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Facing tribulation

This is not prophecy, but it is prophetic ministry. You will not see "thus saith the Lord." You'll get my convictions. If it doesn't work for you, just ignore me. An outline of my basic teachings are found in this HTML book (PDF version here). Comments, questions, etc. -- contact me at

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Cultural Boundaries 04 Dec -- Do not love the world, nor the things in the world.

Body Boundaries 03 Dec -- Learn to desire what God calls "good".

Marriage Boundaries 02 Dec -- A potent sense of divine calling does not justify hasty decisions about marriage.

Property Boundaries 01 Dec -- You cannot serve an ideal; that's just idolatry in disguise.

Gender Boundaries 30 Nov -- The Bible is flatly patriarchal from start to finish; get over it.

Racial Boundaries 29 Nov -- The consciousness of racial differences is part of God's Creation.

Social Boundaries 28 Nov -- On this earth, your identity in Christ is the boundaries of the Covenant.

Religion Boundaries 27 Nov -- Judaism is the single greatest threat to faith on this earth.

Church Boundaries 26 Nov -- The Bible is a Hebrew document. Jesus was a Hebrew man teaching a Hebrew religion.

Covenant Boundaries 25 Nov -- Our Lord's character hasn't changed since He last walked on this earth.

It's Here Already 24 Nov -- The day has come; persecution and tribulation are here.

Afterlife Thinking 23 Nov -- Once you embrace the concept of an afterlife, this life suddenly becomes a drudgery to escape at the earliest opportunity.

Covenant Awareness 22 Nov -- Outside of the Covenant boundaries, you really cannot understand anything.

Networking Is No Substitute 21 Nov -- Prepare yourself for doing without the networking factor in human society.

What's Real? 20 Nov -- Our fallen existence is one big lie, made up of endless little lies.

Days of Noah, Part 2 19 Nov -- Why would the Lord be preparing such severe wrath on the world?

Days of Noah, Part 1 18 Nov -- I need to explain something in the Bible before I can offer a lesson based on what it says.

We Are Not 17 Nov -- Sometimes it's necessary to distance yourself from bad company.

Build the Temple 16 Nov -- The Covenant lies in ruins; will you help to restore it?

Prophetic Expectations 15 Nov -- I've been asked to outline some of my expectations for America.

Boundaries of Fellowship 14 Nov -- Sometimes you have no choice but to find a path of accommodation.

Trust or Not 13 Nov -- If you have any strong attachments outside the Covenant Kingdom, you will pay dearly.

The Death of Internet Evangelism 12 Nov -- Online censorship has just begun.

He's Calling 11 Nov -- What would it take for you to fully embrace the Covenant?

Get It Started 10 Nov -- The American marriage landscape is a nasty swamp.

Passion for the Word 09 Nov -- You should desire the boundaries of the Covenant just like David did in his long Psalm 119 about it.

Covenant Meaning 08 Nov -- Let's restore the meaning of the Covenant.

Satan Owns More than You Know 07 Nov -- Everyone in this world outside the Covenant, and everything they do, belongs to Satan.

Just a Messenger 06 Nov -- If these ideas help your mind to settle down and accept the leadership of the Spirit, then truly I have a great reward in Heaven.

It Doesn't Matter 05 Nov -- Only what's in the hearts of people matters.

The Real Story 04 Nov -- Most of what your mind thinks it knows about this world is deception.

Dead Union 03 Nov -- The Union of States is already dead.

Saving America? 02 Nov -- A realistic examination of the question shows that it's not possible to save America.

Separation without Anxiety 01 Nov -- To be separate from the pagans around you is to be closer to the Lord.

Ritual of Covenant 31 Oct -- He is our Shepherd, Father and Lord.

Covenant God 30 Oct -- You cannot fellowship with God outside of His Covenant.

Building the Kingdom 29 Oct -- Use this world's goods to build peace with God.

Prepare for Doom 28 Oct -- People alive today will see the end of civilization when God pours out His wrath.

The American Lie 27 Oct -- Don't insult God by draping the American flag over the Cross.

Shaking Them Loose 26 Oct -- Pray for His wrath to fall and shake His children loose, setting them free to live by His Covenant.

The Necessity of Ritual 25 Oct -- God does not need rituals; we do.

Back to Eden 24 Oct -- This prophetic ministry's whole purpose is to get people back on the Path to Eden.

Futile Philosophy 4 23 Oct -- Reality is not impersonal, but intensely personal.

Futile Philosophy 3 22 Oct -- The miraculous is built into our world, so we need to learn how to access it.

Futile Philosophy 2 21 Oct -- Our modern society confirms us in our fallen condition, and is hostile to biblical revelation.

Futile Philosophy 1 20 Oct -- The common philosophical assumptions of Western societies are radically different from the Bible.

Indecent Exposure 19 Oct -- If you care what God thinks, you'll work harder at avoiding sexual temptation.

America Defiled 18 Oct -- God's wrath is justly falling on the USA, and the options God offers to escape His justice are limited under His Law.

Know Him 17 Oct -- We get to know our Father through our convictions.

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