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Networking Is No Substitute

21 November 2021

There comes a point at which knowing what's going on in the world simply gets in the way of doing what's right. For now, there's nothing wrong with seeking alternative news sources online. Somewhere down the road, perhaps in just a few years or even less, it will no longer be helpful, and perhaps not even possible. All that's left then will be the lies of the powers-that-be.

That's a separate issue from the threat of another Carrington Event that could fry all our devices, or at least the equipment that makes all of them work. Don't complain that people everywhere have their faces stuck in the cellphones. Learn why they do that. The introduction of the Internet to the public has completely shifted the typical sense of awareness in human society. The coming wrath of God will shift it back. It was easy to go into global network awareness; it will not be so easy to come back out of it.

One way or another, God is going to destroy networking. It's not that the Internet is inherently evil. It's just a tool like any other. It is human nature so deeply flawed that it will always trend to the lowest level of operation. I'm not referring here to the elitist idea that networking reduces intelligence; it does not. Rather, it channels intellectual activity into a morally bad place. It encourages depravity by knocking down the normal constraints on it, and raising barriers to moral elevation.

The foundation of moral infrastructure is neither unanimity nor individuality. That's asking the wrong question. It's a false spectrum designed to distract from the real question. It's just one step away from the what really matters: decentralization versus centralization of community. The whole point of the Tower of Babel narrative is to warn that God intends fallen mankind to live in decentralized communities. Cultural unity is one thing; centralized political control is simply evil. God will tolerate it only long enough for it to become apparent how depraved it is before He pours out His wrath on it.

We are not meant to be radically individualized. And it's for sure human capabilities are utterly incapable of leveling humanity to some imaginary equality. There has to be a tension, a place in between those two extremes of individualism versus unity, because our fallen nature won't permit us to prosper in what we desire without running off into Hell. The whole point of God creating hassles in our fallen condition is to turn us back toward the otherworldly focus. Parts of that turning will be individualized, because no two of us experience the precise same reality. God creates that tension between individuals on purpose to prevent us closing Him off from our lives. At the same time, redemption requires that we learn His way for living together in a small community.

The paradox is that, if we are utterly isolated as individuals, we are ripe for abuse under unitizing malevolence. Our only defense against the Borg is creating voluntary communities. And if we seek uniformity, as if every question of human sorrow can be reduced to uniform solutions, then we awaken a fallen desire that drives people into individuality. It is utterly impossible to have one without the other, and the conflict between them is also the very result of wrongly choosing one or the other. Both are a temptation from the Devil.

The only resistance to evil is the small faith community. That is where God stands waiting for us. It's not that all tensions cease, but that the tensions become reduced to those we are designed to handle. It puts the focus on problems God wants us to walk through. All of the challenges associated with individualism and uniformity are intractable, but the challenges of a small community are within human reach. Even then, the full blessings of this safe place are available only through faith and conviction.

What the Internet has done is allow humanity to flee God's one solution to the problems of human life. The virtual world isolates everyone so that they are vulnerable to centralized controls. The awareness of the real threat is blocked off by the seductions of false community. That's how networking becomes dangerous. It's not impossible to build a community online, but without the proper spiritual orientation, you lack the means to discern communion. A genuine community in the virtual world is always rooted in genuine community in the real world. It's the real-world community that makes the online community possible. For most of humanity, the Internet absorbs their identity so that real world community is impossible.

The moral threat of networking is not the thing itself, but the problem of fallen human nature when exposed to even worse temptations. The fallen fleshly nature flees the true surrender of genuine community, seeking a false community that has never existed, and cannot exist. Because the bulk of humanity have no idea how to use the Internet, God is going to take it away.

I'm going to suggest that the timeline for divine wrath has been accelerated recently. In the past it felt to me like the end of civilization was any time in the next 50 years, but now it seems much closer, rather like 20 years or less. I now believe that I'll live to see it with my own eyes. By no means would I pretend to account for why that should be the case, only that my convictions now point to a far shorter time frame. I sense that it's far more urgent that we prepare for what's coming.

It will come in two steps. First, something like a Carrington Event that will take out the electrical grid. Sometime later the micro-nova will hit and really rip things up. It's not that a proper response to the first will forestall the second. Rather, the first will teach us how to handle the second. It's not a question of survival, but of embracing God's revelation, whether we live or die.

I suspect that at least part of the accelerated timeline is how few people are catching onto that message from God. There are examples of this kind of thing in Scripture. On the one hand we read the prophetic warning of men sent by God at certain points in Israel's history. On the other hand, we see that the historical evidence shows they didn't listen, because what God warned was coming did come upon them. It's my conviction that this is happening again, but this time with the New Israel in Christ. Christians haven't responded well to the message, and I'm hardly the only one who brings the warning.

In my mission calling, the critical issue remains the resistance to the heart-borne awareness of conviction, and the refusal to form small faith communities. Instead, we see ever more cerebral religion in ever growing monster churches. Worse, they are pushing more and more into virtual meetings in place of face-to-face communion. It won't matter what excuse they use; God says we must get into each other's armpits, as it were, in order to carry out His will for us. We can execute faith only where we are open to each other's supportive discernment. Virtual church meetings guarantee a facade that hinders real communion.

God isn't doing this because He can't get sinners to respond. It's not the sinners who determine the pace of God's wrath, but the failure of His people to listen. Be prepared for the days when our networking devices don't work for their intended purpose, if they work at all. Prepare yourself for doing without that factor in human society.

This document is public domain; spread the message.