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04 November 2021

Again, none of this is secret. It is a mystery in the sense that it's not obvious to the human mind, but the heart united with Christ knows all mysteries. You just have to get used to living in your heart.

Most of what your mind thinks it knows is deception. Satan is not worried about the billions of souls outside of Christ. Those are his by default. His real work is trying to keep the Children of Heaven fooled. As long as they don't adhere to the Covenant, Satan has them in his power. It requires staying inside the boundaries of the Covenant to be out of his reach. Seems to me there aren't that many standing on safe ground. Only those who consciously embrace the Covenant boundaries can see clearly what's going on.

You should be able to see that there is no single clear description possible. This isn't objective facts we are discussing here. It's a matter of moral truth and spiritual reality; it's in the territory where the intellect is incompetent. God interprets your world for you through your convictions. What is offered here is just an example of how you could see it.

The plans of those outside the covenant boundaries are all lies. They are the hopes and dreams of fools who have no clue what's real in the first place. The plans are a raft of things that appear to work, but the end result will never be what the fools imagine. We need not fear their plans. We can afford to lose everything we have in this world, because they cannot take away our faith and our home in Heaven. They cannot win.

In this world there are very few people truly devoted to Satan's way. It's quite misleading to talk about "Satanic this" or "Satanic that." Most of what people claim is Satanic isn't, at least not in the sense they mean it. There are precious few sinners who have any significant level of grasp what they are doing, and you aren't likely to know when you meet a genuine Satanist face to face. Most of the people you see are lower level servants of these elite few. The lower ranks include politicians, financiers, bankers, etc. Yes, they all serve Satan, but it's seldom a conscious choice. Mostly it's plain old self-seeking. The few who genuinely seek to please Satan as their master don't operate that way, but they take advantage of the mass of fools who do.

So-called "Satanic religion" is not genuinely Satanic; it's just a pitiful reaction against Western Christianity. This Western Christianity is pretty badly broken already, so a reaction against that isn't likely to be very effective. Thus, the official Satanic religion is merely secular humanism with a spiritual flavor. And the Church of Satan (a different creature) is just a marketing franchise to sell books and stuff.

A truly Satanic religion is Judaism. Not the bulk of Jewish religious practice you see around you; that's just a dead religion running around like a zombie. Rather, the true core of orthodox leadership will sometimes openly admit that they call their god "Satan." It's not enough that Judaism has a false image of Jehovah, but that the real scholars behind this stuff know that they have rejected the ancient Hebrew mysticism in favor of Kabbalism and a host of stuff they cooked up in their own collective minds, starting back before the Exile.

It's a long story for another day, but the upshot is that Judaism rejected the true Messiah, so their covenant was closed as far as God was concerned. They refused to let go and Satan was glad to pick up where God left off. This is why the New Testament refers to Judaism as the "synagogue of Satan." For all intents and purposes, Satan is their god. And he uses them a lot to keep this world confused and distracted. It's not that we can blame Judaism or Jews for all the ills of this world, but they certainly aren't making things any better. It's the influence of Satan in their religious philosophy that makes such a mess in this world, because it bleeds over into a lot human activity that has nothing to do with Judaism.

So while there is a lot of planning and plotting that is "Satanic" in broad terms, very little of it is specifically Satanic by intent. It's a waste of time to trying pinning the "Satanic" label on stuff people do without any conscious awareness of Satan as their master. Most of it is just plain old human self-service. People truly committed to Satan as their chosen lord are exceptionally rare, and seldom anyone you could identify.

However, those people do exist. They are the human masters of what goes on in this world, in the sense that they are organized rather like a perverse covenant family, and working together to run things. They seek to capture the world as their family domain. They aren't that interested in one-world government, because Satan rewards them with just enough insight to realize that's not a valid goal. They are interested in getting lots of other people committed to that sort of thing, because that's the source of their power on the earth.

Their true folly is believing that Satan is in rebellion against God, and that there is some real goal that he will eventually win in some sense. They believe that Satan can honestly seize control of this world from God, and prevent the Final Day of Judgment, or something like that. It's actually not possible to put it into words, but if you view it like this, you'll be much closer to how they actually act. At any rate, these are the folks pulling the strings behind virtually all political and economic agendas you hear about striving toward one-world government.

Again, this core group is cynical enough to not care too much about success in political terms. Their true goal is shutting down the gospel of the Covenant of Christ. They are quite willing to let their underlings believe anything that will keep them working. So we have at this time in history a globalist team, a Zionist team, a neocon team and some other teams rising to displace them in a shuffle coming soon.

Side note: Don't make the mistake of thinking Zionists and neocons are the same. Leon Strauss, the father of all neocons, was truly Jewish in the sense that he insisted that the "homeless" aspect of Jewish identity was utterly necessary. He didn't want a Jewish Homeland, but he knew it was coming and wanted to use Zionists by manipulation. It was a way of building up a very powerful voting block in the US. Eventually, though, neocons will throw the Zionists under the bus, and allow the modern state of Israel to be crushed. It will be sold as a new Holocaust. That will happen when the US voting block is no longer useful, which is connected with the coming collapse of the US federal government.

By now you are probably able to see that those who get all the face time in the news are hardly that important, except in relative terms. They get to believe they are in control and making serious world decisions, but very few of them are on the core team of Satanists. Look for folks who aren't actually partisan, who are willing to invest resources in both sides of any big fight. The fights are what they are after, not the results. The whole point is, as noted, keeping the gospel message of the Covenant from getting any notice. They seem to believe that if they can finally silence faith, that's when their Master wins.

You won't see the true Satanists acting directly. They'll use their ignorant proxies. If our message took off, they would come after us, but their lackeys aren't fully cognizant of what the real threat is. So the censorship action would be under any number of other excuses, but not for the message itself. Then again, the nature of our message, so radically opposed to the common mythology of our world, is unlikely to grow that much of an audience. There is some hope that a few folks thinly scattered around America will embrace it, but their true outreach will not be on the Internet. We are just planting the seed; the harvest will come ripe through tribulation and persecution. The message can only truly spread via face-to-face contact. All I'm doing is offering something to those already awakened and seeking.

Yes, despite all the effort to protect this blog with anonymity and security against hacking, it will eventually be censored. Did you think the use of flat HTML files was a fashion statement? Any dynamic content management system is more vulnerable than fixed HTML files. But sooner or later, the wrong person will notice this blog and they will find a way to shut it down. I'm just doing what I can until that day comes, delaying the inevitable until the Lord is finished with it.

The most supportive thing you can do for this blog is to internalize the message and be able to share it from your own heart. When tribulation and persecution silence this outlet, the Lord will continue working through those who have their own convictions fired up and their own covenant boundaries shielding them from the real Enemy. Don't echo my words and ideas; make yourself a source of the gospel without me. That's the whole point of what I'm doing here.

This document is public domain; spread the message.