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Satan Owns More than You Know

07 November 2021

Get the image: Satan's domain is outside the Covenant boundaries. Everyone in this world outside the Covenant, and everything they do, belongs to Satan. It serves his purpose.

Just giving people a preoccupation with this world and what it can provide is enough to accomplish the Devil's desires. All the born-again people who fail to serve within the Covenant, and everything they do, even in the name of Christ, are actually serving Satan. All the churches that do not measure up to the Covenant are just houses of human endeavor. Satan is quite happy with them, even if he does torment them from time to time. It makes them feel useful, as if they are opposing him. As long as they are misled about the true nature of spiritual warfare, He's glad to keep fooling them as they are.

The Covenant requires that a church be an extended family household, with a feudal tribal organization and consciously clinging to a mystical covenant commitment. They must have a ritual shepherd (pastor) and an organizational shepherd (elder) -- the Two Witnesses of the Bible. There can be no women leading men. They can't even "lead in prayer" in public worship, unless only women and/or children are present. The church must remain separate from the non-covenant society in most things. A primary goal, as much as possible, is to live together in the same family enclave, with their own internal education, economics and government.

Those are just a few of the boundaries in the Covenant. It's a sliding scale: The closer you get to that ideal, the more Satan is restricted from your lives. The more you compromise, the more you are inside his domain.

The Devil's primary goal is to tempt, mislead and capture those who are spiritually alive. If he can, he'll do his best to keep you from discovering your divine election. Once you've realized it, he'll do his best to keep you from embracing the Covenant. That's his job. There is nothing he can do about election, and he can't prevent God from moving in people's hearts, but he can confuse humans about what it all means. So even when someone awakens to election, they may still live their whole lives without realizing their Covenant promises. Satan has long term goals for building an atmosphere of human existence that alienates us from our divine birthright.

Western Civilization was a very strong success for Satan in that sense. And the rising civilizations that replaces the West will be even worse. A primary mission of Covenant people is to counter what Satan builds. It's our job to develop and maintain a lore of faith that exposes the evil in the atmosphere Satan has built. We have all the power and resources we need, if we would simply put our hands to the plow.

We must reject human civilization. Not in the trappings and products, but in the core of what civilization is meant to do to human awareness. It aims to confirm and solidify the Fall within human nature. It aims to focus all humanity on the task of creating a world that will work well and last forever without divine revelation. It aims to silence any desire for revelation, to disembowel it's life and power to change us. As long as we are dependent on anything except the Lord, Satan wins. He consumes our lives.

The Devil will even go so far as offer a counterfeit covenant to those who are wired to seek one. That's why there are a handful of people in this world instinctively heart driven who serve him consciously. He can't keep them from seeking some higher contact, so he substitutes himself as their god. These folks are wholly deceived about the deity they serve. They are convinced that he's been unfairly excluded from his divine rights, and that if they help him, they can enjoy his "heaven" when it's all over. So they strive to make him lord, and they are granted a high intelligence and moral insight, but devoted to a lie. They are the true Satanists.

Insofar as there is some secret evil cabal running things in this world, that's these true Satanists. It's not likely you'll discern their hands clearly in human events, as long as you rely on reason. Most of what passes for solid academic research on systems of oppression misses the point. Trying to identify the true Satanists is a waste of time. It's enough to understand them from divine revelation. The best approach is to first understand what God says, particularly about what defines sin, and then start looking for how the facts match what He says.

Because, if you understand what God says about such things, you'll know it's a waste of time trying organize to oppose them and their efforts. Satan has deceived these people about what really matters, and they are pursuing things that cannot succeed. Don't fear their machinations. The one and only thing they tend to get right is in their effort to silence the gospel, and to destroy all knowledge of faith. They have a very false idea of why that matters, but they are devoted to it.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of those who serve Satan's purposes have no accurate knowledge of these things. That's why persecution is never specifically aimed at the gospel message, but is aimed at trying to force Covenant people to obey some other law. And it doesn't matter what these other laws are; it's anything except God's Law. The people and pressures we face are almost entirely following the guidance of Satan blindly. They don't realize they are his servants. They are hapless tools of Hell. That's why Paul says in Ephesians 6 that these people aren't really our enemies; the Devil is.

Perhaps in brief moments when non-covenant people are distracted by major troubles, we will be left in peace to walk in the Covenant. For example, right after natural disasters that destroy the infrastructure of human government, we are generally free to come together and live under the Covenant fully. But most of the time, we will be facing one hassle or another that serves to bind our hands. Just know that it's our commitment, not our ability to perform, that pleases the Father. He'll fill in the blanks to suit Himself.

But none of this prevents us infiltrating the non-covenant systems of human organization. If the Lord convicts you to get involved for His glory, jump on it. As long as you never get lost inside your own mind and start believing in the system, you should do fine. Never believe that you own a piece of it, or that it owns any part of you. Be ready to bail when the Lord turns on the green light to jump out with your faith parachute. There are no perfectly good airplanes; they all break down or run out of fuel sooner or later.

So, that means you may also be called to infiltrate something that counters the official government. Still, don't get too comfortable, believing this is something that really matters. It's just an opportunity to glorify the Lord. In no case will any human endeavor oppose Satan in any real sense. Every human endeavor is inherently evil by virtue of being outside the Covenant, because that puts it in Satan's ultimate control. So if you think using a non-covenant organization to fight child sex trafficking is good, you have to ask yourself how Satan could use that. It's a distraction that makes people think they are doing good, when those children are still on the road to Hell because they haven't been placed under the Covenant.

It's all vanity and chasing the wind. Satan is still in charge of their lives. If you cannot see the horror of that, then you really do not understand the Bible.

It's not a waste of time to engage in such rescue work, but it's not the end of the journey. Sure, bring the kids home, but then worry about what they have at home. Don't pat yourself on the back and feel like you are doing God's work. His work is bringing them under the Covenant, regardless how far they have to travel to get there. We still have a mountain of work creating a covenant community, and thus scattering the seed for more covenant communities, so that there are more people who understand the need for the Covenant in human life. While you are chasing after those child traffickers, keep praying for the Covenant to stand up in this world. Otherwise, you are just chasing your own tail. Until we have a presence felt that reduces the human tendency at large to victimize children, nothing will change.

Side note: Pedophilia is built into Western Civilization. Westerners obsess over youth, so that a sexual desire for children is entirely the natural result. What creates a panic in the parents of those children, seeking to protect their rotten pagan myth of American childhood, is precisely the same misguided idolatry that causes other adults to desire sex with them. Those children were sold into slavery to Satan before any human seized them. Solve the problem of the idolatry and there will be far, far less pedophilia in the first place.

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