Catacomb Resident Blog

He's Calling

11 November 2021

What does it take? What would be a good draw for you to take seriously the full embrace of the Covenant? How about a better life for your children? The best thing you can give them is not a bunch of material stuff. The greatest inheritance is a community culture of obedience to the Covenant, a strong Covenant awareness.

You won't be able to do it unless He calls you. But if He does call you, you'd be a fool to come up short. There's no handbook, no short and sweet outline of what's required. I've splattered a ton of electrons already trying to teach how it requires you learn to focus on your convictions, and subject your human mind to them. The Spirit trumps reason and logic. Beyond that, take seriously the obligation to gain an ancient Hebrew frame of reference.

So, how about this? As tribulation and persecution become more burdensome, you won't be able to stay sane without the Covenant. You need it. Until you stand firm under the divine covering for your life, there's no way you'll understand what's happening around you. But there's more to it than that.

Perhaps you are aware that the globalist powers in this world have been "war gaming" -- running a large and complicated simulation to test whether their own people will follow the plan, and to see what is likely to happen with each step toward that final level of slaughter and enslavement of us little people. They did a test run for the Murrah Building bombing, specific preparation for 9/11, a big simulation of this engineered plague, and now they just recently ran a simulation on how we will react when they try to starve us. Look up "Food Chain Reaction" and check the articles about it.

Of course, things never turn out quite like they predict. That doesn't deter them. Their whole game is locking us all under a global government, making us so dependent and dumb that we'll just play along and suffer. But with each new level of centralization, more and more people are resisting.

Don't count on the masses to get it right. They may understand the need to decentralize and cut the reins the powers-that-be are trying to put on us, but they don't understand how God works through these events. They have no clue about how God Himself gets involved with natural disasters. The reason is because the Lord always reveals His intentions, but only to those operating within the Covenant. Sure, some folks will guess, and some do have a specific talent for seeing these things coming, but they won't know what to do about it. Only Covenant people have the inside scoop.

I keep hoping and praying that more people will embrace the Covenant fullness. I'd hate to stand alone in that, because the Lord has made it clear that there are some things I'll never be able to do by myself. We aren't designed to stand alone. If there aren't folks in a covenant community within reach who will share their blessings with me, I'll have to do without. God will always supply what He calls us to do, but it's always better when you have that fellowship and support from others. As it says in Ephesians, we need what the other parts of the Body supply, so I keep praying for more body parts to get involved.

And this is how we will survive the tribulation. Not just survive; we'll prosper and have a testimony of shalom. Build your own covenant community. Embrace the Covenant as best you can and start praying for souls to join you. The Lord is waiting for our prayers on this; He is calling people to build covenant communities. There's no branding here. You aren't joining my little club. I'm not forming one through this blog; I'm just sounding the call. Start where you are. Take the Covenant seriously and study the boundaries. I've given you enough to go on with what I've written on this blog.

Hear the voice of God calling you to His Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.