Catacomb Resident Blog

Shaking Them Loose

26 October 2021

The single biggest issue for people of faith today is building up faith among other Christians.

We have no pretense of telling them where faith will lead them. Our only concern is that they are set free to walk by their own convictions. The single greatest issue there is convincing them that their convictions trump all human reason and knowledge. They must be led by their hearts, not their brains. The intellect is just a servant of faith.

We can try talking to them, but that can only stir a faith already alive in their hearts. We most certainly must live by our own convictions, following our hearts wherever the Lord leads us. This is where we can claim the divine legacy of blessings, and it starts to show. It is shalom -- peace with God -- that is our testimony. But it's primary value is showing it in the context of an otherworldly focus. It must be clear that we despise this world, this system of man-centered living and thinking.

The real issue is not you and I, but our prayers to God on their behalf. If He doesn't shake them loose, they will remain lost in the grip of living for this world and the things of this world. Our walking by faith and by the Covenant shows the Lord that we are serious about building a moral infrastructure to receive His children when He sets them free from the Harlot Church. He cannot trust us to hold the door open if there's nothing behind that door for them. It is a burden set on our shoulders to turn our own lives into a refuge, a dominion of refuge and safety in His promises.

Do you hear Him calling to you? Obey your convictions; build the habits of listening as faith makes the most outrageous demands. Then you can share with others how to take that path for themselves. Pray that He calls to others.

The primary means of His calling and His miracle power to set them free is to turn His wrath upon the system. He must shake His children loose from the Harlot Church. He is the only one who can do it. Ours is the job of preparing, and praying for His wrath to fall on sin. And of course, it starts with us. We plead for His wrath to cleanse us first, so that we can be ready.

Pray for His wrath to fall and shake His children loose, setting them free to live by His Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.