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Facing tribulation

This is not prophecy, but it is prophetic ministry. You will not see "thus saith the Lord." You'll get my convictions. If it doesn't work for you, just ignore me. An outline of my basic teachings are found in this HTML book (PDF version here). In addition, there is a PDF booklet: Code of Noah HOWTO. Comments, questions, etc. -- contact me at

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Index of archives of 2021-2022


Keep an Eye on Them 02 Feb -- When serious persecution of Christ's followers arise, it will be Jews that lead it.

Review on Jews 01 Feb -- Leave them in peace as much as possible.

They Don't Belong 31 Jan -- If you don't nail your fleshly self to the Cross, you don't belong.

Just a Model 30 Jan -- This is the model I use; it works for me.

Spoiled Manna 29 Jan -- As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Know Your Mission 28 Jan -- My mission is to call people to the Covenant.

Lost Legacy 27 Jan -- It was a whale of the lot better than what we have now.

Do Your Homework 26 Jan -- Do your homework if you feel the need to look into this question.

Watching from Eternity 25 Jan -- Lots of people have said that civilization was God's idea.

Still More Heart Logic 24 Jan -- The issue is to study and learn where the Covenant boundaries are.

More Heart Logic 23 Jan -- We should not have to worry about an emotional distance from God.

Heart Logic 22 Jan -- God is watching your heart.

Heal the Body 21 Jan -- Let's pray for more of His eternal children to find this glory.

I Am Expendable 20 Jan -- I am doing my best to avoid being essential.

Stop Advertising 19 Jan -- If your witness for the Lord is confined to advertising and "soul-winning" blather, you have accomplished nothing good.

Can't Go Back 17 Jan -- The rise of corporate controls in church.

No Fun Here 16 Jan -- This is WW3.

How Can They Not? 14 Jan -- I like to talk about my unicorn.

Something about Me 13 Jan -- What is religion supposed to do?

Tactically Impossible 12 Jan -- Only a miracle could derail the globalist agenda, and there's no reason to believe one is coming.

Covenant Practice 11 Jan -- This is how we do the Covenant.

Verbal Sedatives 09 Jan -- I want you to trust in the Lord.

Guard Your Heart 08 Jan -- Discern who is family and who is not.

Discern When to Ignore 07 Jan -- How blessed you are if you know when to ignore me.

When the Music Stops 06 Jan -- Audiophiles will die inside when the next significant solar disaster strikes.

Lord Provider 05 Jan -- One size does not fit all.

Stop the Sales Pitch 03 Jan -- The issue is obeying the Covenant; that's the only way you can spread the word in our world today.

The Big Slide 02 Jan -- I hope you know how to enjoy going camping with primitive accommodations.

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