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It's Here Already

24 November 2021

It's building up right now.

Keep in mind that this blog assumes a Covenant perspective except where stated otherwise. The assumptions behind what is written here address folks who embrace the Covenant, and encourages those who haven't yet. Thus, everything that sounds like a warning or advice is based on Covenant assumptions. Without the Covenant as your foundation (which includes an awareness of God's Law), and if you aren't walking in convictions, most of this is going to sound crazy.

Aside from the hand of God itself in natural disasters, we have plenty of human made disasters headed our way. Does anyone doubt that our ruling elite serve an even higher level of hidden elites with plainly evil motives? They hate us little people. They want most of us dead. While most of the people whose faces we see in the MSM news are venal and motivated by various human lusts, the people behind them are working from a demonic vision. Only a few folks in the news are truly committed to that kind of evil, knowingly seeking to kill us or make us miserable.

From a Covenant perspective, there is a theoretical difference, but in practice it isn't much. It is perfectly just by God's Law to defend your life with lethal force when your convictions and mission demand it, regardless who the aggressor is. We don't go looking for trouble, but there are times when your feudal domain granted by God requires protecting others who aren't so free to choose. You have a moral obligation to defend your dependents in the Lord from immoral forces, but you must remain sensitive to the context. If you haven't prayed this through already, you are a fool.

The standard moral thinking goes like this: If your mission and calling include the responsibility under Noah's Law to be ready to punish threats to your shalom, then make sure you are ready to execute justice. Get the means and make sure you have some idea how to use them. Trust in the Lord that you are right to be ready, and also right to avoid starting any fights. Defend what He has granted you in the way He commands you.

Sometimes "deadly force" is just a parable. So, for example, yours truly has trained in using technology as a virtual weapon. It's not important to discuss the specifics; I stand ready to fight censorship. The technology and layout of this blog should indicate a very focused purpose in getting the message out. The devices I use are protected in various ways to minimize the risk of disruption to that mission. And there is a certain level of readiness to counteract efforts to silence my message should things get tougher.

And they will get tougher. Today you can read something posted by Mercola over at about concrete efforts to organize ways to silence dissent by leveraging government controls over Big Tech service providers. Mercola burns up a lot of electrons talking about his own situation, but the first half of the article talks about the organizations and people involved so that you have enough information to take the threat seriously. There are ways around their plans, but you have to know that it will mean losing a big chunk of your audience. The thing to do at this point is to spread the warning and try to convince your audience to be ready to take measures to keep receiving the message.

So, for example, you might prepare to set up a link on the Tor network (".onion" address). The only problem, then, is to convince more readers to get used to how the Tor Browser works and all that goes with it. You'll lose some of them, because a certain portion of your audience is lazy. You won't miss them, as you'll learn later, but if you haven't already gotten the idea that only a thin portion of your audience is for real in the first place, you need to pray that through, as well. However small your audience is, the folks actually using that output are always a minority of that audience.

And if you do go the Tor route, it will add only a short while before you'll need to work out some other way of getting your message out. I sense that the Open Source community isn't really ready for what's coming, and it will take some lead time for them to come up with better protocols to keep some exchange of information open against the coming wave of censorship. (Hint: It will mean bypassing the current DNS infrastructure, most likely, because that's how governments prefer to block traffic.)

But the virtual world is one kind of battlefield. The real world has a whole set of threats. For Western nations, Australia has gained the dubious distinction of leading the way in crushing dissent on this COVID nonsense. Anyone interested in concentration camps? This is what happens when you surrender your personal firearms, as history has shown from previous examples. When are people going to realize that the system considers them an enemy? I won't tell any stories, but I know from first-hand experience that all Western governments have consistently operated under the assumption that the citizens at large are their biggest threat. A fundamental attitude of every bureaucracy is to hate you and everything you value. Other Western governments are watching what happens in Australia, as they lust to do the same things.

Organized resistance is a joke. Non-covenant people never get it right even when they do it, and the vast majority of those around us won't even do it at all. The only hope, at least here in the US, is if you happen to live in a state where the leadership are of a mind to fight this nonsense. If you don't live in such a state, it's already past time to move. There are a handful of states where the culture and history produces a reliable resistance to this kind of oppression. Without that kind of leadership, it will come down to the level of forced vaccinations that would require armed resistance to avoid.

Get it through your head: The ruling elite want us dead. Granted, adherence to the Covenant means you must not favor either progressive or conservative agendas, but whichever side is in control at any given moment won't recognize the Covenant as a valid identity. We are an enemy of the entire range of Western Civilization because the Bible leads us to reject it. Here in the US, if it's not the communists and globalists, it's the neocons and Zionists attacking a genuine biblical position. Sooner or later, either force would be willing to censor us and force us to bow the knee to pagan idols.

You need to ensure you have prayed through and decided whether you are supposed to resist, and where the boundaries of resistance are for you. The Covenant does not offer a one-size-fits-all plan on this. At some point most of us are likely to die simply because of our faith -- "unto the shedding of blood". Those of us whom the Lord intends to keep alive as a witness through the tribulation will need to have prayed through the boundaries for survival.

The day has come; persecution and tribulation are here.

This document is public domain; spread the message.