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We Are Not

17 November 2021

Sometimes it's necessary to distance yourself from bad company.

The emphasis on restoring the Covenant, to include restoring the ancient Hebraic outlook and the heart-borne life of conviction, does not indicate any kind of movement. There is no effort to bring about some concrete political result in any form at all. I'm not asking anyone to unite with others to change the world. There is no particular outcome envisioned in this.

I'm asking people to consider the Covenant, to start living by their convictions, wherever that leads them. Just walk by faith and let it take you where the Lord calls.

I don't support White Nationalism or preserving Western Civilization, nor any other racial identity. I don't support keeping any kind of church denomination alive. I don't support any human institution of any kind, including any particular national identity; I don't promote any kind of American conservatism, and certainly not progressive globalism. Nothing about this prophetic message aims at any kind of human organization at all. They are all under Satan's dominion. Nor does this message hinder any human organization, because we have nothing to do with such. In other words, human organization is immaterial to this message.

That is, except for the one promoted in the Covenant. The Covenant, from it's most ancient roots after the Flood of Noah, until today, has always rested on the assumption that Hebrew feudalism is wired into Creation itself. Thus, the only human organization that God promotes and blesses is a tribal feudal covenant family household. A covenant of adoption trumps shared DNA; it did most specifically in the Bible. It was common custom in the Ancient Near East that adopting someone into a family covenant took precedence over natural born heirs. You can disinherit your natural heirs, but an adoptee is permanent, because a valid covenant is sworn before God, and is therefore inherently eternal.

If God adopts you into His household, your place is secure eternally. He isn't going to turn His back on you the way He did Jesus on the Cross. And the Bible says you were adopted before you were born. The only question with that is when you become aware of it. So the issue for life on this earth isn't whether you get to go to Heaven, but the issue is how you can claim the privileges of your divine adoption while on this earth. What are those privileges? They are outlined in the promised blessings noted in both the Old and New Covenants.

And by the same token, you can miss out on those privileges by refusing to stay within the Covenant boundaries where they are rooted.

It's all mystical and spiritual, with some implications for this world. But the implications are by no means uniform. God ended at the Cross His very visible demonstration of how impossible it is to have a Covenant nation in the form of a human institution on this earth. It cannot work. So, instead the Lord commissioned His servants to raise up little tribes of covenant families, called "churches". That's the meaning of the word "church".

He also made a lot of room for individuals who end up living in a context that simply does not permit that kind of organization. The teaching about what a church is belongs in the Covenant, but the dire necessity of having one does not belong in the Covenant. It's what you'll do if you get the chance. It's what you tend to expect God to do for you sooner or later, but it's not required in order to claim at least some of the privileges of the Covenant.

All it takes is a concerted effort to embrace the Covenant and God will reveal to you the blessings available as a lone servant. He'll show you how to keep a proper frame of mind that expects a covenant family of faith sooner or later. It's your only earthly goal in serving Him. You look for it, pray for it, and even plan for it to some degree, but it's not required for serving Him while you are waiting.

By the way, Paul wrote that not every Israeli/Jew was actually part of the Covenant Nation. The identity was always the Covenant, not the fleshly birthright. God is able to raise up children of Abraham from rocks on the ground. It means nothing. What matters is the mystical relationship with God that always stood behind the Covenant, and still stands there. Jesus warned that many Gentiles from east and west would be allowed to kick back with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but that a great many descendants of those three would be excluded by their lack of faith. Faith was always the core of every covenant.

All I want to do is get you investigating the full meaning of the Covenant, to claim that portion of your divine inheritance that is available here and now. What you do with it is between you and the Lord. But if you try to form any kind of human organization that doesn't fit the Covenant standards, you'll be outside the boundaries where Satan can use your life.

You can never actually belong to any human institution outside the Covenant. None of the existing human aspirations belong inside the Covenant. Your sole identity is someone who follows Christ in His Covenant, or you belong to Satan.

This document is public domain; spread the message.