gift.

Challenge to Readers: Non-Zionist News 09 Oct -- What have you got, readers?

Moral Logic 08 Oct -- Let's put this in order.

No Dystopia 07 Oct -- Think about living after a power grid collapse.

Start with Me 06 Oct -- Pour out Your wrath against sin, Lord, and start with me!

They'll Want Us Dead 05 Oct -- How does centralization work?

One Man, One Woman, for Life 04 Oct -- I've not seen a church yet that rises to the biblical standard on this issue.

RIP Brother Andrew 03 Oct -- Anne van der Bijl -- "God's Smuggler" -- died this past week.

When It's Real 02 Oct -- Just how different are we supposed to be?

Out of Reach 01 Oct -- Covenant boundaries keep you out of Satan's reach.

Covenant or Not? 30 Sep -- Don't get lost in something that can never replace a covenant faith community.

Female Prerogatives in the Bible 29 Sep -- Life support was the whole point.

Dominion and Headship 28 Sep -- Congratulations to Jack at Sigma Frame.

Live That Truth 27 Sep -- This world is slated for destruction.

The Folly of Human Aspirations 26 Sep -- Everything humanity has done since leaving the Garden will be wiped away at Jesus' Return.

Do Me a Favor 25 Sep -- I'm not trying to lead, only to provoke.

Too Close Enough 22 Sep -- Until churches become more tribal-feudal, they will remain unprepared for the rising tribulation.

Still Another Hiatus 20 Sep -- Pray for my wife's health situation.

What Then? 19 Sep -- My mission into the foreseeable future is the claims of God's Covenant.

What Should We Do? 03 18 Sep -- Without fail, God notices when someone defiles your mission.

What Should We Do? 02 17 Sep -- What was it about the days of Noah that brought the Flood?

What Should We Do? 01 16 Sep -- Is it any surprise that God is planning a fresh destruction as in the days of Noah?

The Other Reason 15 Sep -- Why is the world such an awful place?

Gearing Up for It 14 Sep -- Pray that the Lord shows you anything you might have left undone to be ready.

What's in Our Hands? 13 Sep -- We do our part to walk in the Covenant, and that's as much as God puts in our hands.

In Such Times 12 Sep -- Don't fling a challenge in God's face.

Idolatry of Self-indulgence 11 Sep -- They are just PUAs in disguise.

Ugly Times 10 Sep -- Make sure you keep a good stock of cynicism on hand.

Online Shopping Collapse 09 Sep -- It's falling apart, folks.

Indicators of Collapse 08 Sep -- Trust in the Lord. He takes care of His Covenant people.

Only in the Moment 07 Sep -- It's caught, not taught.

The Hottest Fire 06 Sep -- Genuine love and fulfillment from a spouse can build on your commitment to divine purpose and Covenant.

Ask the Lord 05 Sep -- You'll never know until you ask.

Covenant, Not Kingdoms 04 Sep -- Sometimes the message is just a feeling.

Restoring Obedience 03 Sep -- We need to tear it all down conceptually before God destroys it with literal fire from the sky.

The Nature of Things 02 Sep -- It's a matter of observing the pattern in Scripture and contemplating your convictions.

Satanic Propaganda 01 Sep -- Trying to define as godly something entirely human in origin is a primary tactic of Satan.

Yet Another Hiatus 30 Aug -- I'm feeling under the weather.

Faith Comes First 29 Aug -- Let's establish faith first.

Testimony and Glory 28 Aug -- I will testify to the Lord's generosity and kindness.

God or Man? 27 Aug -- The greatest treasure you have is your response to tribulation.

De-googling 26 Aug -- Change my contact email in your address books.

Desire versus Desire 25 Aug -- It's a whole different level of existence.

Just Using You 24 Aug -- They are still elitists and they still don't love you.

Running Out of Words 23 Aug -- I don't know what else I can say.

All or Nothing 22 Aug -- Our greatest threat of persecution is not the government but Zionists.

How About It? 21 Aug -- I long for the fellowship of some people committed to the Covenant.

Time to Grow Up 20 Aug -- Be very careful whom you choose as your role model.

Your Faith 19 Aug -- Pay attention to what is awakened in your own soul.

No Authority There 18 Aug -- Satan cannot alter the Scriptures; he can only lie about what they say.

An Appeal 17 Aug -- We don't need more of the ambient culture running through the Body of Christ.

You Can Too 16 Aug -- I've made that long journey, and you can, too.

When We Will Know 15 Aug -- We'll know the US is collapsing when one or more states secede from the Union.

No Natural Law 14 Aug -- Jesus was a Hebrew man.

Redemption Is Not Convenient 13 Aug -- Will you pray about how to redeem all these men and women?

Covenant Only 12 Aug -- You don't need me to suggest specific ways to fight evil.

Religion Loose Ends 11 Aug -- You'll notice that sexual immorality is a common theme here.

Take A Deep Breath 10 Aug -- Please, draw back from the activist crowd.

Making God Smile 09 Aug -- Intellect is the kind of thing Christ will wipe away when He makes a New Heaven and New Earth.

Ego Is Good 08 Aug -- Trying to kill your ego guarantees that you'll never hear from your convictions.

Economic Collapse 07 Aug -- What does a depression look like?

God Did Not Retire 06 Aug -- The only proper response to tribulation is more holiness.

Some More Loose Ends 05 Aug -- I'm guessing that August and September are the last two months you'll have to get ready.

Start It with Me 04 Aug -- Lord, come visit us.

They Will Build It 03 Aug -- We few are simply trying to lay the foundation for what the Lord will call them to build.

Listen to Them 02 Aug -- Your convictions will tell you where to draw the line.

Resolve, Not Catharsis 01 Aug -- Our human perception is what's broken.

Let God Sort Them Out 31 Jul -- I am not like them, nor can I be.

Wouldn't Miss It 30 Jul -- I sincerely wish I could have learned faith a lot younger.

It's a Workout 29 Jul -- Covenant service is a measured risk.

A Matter of Flesh 28 Jul -- Don't let Satan use his minions to manipulate you.

False Political Agendas 27 Jul -- They serve Satan, and Satan controls the political situation.

On the Ark 26 Jul -- Would you like a berth on that Ark?

This Life Is Sorrow 25 Jul -- Adam and Eve were persuaded by Satan that their gifts and talents should get more respect from God.

Obsolete Obsessions 24 Jul -- I don't want to hear about your obsession with Freemasons.

Propaganda Loose Ends 23 Jul -- Take it easy folks; think for yourself.

It's about People 22 Jul -- Pick any "ism" you like, but obey the Word.

Nowhere Else 21 Jul -- I'll be right here, living through it with you.

The Heart Knows First 20 Jul -- You don't always need to know the details to be aware of what evil lurks in the shadows.

Save the Chatter 19 Jul -- The best way to manifest caring is just walking in your faith.

Are You Ready? 18 Jul -- Be ready to meet the requirements of divine glory.

Disentangle from It 17 Jul -- Stop acting like politics and human suffering matter; they don't.

Nature of the Treat 16 Jul -- Zionists have a bug for censorship.

Hiatus 02 13 Jul -- Real world events intrude on my blogging.

Stay with Them 12 Jul -- We have the heavy burden of seeking the lost sheep of His pasture.

We Don't Need 11 Jul -- The place to start is clarifying your own convictions.

Explaining Theodicy 10 Jul -- The only reason it takes this much blather to explain it is because western minds are utterly foreign to God's Word.

No Lamentation 09 Jul -- The only hope for human survival will be the Covenant.

Don't Be Foold 08 Jul -- When God is working, hearts change.

The Impotence of Politics 07 Jul -- Our fight is against the demons of darkness, not the human tools they use.

Where I Stand 06 Jul -- This is where I stand in everything I write here.

They Are Incompatible 05 Jul -- Start being a Covenant brother or sister.

Don't Get Distracted 04 Jul (extra) -- The work of Heaven is changing hearts, not changing laws.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 12 04 Jul -- Every nation on this earth is still held accountable regardless of whether they know about the Code of Noah.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 11 03 Jul -- Blood is sacred.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 10 02 Jul -- The wider principle is being content with what God provides.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 09 01 Jul -- The biblical concept of "murder" is not just killing, but any violence of hand, mouth or even mind that falls short of God's standard.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 08 30 Jun -- I can personally testify to what a huge difference it makes to start and stay pure.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 07 29 Jun -- If we understand the historical context, we stand in a better place to know how it applies to us.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 06 28 Jun -- You can be sure the Devil takes this stuff seriously.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 05 27 Jun -- The structure of society and daily human activity must promote holiness.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 04 26 Jun -- The purpose of a law code is to get you acquainted with God's character.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 03 25 Jun -- Creation itself is feudal.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 02 24 Jun -- The Law of God requires full feudal obedience from the heart.

Code of Noah: HOWTO 01 23 Jun -- God's Law stands firmly on our commitment to Him personally in our hearts.

Keeping You Honest 22 Jun -- You cannot follow Christ without being clannish about your covenant community life.

Facing Catastrophes 21 Jun -- I'm hoping to raise questions that you can bounce off your convictions and maybe learn something you didn't already know in your head.

You Shouldn't Care 20 Jun -- You must be able to see that there are contexts in which the feelings of people around you are their own problems, not yours.

Biblical Manhood, Yet Again 19 Jun -- Genuine biblical manhood is a miracle gift from God.

Change Yourself 18 Jun -- My duty is to help you live with the situation as it is.

Waiting for You 17 Jun -- Miracles are built into Creation.

It's Just the Background 16 Jun -- Play along with the existing social and political structures in cynicism, not expecting much good to come out them.

Why It Matters 15 Jun -- You need to tear down the structures of falsehood in your head.

They'll Never Understand 14 Jun -- We are one in Christ, not as a human organization.

You Are the Treasure 13 Jun -- Thank you, dear readers.

People over Principle 12 Jun -- That's not faith.

Moral Goose Chase 11 Jun -- Focusing on what humans can do for themselves without God is what got us kicked out of Eden.

OT History Connections 04 10 Jun -- God is not bound by His laws for us.

OT History Connections 03 09 Jun -- Saul was starting to lose it.

OT History Connections 02 08 Jun -- God demonstrates how the Law of Moses was meant to be flexible, based on His priorities.

OT History Connections 01 07 Jun -- When people study the Bible, they tend to miss out on some of the background story because they aren't taught to read it as one long narrative.

Pray They Are Wise 06 Jun -- Pray that your state and local government officials are at last half-way wise about the coming economic crash.

More Like That 05 Jun -- May the Lord heal our moral wounds.

Survival of Testimony 04 Jun -- What really must survive is our testimony.

Building Covenant Community 03 Jun -- We must discover the kind of unity that only heart-borne faith can engender.

Just Do It 02 Jun -- One of the biggest lies Satan has told is that all humans should be regarded as essentially equal.

Welcoming Disintegration 01 Jun -- It doesn't have to make sense to us; it makes sense to Him.

The Weak Link 31 May -- Satan wins because of the weakness of our organization and commitment.

The Judaizers Won 30 May -- Will we be the generation that walks away from the compromise?

Covenant and Culture 29 May -- We need to be aware of what we are up against in serving Christ.

God's Family 28 May -- Be the people Jews refused to be, the true family of Jehovah.

What We Can Say about Marriage 03 27 May -- Having a covenant marriage right now would be a total miracle.

What We Can Say about Marriage 02 26 May -- The next issue we must handle is differentiating feminism from biblical womanhood.

What We Can Say about Marriage 01 25 May -- To the degree you are western, you are feminist.

Not a Cult 24 May -- What I promote here is not an organization, just a different approach to faith.

Looking Forward to It 23 May -- You will someday look upon a solar disaster with relief.

Unwinding Regret 22 May -- If you have no regrets, then you have learned nothing.

Grounds for Exclusion 21 May -- If the Lord doesn't work in their hearts, it won't matter what they think.

Just Another Animal Attack 20 May -- You want a real solution? Let's talk about the Covenant.

Foibles of Human Love 19 May -- Where's the boundary line between human love and covenant faith?

Eternity Together 18 May -- Stop investing in systems designed only to fail.

Think about a War 17 May -- This is just part of the tribulation and apocalypse we should have expected all along.

Children of the Cross 16 May -- At the Last Supper, Jesus instituted the New Covenant in His blood.

Covenant Solutions: Baby Formula 15 May -- The Covenant implies a solution for every problem.

Economic Mechanics 14 May -- If you want to read a good explainer of the mechanics in economics, try Michael Hudson.

New Normal Isn't Normal 13 May -- Don't panic.

What He Said 12 May -- Your convictions already know the answers.

Mission Prayer Request 11 May -- A very big prayer request to support a Covenant gospel mission.

Keeping It Simple 10 May -- There's a whole new set of hucksters out there who have bought into the current trends of making money off the Internet.

Designed for This 09 May -- This world is inherently dubious.

It Begins Now 08 May -- Whatever you think you hold now in terms of wealth and property may not be worth much once tribulation gets rolling.

Strong Enough to Walk Alone 07 May -- My mission in life is to help you become strong enough to have no need of me.

Aborting the Covenant 06 May -- Abortion is murder, but you need to understand why.

Covenant, Testimony and Faith 05 May -- Our government is trying to kill us.

Maranatha! 04 May -- Are you honestly desiring to see the Second Coming?

Keep a Diary 03 May -- Start a diary and keep it on paper.

Natural Law versus God's Law 02 May -- There is a difference.

Pulling the Plug 01 May -- Be ready to go off-grid, as it were.

Long Way to Go 30 Apr -- The ultimate truth is caught, not taught.

Civilization Is Junk 29 Apr -- Civilization is a cheap, man-made substitute for the Covenant.

Bring Your Wrath, Lord! 28 Apr -- If you understand the Covenant message, you will pray for the wrath of God to fall soon.

No Common Ground 27 Apr -- We didn't make the world like this; we are striving to bring redemption.

Some Loose Ends 26 Apr -- Odds and ends from the news.

They Only Hinder 25 Apr -- It's not that we are better, but our God is real and theirs is not.

Soul Prepping 24 Apr -- God is faithful; are you?

A Rock of Offense 23 Apr -- It's a noble thing in God's eyes that we should be a rock of offense for those who rush en masse to Hell.

Boundaries of Your Heart 22 Apr -- We need to build enduring customs and social habits that belong to Eternity.

God's Hand Moving in the Heavens 21 Apr -- It's time for another dose of astrophysics.

Limited Engagement 20 Apr -- As a Covenant believer, you are an alien creature from another dimension.

Discerning Covenant Boundaries 19 Apr -- Once you become cynical enough about the Harlot Church, your efforts to perceive prophetic truth stand on much more solid ground.

Tribulation Ministry Boundaries 18 Apr -- A primary lesson from the Good Samaritan story is that you identify covenant brothers and sisters by how they act.

Life on Demand 17 Apr -- The only justification you really need for anything is that your convictions demand it.

Death Is Your Friend 16 Apr -- The concerns of people outside the Covenant are defiled from start to finish.

Covenant Psychology Tidbit 15 Apr -- Please, don't be trapped by western cultural mythology.

Not Anytime Soon 14 Apr -- What would a Covenant church look like?

Defining Economic Collapse 13 Apr -- Once more: All God's promises reside within the Covenant.

We Are the Fringe 12 Apr -- When we present the Covenant message, there will be few takers, at least for now.

A Loose Grip 11 Apr -- God is not looking for accomplishments.

Forgiveness 10 Apr (extra) -- This is not a new doctrine by any means.

True Threat Assessment 03 10 Apr -- Nothing can defeat our message.

True Threat Assessment 02 09 Apr -- The greatest threat to the Covenant gospel is Christian Zionism, and what's behind it.

True Threat Assessment 01 08 Apr -- Stop fretting over the war in Ukraine.

Build Your Own Ark 07 Apr -- This is a unique time in human history; we are headed for a Noah level of global reset.

We Need Law 06 Apr -- Don't build it on the social customs of the world; plenty of good law is already there in Scripture.

Jehovah versus Mammon 05 Apr -- If there is one thing we most need in our stumbling and crumbling world today, it's a laser-like focus on what really matters to the Creator.

Not the Monkey Wrench 04 Apr -- We can be assured prophetically that the moment it seems evil is about to triumph, it will crash to ground.

Where Does He Want You? 03 Apr -- Under the Covenant, we cannot avoid resisting sin. Eventually, it will be to the point of shedding blood.

Uniquely Evil 02 Apr -- Do you see how the worship of Mammon has created such a horrific monster?

April's Fools Values 01 Apr -- Our real need is peace with God.

Life Under the Curse 31 Mar -- We really must learn to ditch the instinctive notion that God owes us as humans a fair chance, or that He has promised any such thing.

Covenant Resolve in Tribulation 30 Mar -- You need offer no apology for obeying your convictions.

Cross and Covenant 29 Mar -- One of the most obvious conclusions you come to from Romans 9 is that you cannot hold God to a human standard of reason and morals.

The Faith of Abraham and Christ 28 Mar -- Are you going to follow Christ all the way?

God's Economics 27 Mar -- God's economic policy is part of the definition of holiness and righteous covenant living.

Built on Sand 26 Mar -- The US economy was dead when it was born.

The Ignored Gospel 25 Mar -- The first century churches were little Hebrew synagogues according to the teachings of Christ.

The RP Holy Grail 24 Mar -- The Holy Grail of the Christian RP Community on the Net is a blissful marriage.

Do You Really Get It? 23 Mar -- Has it registered in your mind that this tribulation is not short-term?

You Can Do This 22 Mar -- You can make the Covenant come to life.

The Real Horror 21 Mar -- Until we turn back to the Covenant, nothing good can happen on this earth.

Message Clarity 20 Mar -- You are the message. Is that message clearly sounded through you?

The People Who Don't Panic 19 Mar -- The best you can possibly know is what God requires of you right now.

Dubious Future for America 18 Mar -- I'm not really teaching that much; I'm simply encouraging you to walk in the faith God gave you.

Tracking the Great Reset 17 Mar -- The so-called "Great Reset" is more or less on track.

Just Allies 16 Mar -- Let's pretend for a moment that you are utterly certain God wants you involved in some kind of activist endeavor.

Rule of the Heart 15 Mar -- When you get a Word from God, it's always a matter of moral imperative.

Does It Fit? 14 Mar -- Everything must fall in line behind the mission of the Covenant.

Great Expectations 13 Mar -- Let's pull together some things we should expect from this apocalypse.

Never Say It 12 Mar -- Never say, "I was only trying to help!"

Unfailing Promises 11 Mar -- There have always been problems with propaganda.

Long Way to Go 10 Mar -- The Men's Red Pill Movement carries a lot of nonsense.

Hatred Is from Hell 09 Mar -- The gospel knows no color, nationality, or culture, so hating anyone is anti-Christian.

Imagine a Different World 08 Mar -- Let me put some fire in your pursuit of the Covenant.

Covenant Building Leadership 07 Mar -- Something to keep in mind as the Lord carries us through tribulation to a time and place where He can build genuine covenant communities.

The Covenant Life 06 Mar -- In this life, the Covenant is everything.

Not Surprised by It 05 Mar -- Believers in the US are not known for a strong Covenant witness.

Global Economic Collapse 04 Mar -- Which side do you suppose will suffer the most from the inevitable global economic collapse?

Apocalypse and War 03 Mar -- Pray that you will be ready to glorify the Lord in the midst of tribulation.

While We Have It 02 Mar -- It's our chance to distinguish ourselves by harvesting shalom.

Beastly Markings 01 Mar -- You have to decide what you are obliged to resist.

The Dirty Hands War 28 Feb -- There are dirty hands on all sides, but America's are the filthiest.

What Faith Means 27 Feb -- Faith means a healthy distrust of the things of this world, and what man can do of himself.

Only Fools Panic 26 Feb -- What does God want for you and from you?

Realistic Limits 25 Feb -- There is no ultimate solution to the world's problems, only mitigation.

A Higher Power 24 Feb -- We need to appeal to a higher power, One who is not confined by human systems.

Protect Your Tribe 23 Feb -- Protecting your tribe from external predators is no sin.

Witnessing the Collapse 22 Feb -- The very ground on which we stand cries out to God against the moral corruption of America.

Resistance Done Right 21 Feb -- The only hope for a sane life on this earth is decentralization.

Covenant, Not Culture 20 Feb -- The Covenant is not a culture.

Network Dependent 19 Feb -- There is currently no effective resistance because those with a mind to resist have no clue how it all works.

One Return 18 Feb -- I can't take seriously anyone who adheres to Dispensational Theology.

Your Faith Is His Glory 17 Feb -- All you need to understand is that your faith is His glory.

Weep Now 16 Feb -- Weep for it now, because when it comes, you won't have time to mourn.

Common Models 15 Feb -- Our common model of faith assumes variations in reality because this life isn't the ultimate reality.

Not Taking Seriously 14 Feb -- I'm not the first person to come up with this peculiar approach to faith and religion.

Answering Objections 13 Feb -- Don't debate; testify of your faith.

Marriage Is Not a Ministry 12 Feb -- But don't take it as a mark of His disfavor if He never brings you into a marriage relationship.

Unmasked Oppression 11 Feb -- This is warfare.

Bad Times Are Here 10 Feb -- As long as the Covenant is not the fundamental cause, we cannot represent any political movement.

For the Children 09 Feb -- Be faithful stewards of what God places in your hands.

Shared Nonconformism 08 Feb -- Holiness comes first; if being faithful to your convictions isolates you, then stand alone.

Just One Voice 07 Feb -- This message isn't for everyone.

It's Punishment 06 Feb -- I've said it before: This world is supposed to suck.

Esoterica 05 05 Feb -- One esoteric occult religion is worse than the rest right now.

Esoterica 04 04 Feb -- There are various types of Satanic religion.

Esoterica 03 03 Feb -- A handful of related occult and pagan religions.

Esoterica 02 02 Feb -- My point here is that you stop the blind condemnations that miss the mark.

Esoterica 01 01 Feb -- If you are committed to the Covenant path by your heart and convictions, then this stuff can't hurt you.

Stop Clinging 31 Jan -- Satan's biggest lie is that this world matters.

Let's Do This 30 Jan -- If anything, mass appeal is a bad sign.

My Place 29 Jan -- My appointed mission is to those who know they can never be mainstream.

Prospects 28 Jan -- As long as secularism lives, we have little to actually fear.

You Cannot Know 27 Jan -- Truth is whatever God says, whenever He says it.

By Increments 26 Jan -- By increments, you'll establish a much stronger sense of who God intended for you to be.

The Real You 25 Jan -- Your intellect and your fleshly lusts are not the real you.

Does It Matter? 24 Jan -- In the long run, the only thing that matters is your peace with God.

In the Shrine to Art 23 Jan -- Making art into a deity is a huge mistake, and it's part of the reason for God's wrath.

Don't Look Back 22 Jan -- Once you put your hand to the plow, don't look back.

Short Lifespan 21 Jan -- The Net as we know it won't live much longer.

Democratic Vanity 20 Jan -- We need no other justification before pagan idolaters: This is what my God demands of me.

Starvation Rations 19 Jan -- If you aren't listening to your convictions and carrying your cross, you are the only one to blame.

No Rules 18 Jan -- I'm not drawing you a map, but teaching moral cartography.

No Panic 17 Jan -- You can't fail as long as you have a genuine desire to please the Lord.

Reaching for Glory 16 Jan -- Would you dare to pray toward this goal?

Worldly Perception 15 Jan -- What we want is the ultimate reality our Father made for us.

Demonology Outline 14 Jan -- When you walk by your convictions, you become sensitive to demonic lies.

Some Shepherd Talk 13 Jan -- The church body should function like an extended family household.

Clean Up Your Own Backyard 12 Jan -- American mainstream Christians have no business talking bad about what other governments are doing.

How Can I Be Saved? 11 Jan -- It's a question of peace with God.

The West Is Worst 10 Jan -- The West is already dead, and only fools will lament its passing.

Tribulation Prophecies 09 Jan -- It boils down to asking God for more holiness.

Faith by Grace 08 Jan -- Genuine faith is inherently unreasonable.

Word in Vivo 07 Jan -- The Word is living and active.

Active Community 06 Jan -- Know for sure in your own heart that the greatest repository of truth in this world is the interaction between God's children.

Social Justice Impossible 05 Jan -- The only justice in God's eyes is what we do today in obeying His Word.

His Schedule, Not Ours 04 Jan -- The Lord raises and crushes human kingdoms on His own schedule, not ours.

Path to Victory 03 Jan -- The most important thing we can do right now is try to find each other and build genuine covenant communities of faith.

The Real Threat 02 Jan -- Because oppressors are so incompetent, the real threat is chaos.

We Can See 01 Jan -- The Covenant gospel constrains our response to evil.


Calendar Agnostic 31 Dec -- Following Christ means holding no loyalty to any human government.

Not Why but How 30 Dec -- The only question is how to resist.

So-called Christian News 29 Dec -- All we learn from so-called "Christian news" is that there's nothing new.

The Joys of Tribulation 28 Dec -- Satan promotes a partisan political orientation.

Moral Infrastructure 27 Dec -- How would we explain the concept of moral infrastructure?

Build the Temple 26 Dec -- We share a lot with those returning from Exile in Babylon.

Christmas Message 2021 25 Dec -- There is a thin smattering of people in the US who genuinely understand the Covenant path of marriage.

Pastoral Message 24 Dec -- I want you to hear from a friend of mine.

Know Your Enemies 23 Dec -- This is bad times for everyone as the Lord destroys the USA.

Collapse of the West 22 Dec -- Western Civilization is doomed because God hates it.

Religious Distinctions 21 Dec -- It's time to reestablish a Covenant perspective on things.

Another Kind of Prepping 20 Dec -- Get a big picture of what's coming.

Hiatus 18 Dec -- Taking a break from posting.

Never Be the Same 17 Dec -- Pray that the Lord will shake things up once again.

Fan of Wrath 16 Dec -- Cheer on His wrath; become enthusiastic about it.

Quantifying the Threat 15 Dec -- I'm quite serious about the threat from solar activity.

Anti-Net 14 Dec -- I seek to garner attention online for the need to go offline.

Don't Mix 13 Dec -- We are forced to live in a world where truth is called a lie, and vice versa.

Forfeited Life 12 Dec -- When you submit to the Lordship of Christ, your human existence is forfeited.

Way of the Heart 11 Dec -- Your convictions are eternal, written by the finger of God in your soul.

Two Witnesses 10 Dec -- This is the time to restore the Covenant ways for churches.

Wrath Events 09 Dec -- The Covenant is your best hope regardless of the situation, but as things get tougher, it's your only hope.

Scorched Earth 08 Dec -- You cannot reason with demons about moral depravity.

It's Like a Tax 07 Dec -- God is the final Judge of all things.

More on Artistry 06 Dec -- A great many spiritually born people have no clue about the Covenant of Christ.

Cosmic Boundaries 05 Dec -- Your assumptions and expectations need to match revelation.

Cultural Boundaries 04 Dec -- Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.

Body Boundaries 03 Dec -- Learn to desire what God calls "good".

Marriage Boundaries 02 Dec -- A potent sense of divine calling does not justify hasty decisions about marriage.

Property Boundaries 01 Dec -- You cannot serve an ideal; that's just idolatry in disguise.

Gender Boundaries 30 Nov -- The Bible is flatly patriarchal from start to finish; get over it.

Racial Boundaries 29 Nov -- The consciousness of racial differences is part of God's Creation.

Social Boundaries 28 Nov -- On this earth, your identity in Christ is the boundaries of the Covenant.

Religion Boundaries 27 Nov -- Judaism is the single greatest threat to faith on this earth.

Church Boundaries 26 Nov -- The Bible is a Hebrew document. Jesus was a Hebrew man teaching a Hebrew religion.

Covenant Boundaries 25 Nov -- Our Lord's character hasn't changed since He last walked on this earth.

It's Here Already 24 Nov -- The day has come; persecution and tribulation are here.

Afterlife Thinking 23 Nov -- Once you embrace the concept of an afterlife, this life suddenly becomes a drudgery to escape at the earliest opportunity.

Covenant Awareness 22 Nov -- Outside of the Covenant boundaries, you really cannot understand anything.

Networking Is No Substitute 21 Nov -- Prepare yourself for doing without the networking factor in human society.

What's Real? 20 Nov -- Our fallen existence is one big lie, made up of endless little lies.

Days of Noah, Part 2 19 Nov -- Why would the Lord be preparing such severe wrath on the world?

Days of Noah, Part 1 18 Nov -- I need to explain something in the Bible before I can offer a lesson based on what it says.

We Are Not 17 Nov -- Sometimes it's necessary to distance yourself from bad company.

Build the Temple 16 Nov -- The Covenant lies in ruins; will you help to restore it?

Prophetic Expectations 15 Nov -- I've been asked to outline some of my expectations for America.

Boundaries of Fellowship 14 Nov -- Sometimes you have no choice but to find a path of accommodation.

Trust or Not 13 Nov -- If you have any strong attachments outside the Covenant Kingdom, you will pay dearly.

The Death of Internet Evangelism 12 Nov -- Online censorship has just begun.

He's Calling 11 Nov -- What would it take for you to fully embrace the Covenant?

Get It Started 10 Nov -- The American marriage landscape is a nasty swamp.

Passion for the Word 09 Nov -- You should desire the boundaries of the Covenant just like David did in his long Psalm 119 about it.

Covenant Meaning 08 Nov -- Let's restore the meaning of the Covenant.

Satan Owns More than You Know 07 Nov -- Everyone in this world outside the Covenant, and everything they do, belongs to Satan.

Just a Messenger 06 Nov -- If these ideas help your mind to settle down and accept the leadership of the Spirit, then truly I have a great reward in Heaven.

It Doesn't Matter 05 Nov -- Only what's in the hearts of people matters.

The Real Story 04 Nov -- Most of what your mind thinks it knows about this world is deception.

Dead Union 03 Nov -- The Union of States is already dead.

Saving America? 02 Nov -- A realistic examination of the question shows that it's not possible to save America.

Separation without Anxiety 01 Nov -- To be separate from the pagans around you is to be closer to the Lord.

Ritual of Covenant 31 Oct -- He is our Shepherd, Father and Lord.

Covenant God 30 Oct -- You cannot fellowship with God outside of His Covenant.

Building the Kingdom 29 Oct -- Use this world's goods to build peace with God.

Prepare for Doom 28 Oct -- People alive today will see the end of civilization when God pours out His wrath.

The American Lie 27 Oct -- Don't insult God by draping the American flag over the Cross.

Shaking Them Loose 26 Oct -- Pray for His wrath to fall and shake His children loose, setting them free to live by His Covenant.

The Necessity of Ritual 25 Oct -- God does not need rituals; we do.

Back to Eden 24 Oct -- This prophetic ministry's whole purpose is to get people back on the Path to Eden.

Futile Philosophy 4 23 Oct -- Reality is not impersonal, but intensely personal.

Futile Philosophy 3 22 Oct -- The miraculous is built into our world, so we need to learn how to access it.

Futile Philosophy 2 21 Oct -- Our modern society confirms us in our fallen condition, and is hostile to biblical revelation.

Futile Philosophy 1 20 Oct -- The common philosophical assumptions of Western societies are radically different from the Bible.

Indecent Exposure 19 Oct -- If you care what God thinks, you'll work harder at avoiding sexual temptation.

America Defiled 18 Oct -- God's wrath is justly falling on the USA, and the options God offers to escape His justice are limited under His Law.

Know Him 17 Oct -- We get to know our Father through our convictions.

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