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America Defiled

18 October 2021

A fundamental principle of God's Law is accountability for bloodshed. It's explicitly stated in the Covenant of Noah.

Let's be clear: The Bible does not support torture. A tormented execution is permitted in Scripture, but torture for the sake of extracting a confession or other information is not supported. This is covered under the wider prohibitions against injustice. Scripture speaks in terms of how criminal acts by government defile the land, and defiles the people by implication.

There is no possible denial that the US government tortures people. It's public knowledge. This has defiled the nation. Those who engage in such acts as official agents of the US Government bring this defilement onto the land and the people of the USA. This places the entire USA squarely in the path of God's wrath.

The only way to cleanse that defilement is for the responsible parties to be brought up on charges and executed. That includes every government official ever to cover for this. Yep, every US President since this evil began is implicated, as are all federal officials in the chain of command, and every judge or other official who permitted it to remain secret. Unless they are judged by the standards of Biblical Law (in this case, the Code of Noah), then God holds the entire nation accountable for those sins.

Contemplate the amount of defilement piled up on the USA on this issue alone. God says, in so many words, that if the people do not rise up and execute justice, they must bear the stain of defilement. A handful of protesters does little to mitigate this blood guilt. Constitution be damned; this is the Law of God we are talking about.

The only other exemption is to denounce the US Government as a covenant community. The covenant must be a valid biblical covenant, and the community must be formed on the standards of God's Law -- feudal and tribal. If your community separates as much as possible from the rest of the USA, and denounces the sins of the US, repenting and avoiding those sins, then you have a case for exemption in God's eyes.

In essence, you must deny being "American" and declare yourselves a separate nation. Granted, there are a jillion practical considerations for something like this, but those fall under the convictions of your community leadership. Seeking peace with God is a high calling, and God alone knows what He demands of you. However, the outline is clear in Scripture.

The starting point is that you, as an individual, openly confess in ritual prayer that this is evil, and that you denounce it as evil. Then you must call on the Lord to extend His covering over you, as you seek to separate yourself from the sin of this country. Pray that He guide you into a covenant community under His Law.

"Come out from among them, My people."

This document is public domain; spread the message.