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Afterlife Thinking

23 November 2021

Here is a forgotten Christian doctrine: Human life is not precious.

The only grounds for ever thinking that this life is important is that you must first absorb the false notion that this life is all there is. This is the basic assumption for almost the entirety of the West. Even when you get people to verbally and intellectually agree to the concept of an afterlife, they still tend to act as if they don't believe in it. The orientation of everything we know fights the idea of the afterlife. Once you embrace the concept of an afterlife, which is part of believing in Heaven and Hell, this life suddenly becomes a drudgery to be escaped at the earliest opportunity.

But of course, that escape comes on God's terms. I recall once hearing a Christian man joke about keeping a shotgun in his truck. He couldn't shake the logic that, as soon as someone confesses Christ as Lord, they should be spared this life's sorrows. So, it would be doing them a favor to end their lives right away. He wasn't very well schooled in God's Law. His logical process seems rather common among church folk, because they laughed at his joke.

If what he half-jokingly proposed was such a good idea, he should have used the same logic on his own life. Shedding blood unjustly is a sin. That doesn't mean suicide is automatically a sin in all cases, but that there has to be a just cause based on revelation. This is the failure of human reasoning: We have all kinds of obsessive approaches to the question of taking human life, and none of them reflect what God has said about it.

Thus, the issue is not a matter of offense against another human, but whether we offend God. Read that again. Abortion isn't a sin because we take something that rightfully belongs to the unborn person. Abortion is wrong when it's an offense against God's revealed Law of human existence in a fallen world. So we see all kinds of lying rhetoric opposing abortion on the wrong grounds, and equal rhetoric promoting it on the wrong grounds. Abortion in itself is not a sin; abortion is a sin if it is done for the wrong purpose. Making blanket laws either way is a failure to obey God.

Of course, this is all part of the greater failure to understand the nature of revelation and law in the first place. In terms of what God wants to us to understand, the fundamental nature of law and enforcement rests on the Code of Noah. That's what applies to the human race now and until Christ returns. The foundation of law is the tribal society under a faith covenant. As long as we avoid taking that route, nothing we do can be right in God's eyes.

But it's the Law of Noah that flatly says some men have a duty to take human life for the cause of blood guilt. The coming of the Messiah didn't change that. There must be a standing readiness to execute some criminals on the grounds of what kind of threat they pose to peace with God (AKA shalom). On that basis, most of the human race should be executed.

God is patient. It's not that He is so bloodthirsty, but that we are. If we had been carrying out His Law in the first place, most of the human race would not stand under such condemnation. Our proper obedience would so drastically change the situation that it wouldn't be such a big issue. But since we have not obeyed His Law for us, we have allowed defilement to build up to the point that God Himself must act. We did not save the human race from the worst effects of sin, so now the justice will fall on us all.

And that justice will mean the execution of the majority of the human race at His hand. That's how it has always been. When we refuse to execute the small number of people who cannot constrain themselves, that evil spreads until a vast majority becomes tainted with blood guilt. We are there now. In a very short time -- as God views such things -- He will execute His justice and slaughter most of the human race. It's coming. Get ready.

We can estimate in broad general terms how His wrath will fall. It's pretty obvious that it includes the kind of political and social turmoil that comes from ignoring God's Law. That's bad enough, but Creation itself is repulsed, and cries out for God's command to do more. So we can expect major natural upheavals. My personal convictions are that the biggest single source of wrath will be first a Carrington Event of some kind in the near term. It will fry the electrical grid all over the world. We could in theory recover from that, but it won't make that much difference.

It will be sort of warning to brace for the micro-nova that comes later. With a micro-nova comes major disturbances in our planet's magnetic and electrical fields, bringing unimaginable catastrophe: tectonic plate shifts with all the volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis, weather turbulence, clear air lightning strikes frying the ground and everything on it, the extinction of many life forms, etc.

Again, that's just what I believe. Don't take my word for it; study it for yourself in light of your own convictions.

But the only people who will survive, aside from random accidents, are the people who turn to the Lord and find out what He requires. Did you notice how Noah was the one whose faith saved his whole household? At least one of his sons was not onboard with all this faith stuff. That's how it always goes; the Lord offers a covenant of faith with a law code component that will restrain and bless folks in your household without faith. So, whatever it is that God offers to preserve life in this next global disaster, it will mean a covenant that includes a law code and a number of people who don't actually have any faith in God. But it will be led by people of faith.

It's not that God doesn't weep the massive loss of life for the majority. But it's what they have chosen, so He's going to grant it. Whether or not they know the implications of their choices, they could know if they wanted. He established all this before the Fall, and it was part of the revelation Adam and Eve carried in their souls before that fateful choice to ignore His revelation in favor of their own human capabilities. That choice meant taking on a mortal form in a fallen and broken existence. So when billions die, all they are losing is this sad miserable existence. They are translated over into their eternal life form.

Of course, what that's like is impossible to express in human language. All we know is that a great many won't be happy with their eternal existence, but a significant portion will consider it paradise. The difference between those two has a lot to do with how we respond to God here in this sorrowful life in a fallen world.

This document is public domain; spread the message.