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Saving America?

02 November 2021

Just as a thought experiment, what does God's Law and biblical wisdom suggest is a realistic path to "save America"? Keep in mind: I'm not advocating these things, just pointing out the vast difference between how folks these days think versus a genuine biblical Hebraic understanding of the situation. What follows reflects how God views human history according to His own revelation.

So you want to "save America"? You could in theory extend it just a while longer, but it would take an awful lot of work. The core of American identity, as previously noted, is a rather pagan Anglo-Saxon background, with bits of cultural flavor stolen from a range of other cultures. Mainstream Christian religion is just a thin veneer serving only to justify things. As such, you might expect that the American people should be quite truculent in protecting their heritage. Raise that flag and pound into dust anyone who dares disrespect it. That's because, in effect, the American flag is the American deity, the true American idol.

Yes, there are regional flavors because of the historic waves of immigration, but if Americans do not assert their core identity and heritage as the one true way, there is no single national identity; there would be nothing to defend and no point in fussing at all. Either assert it firmly or let it die. And while you are at it, defend classical Western Civilization. That's all you have to keep things working. You'll have to look for a heritage rooted sometime before the Enlightenment, because that intellectual movement was a betrayal.

Respect the folks from other nations and cultures, but demand that, when they come here, they conform and adopt genuine Americanism. Otherwise, make them live among you as second-class citizens. Make it blatant. They are resident visitors, subject to deportation without notice. Be not merciful or tolerant about this. Publish a curriculum of what it means to be American and don't waffle on anything. Make it a college degree field to maintain a clear sense of cultural and national identity. Make it a charge of treason to publicly suggest a departure.

Yes, that means you would have to expel or execute a bunch of folks in academia and government today. So be it. That's the price to save America. You have to make it a religion of sorts and kill the heretics.

Would you at this point start thinking that this sounds too much like Nazi Germany? Of course it does. But if you are going to save America, you must learn from the Nazi's mistakes. Don't go into a war of conquest and expansion. Just pull the troops home and defend the borders you already have. Put the troops on the border and shoot anyone who crosses it without permission. An awful lot of immigrants we already have need to be sent home. Honestly, that can be done. Stop the imperialism, but protect the homeland.

To keep the homeland protected, embrace the feudalism that has always been inherent in the Anglo-Saxon heritage. This is part of where the Enlightenment went wrong; humans are not equal. Yes, it means a certain level of corruption becomes frankly legal, but it already is secretly so. You just need to legally protect the forms of corruption that keep the nation alive, since it is utterly impossible to simply banish. Humans are corrupt; regulate it and tax it.

As part of your American Studies curriculum, pay close attention to the arts. Never permit any form of entertainment that does not avidly support the American identity. Naturally, that means wiping the slate clean on TV, movies and music. Yep, a lot of bloodshed and confiscation of property. That's what makes feudalism worthwhile. It's hard-wired into our fallen human nature, so use it.

The only thing missing at this point is a strong cultural image of what it means to be noble, and have the upper class feel constrained to dismiss those from their society who don't measure up. Make it an imperative, a prime directive, that they should merit their class identity, not simply declare it. It's not ambition, but genuine ability. Raise a high standard and make it part of the religion.

It would mean tearing down the entire system of government, and ditching the Constitution. Just so you'll know, the Constitution was one of the first major departures from should have been the true American way of things. It was designed to allow an elite group of crooks to take over the entire country through a forced imperial unity. America never should have been a single political entity in the first place, but it can just barely survive as a cultural entity, because that identity rests on greater local autonomy.

You can probably work it out from there. It would mean a massive slaughter of something in the range of several million people in order to put this in place. You could expel a certain number, but be careful, because forced expats have a tendency to organize and come back to make trouble. It would be a lot of work, and I seriously doubt more than a tiny handful of people have the stomach for it. I insist that it could be done, but it's almost too late for that. Indeed, at this point you would lose a significant portion of territory. Too many Americans are too eager to be taken seriously by the very folks who are your enemies. Still, nothing less will work. Stop and think about what happened in the history of Israel.

So you can kiss America goodbye. Nobody has the balls to take this path, and nothing less will work. You have to be strong enough to kill or expel the people who demand the wrong things, and be careful to mark well what is evil. You have to be willing to gun them down when they organize to protest. If you keep them alive, you will only have to fight them later in a guerrilla insurgency. You have to be ready to flip the bird to the rest of the world and defend yourself when they inevitably attack.

Nothing short of such a plan would work at all. It's a lot of hassle, requiring a clear vision and a commitment that nobody has any more. And when you have done all of that, it might last another century at the longest. This assumes the Lord isn't going to send major natural disasters our way, which is a very bad assumption. Would it be worth it? All the rabble rousing I've seen in the past few decades falls far too short, and is wholly impractical. You cannot restore anything that resembles "America" -- however you define that ideal -- without massive bloodshed and destruction of existing institutions. God is going to destroy them anyway, and the bloodshed is almost certain no matter what anyone does.

No, nobody who wants to save America is willing to do what it takes.

This document is public domain; spread the message.