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Dead Union

03 November 2021

The Union of States is already dead.

The Lord's stated intention in revelation is that we should get to know Him as a person. We need to understand His moral character. That was the fundamental expectation God held for Adam and Eve in the Garden before the Fall, and it's the only way back to the Garden. It was the whole purpose of the Covenant of Moses. It is the essence of Jesus Christ.

Should you embrace divine revelation, with all the assumptions that come in the same package, you can get to know the Lord well enough to predict with reasonable accuracy what He will do in most situations without any kind of specific prophetic revelation. Reminder: Divine revelation comes with that basic assumption that you cannot trust your intellect to discern Him. You must embrace the mystical path of knowing through your heart first. You must willfully choose to lodge your conscious awareness in your heart; you cannot know God otherwise. He speaks to the heart, not the intellect.

Once your heart dominates your head, then you'll be in a position to teach your mind how it should operate. The mind is meant to be a servant, not the ruler. Your heart must rule. Then you can begin to grasp His divine moral nature; your awareness of your convictions will tell you all you need to know about His personality.

So what would you then discern about the current situation in America?

God is going to break up the Union. The US will be fractured into regional powers, and quite a bit of it will not be contiguous. Some states will split. State governments will rise to independent action and will automatically seek out other states with similar inclinations. It will be done quite poorly with a very apparent lack of will to act strongly enough to make it work out cleanly. It won't be as simple as "red state" and "blue state." It will be very messy, but in a generation or so, it could stabilize.

It will be messy because far, far too many people simply are not prepared for this. You could blame the media, but it's the willingness of the people to believe the lies that makes it so hard. An awful lot of state leaders are just not bright enough to see even what plain old intellect can show them without the heart. A very few state leaders will be ready. If they are really smart about it, they'll talk to each other and coordinate before it gets to be too far. It's likely a few are already taking this seriously.

The collapse of the economy is entirely planned and man made. God will let this fall, but He will inflict natural disasters that make it worse. At least one of those disasters will make a permanent change in the physical situation; some things will be lost forever.

The issue here is not that God expects the USA to repent. Rather, His plans for the future of the world require that the US get out of the way. The cultural dominance will not disappear, but will fade slowly. Rather, it is the military and political field of action that will take off without the US being much involved. America's time as global hegemon is done. We will remain relatively safe from threat, but no longer able to project power as in the past.

A critical element in understanding all of this is that you recognize that God is sovereign. You might have gotten the idea from the likes of Jack Chick tracts that there will be a one-world government before Christ returns, but that's not what Scripture actually says. Yes, there will be regular attempts at a one-world government, but it will never actually succeed. Sinners don't need a single government to sin together. Satan is their true ruler and he needs no human organization to herd them into Hell; chaos works just fine for that. Get the parable: Babylon is fallen. It will never get its act together. It will appear to do so from time to time, but never quite succeed.

Satan is not an independent actor like the myths portray Loki. Satan is God's left-hand man, the Punisher who is ordered to tempt and capture souls who will not stay within the boundaries of God's Kingdom. But he already holds the masses who will never turn to Christ, and they are totally deceived about the nature of reality. They will be forever seeking their own brand of heaven, and never arriving there, because it simply does not exist, and cannot exist. Meanwhile, in terms of how we experience things in this fallen realm of existence, Satan is no longer in rebellion. That's done; he is now living with the penalty of his mistake. His punishment is to be the Punisher on God's behalf, and that's not a fun job. He is no longer the Covering Cherub thrilling to the glory of God flowing in and out of the Divine Person. The only traffic he handles is cursing, bitterness and evil. That's not pleasant for angelic beings.

Here's another parable: God crushes sin. That's what His wrath is all about. Satan bears the wrath of God against any rejection of what God says. That it does not require conscious rejection is what Western minds simply cannot comprehend. Creation is feudal; there are people whom God has empowered to make decisions on your behalf. You can choose to escape some measures of His wrath, but in our fallen condition, being alive is always supposed to suck. You can be at peace with Him in the midst of terrifying sorrow. That part is your free choice. The situation in general is seldom in your control to any useful degree. So, God's wrath is going to fall on your imperfections, too. If you aren't wedded to those moral flaws, then it won't hurt much. If you are wedded to them, you'll be destroyed with them.

Tomorrow we'll talk about how Satan deceives those who walk outside the Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.