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Prophetic Expectations

15 November 2021

I've been asked to outline some of my expectations for America.

The starting point is God, of course. His Word teaches us that He requires His people to embrace His Covenant. That means a conscious commitment and effort to grasp the implications of that commitment. It means studying the whole Bible to discern His moral character by how He has acted in human history. Everything He does is clearly revealed in terms of Covenant. If you are inside the Covenant boundaries, you are granted a clear view of how things work. Outside the Covenant, you are simply cattle being herded with no clue to what's behind it all.

An awful lot of folks who are born of the Spirit are not under His Covenant. We can blame church leadership throughout history for that, in part, but there remains a certain culpability for anyone who doesn't abandon the fleshly capabilities and walk in conviction. Upon spiritual awakening, the heart cries out for submission of the flesh. God is patient on terms we cannot know for each other, but as long as you stand outside the Covenant, Satan owns your life. To the degree you stand outside the Covenant, to that degree Satan owns your life.

So the second key to understanding is how Satan works. On this issue, Americans suffer a serious deep delusion that they inherited from the various Germanic tribal mythologies about the wayward son of the divine father figure. We don't need to dig into the details here; I've hammered aplenty on this blog about how Satan actually works according to the biblical Hebrew outlook. You don't have to be called as a prophet of God to understand how all of this operates. All you need is enough clarity to read your own convictions.

Human language cannot explain how Satan profits from the captivity of God's people; we must accept it as an assumption of faith. If you stand inside the Covenant boundaries, the Devil cannot touch you. Of course, that's a broad overstatement; having a mortal human frame gives him some leverage, but the Covenant weakens his grip to the point that you can see and walk in the truth and please the Lord. You can take stock of what is visible to both faith and to human senses and weigh where God is taking things. His Spirit working in your convictions will either confirm or deny your obligations based on those observations. It's not a question of what is objectively true; that's not how it works. That's how the fallen intellect works. Faith and moral truth are based on what is required of you. Your ability to reason was not granted to steer your commitments, but to implement them.

From those assumptions, I look around at what I can see with my heart and with my eyes, and I discern that we are due for a very large collection of natural disasters. Not just small disruptions, but we are on the verge of another "Day of Noah" type disaster. It may not see humanity reduced to 8 souls as with the Flood, but it will certainly mean a dramatic reduction. Everything you now associate with civilization is likely to be destroyed. But this is not the end of the world, just the end of this particular stage of human existence.

Have you seen the studies that show the earth's magnetic poles are drifting? It has been a slow drift throughout the length of time men could measure such things, but in recent years it has accelerated dramatically. If the trends continue, the poles will end up along the equator in just a very short time -- within a few decades at most. It's hard to estimate how that will affect all the various forms of life on this planet, but it will have some effects.

Worse, the magnetic field that shields the earth from particles and energy washing around our solar system is weakening. Earth is being set up for a major smash from the sun. I'm not alone in seeing that there will be more than one hammer strike from the sun. We are in a very good position to take a major CME/solar flare strike during the next five years. But even without that, we are likely less than fifty years from a sort of micro-nova from our sun. That micro-nova will wipe out civilization, pushing humanity near to extinction. The attempted mass slaughter by fake vaccine pales in comparison.

So far as anyone can tell, the Flood in the Bible was the result of such a micro-nova. Astrophysics indicates that the stars across our galaxy go through a cycle of such things, and that our solar system exhibits the marks of a 6000 year cycle. We are at the end of that cycle right about now. Sure, there's lot of debate and plenty of people who argue against the whole thing. But if you examine how God has done things in the past, you shouldn't bat an eye at the idea that He is preparing to really shake things up again.

Now, it is possible that this is The End of All Things. My convictions say it's not. That's based largely on what I make of the various prophetic warnings in Scripture about what happens right before Christ returns. There are too many of those cues missing. But don't take my word for it; study the issue yourself. My point in all of this is that it's hard to ignore that God's wrath is falling on America at the least, and likely the whole world. The question is not so much, "What is going to happen?" The proper question is, "What does God require of me?" In pursuit of that question, I conclude what seems likely, and look for clues in our situation that indicate how God will execute His wrath.

Study it for yourself. Are you aware of how solar flares and CMEs work? What effects are they likely to have on you and the physical world around you? You can read how the long cables on our electrical grid will become very hot and the lines will sag, but the real breaking point is that transformers will explode or the connections will snap off. It will be a long time replacing those that explode, since the US doesn't have a very large back up supply of them. So your first run with natural disaster is likely to mean losing electricity globally, at least for awhile.

Meanwhile, the radiation from flares and the wash of particles from a CME do have health effects on living things, notably humans. You'll likely suffer strong neural disturbances, symptoms of radiation burns, etc. We are far more sensitive to magnet disturbances than most of us know. But so is the rest of life on the earth, and the planet itself. We are talking about sudden major tectonic plate shifts, earthquakes and volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. And if you understand a micro-nova as the ultimate extreme CME, then it magnifies to the point of major random lightning storms across the whole planet, arcing from overloads on the weakened magnetic field around the earth.

Side note: We can see CMEs (charged particles) coming a day two before they hit. Solar flares (radiation) have no advanced warning at all. And here's something that will seem crazy to you: If the ice at the poles melt, the primary result is that very cold water will circulate the planet and bring down the temperature averages everywhere. An ice age will quickly follow. Evidence indicates massive ice formations arise in just a few years.

Aside from some good educated guesses, I can't offer a timetable. Those guesses suggest that at least one big CME will hit in the next few years, as part of the run up to a micro-nova. The micro-nova could come any time in the next fifty years. The timing is based on major dust clouds moving through our galaxy, and it's not easy to measure the timing from our position here on earth. Other stars have had their own micro-novas, and the timing and plotting is how we discern the presence of the cloud. The point is that the dust accumulates on a star until it overheats and blows it all off. Our star has changed color from just fifty years ago. It's no longer yellow, but white. The change signals a trend of overheating. And it's all rather apparently cyclical; the cycle for our sun is about 6000 years based on the geological record.

In fact, there are quite a few cycles and sub-cycles that the scientists are trying to understand, but that's for you to research if you feel moved. My convictions affirm some of what I've studied along those lines. Again, it's not a question of what is objective fact, but what I am supposed to do to stay at peace with God. That standard tells me to get ready for disruptions to technology in the near term, and for a total wiping of civilization in the long term. I may not be around for the micro-nova, but the notion that it's coming affects my vision of what God is calling me to do.

And as you will surely notice, the American society sees none of this coming. Political folly continues as if nothing else will change. The oppression of bad government never calculates on natural disasters. Thus, we have two very bad sets of problems at the same time, and you can bet the politics will become absolutely crazy when God's hand works.

If civilization is so fragile, we would be fools to trust what it does. I tend to see it as a very human-centered effort to control the situation without reference to divine revelation. In other words, civilization brings lots of comfort, but it's still just a Tower of Babel. In the long run, it seeks to fight God's demands. Learn to differentiate between what civilization supplies versus what God promises under His Covenant. The Covenant is inherently more consistent with God's plans, and civilization is a very poor replacement for the Covenant.

If God so judged the Tower of Babel, and if you can swallow the idea that it represents human civilization in principle, then you'll understand what God's punishment at the Tower of Babel demands of us. God requires that we decentralize, scatter abroad as tiny enclaves with our own unique tribal cultures. In other words, the cosmopolitan doctrine is a lie from Hell. You shouldn't necessarily be hostile to outsiders, but a clannish behavior pattern with firm boundaries is part of the Covenant. And life on this earth is not precious; it's to be endured until the Lord takes us Home. The Covenant sets the boundaries on what it means to endure this fallen existence.

This document is public domain; spread the message.