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Religion Boundaries

27 November 2021

Jews are not the problem, but Judaism is.

Don't get hung up on Jews. They range all over the scale in terms of faithfulness to their religion. The problem is the religion itself, in terms of its influence on human behavior. Jesus said it was bad for His people, and it's bad for the rest of the world.

It is well established in the prophetic books of the Bible that the nation of Israel was by far the most difficult people God could have chosen to work with. He wanted to show the Gentile nations how easy it could be, using this most difficult of all nations as the beacon. He built it from scratch knowing this was the case. There were at least two things going on at the same time, and they are intertwined. One: God was showing that His power and mercy are extravagant. He poured out His miracles on them at even the slightest provocation, and often simply for the sake of His name despite them. Two: He wanted to demonstrate how impossible it was to keep a whole nation under the Covenant when too many of them had no change of heart.

It had nothing to do with any failure of the Covenant, but the very deep depravity of human nature. Israelis may be the hardest people of all in terms of covenant shepherding, but the rest of the human race is not that much better. It really is very easy to stay at peace with God. However, it does require embracing the full Covenant from the heart, and it does require that we each prepare for living within a covenant community. The whole point of a covenant is to demonstrate how revelation works by how we live together; that's how we glorify His name.

Let me pull this together. Our mortal existence is not what God designed us for, but it's where we are for now. Being born in human flesh is the mark of the Curse. The escape is to endure this miserable existence by divine revelation. This restores us to His glory, which was our purpose at Creation. The primary means to glorifying Him is how we embrace His revelation by living in a covenant community. It's how we leave behind the fleshly inclinations in exchange for a redemption driven life in community. Not in our performance, but He reads the desires of our hearts. How we treat the rest of the world can be established only as a side-effect of how we live in community with Covenant people.

Judaism doesn't do this.

Let's back up a bit. Abraham was called to serve our God under the name El (pronounced "ale"). There is all the evidence we need to suggest that the Mesopotamian civilizations had sufficient records to grasp the Covenant of Noah. It was an established religion from primordial times and they knew as much as anyone could know about it. Abraham was pagan until he was called into this Covenant of Noah. The Covenant of Abraham had Noah as the law code. This covenant was the family teaching until Moses went up on Mount Sinai. There is a collection of things Jehovah commanded before Moses got to the law code, and those reflect the old Code of Noah. Indeed, we can say that Moses was a special implementation of Noah. We learn a lot about Noah by what God says in Moses.

Under Moses, everything was a matter of the Covenant itself. While there remained a great deal of Mosaic Law that operated under the assumptions of inheritance, shalom itself was always a matter of Covenant, not DNA. It wasn't that DNA ruled, but that inheritance had to be handled properly. Nations were not supposed to convert and become part of Israel; individuals and families could do so, but not whole nations. Instead, we have a record of nations who lived under the Israeli crown via Noah. Thus, the Gibeonites, the surviving Jebusites, the Rechabites, etc. -- all of them remained in the land under the terms of Noah. God always had a place for nations to live in peace with Him without being part of Israel.

Judaism has virtually dumped Noah in effect; the Torah explicitly makes all Gentiles subhuman. It is inherently racist, something that was never part of Moses. The history of Israel and Judah is a long degradation away from Moses into a more and more man-centered culture that simply took God's promises from granted. Today's Talmud assumes Jews have God over a barrel, that He has bound Himself to do certain things for them regardless of their moral conduct, and regardless whether they actually give a fig for Him and His wishes.

On the Cross, their covenant passed. Jesus pulled the shattered Covenant together and completed it's purpose in Himself. The Covenant of Moses was invested into His Person; He became God's Law. Now, no one can covenant with God on any terms outside of the Person of Christ. The Covenant of Noah still stands, but it stands as the law code of the Covenant of Christ. Jews must come through Christ or they have no place in God's plans. In theory, they could restore the provisions of the Covenant of Moses, but only as Jesus taught it. So, as long as they ignore Jesus, they are ignoring Moses, and they have no promises from God.

But they refused to translate their national identity into their Messiah. So who is now the god of their national covenant? It's Satan. Jesus spoke of them as the Devil's children, and he as their father. The New Testament calls them the Synagogue of Satan. There is no Judeo-Christian anything; it's either Satan or Christ as Lord. To refer to Judeo-Christian traditions is to make Satan lord. It requires a compromise with devil worshipers.

And Zionism, as the secular bastard child of Judaism, is even worse. It's a commitment to Satan's agenda without even bothering to acknowledge him. The modern State of Israel exists as the only country in the world specifically dedicated to Satan's agenda for mankind.

Judaism is not Hebrew at all. For all their racist claims, there is substantial evidence that most Jews today are not even from the Hebrew race. But it doesn't matter; their sole identity was the Covenant, and they flatly reject it. Most Jews don't even read any part of the Old Testament; they study the Talmud exclusively.

But they don't deserve any particular hatred or sanctions. They are uniquely troublesome to the human race, but the solution for them is the same as for anyone else: Jesus. Be on guard against their Satanic agenda, and be especially wary when they try to act like Christians should be their best buddies. They hate us more than all other Gentiles, but history shows that their leadership have targeted anyone claiming Christ for special manipulation. Jews are a unique problem for the Covenant people, but so are all the Christians who don't adhere to the Covenant.

Meanwhile, Jews who return to the Covenant of the Messiah have special advantages that the rest of us do not have. Those advantages come from God, but nothing is mandated for churches. It's not the kind of thing where you automatically hand them the leadership roles of your covenant congregation, but that God has promised to treat them a little different. Paul pointed this out more than once in his writing. You still have to be wary of the arrogance and trickery arising from Judaism, but we dare not forget that we are grafted in, whereas it's their native environment. The Kingdom of Heaven was offered to them first. It's a balancing act how you will handle Christians from a Jewish background.

But unrepentant Jews are your worst enemy on this earth.

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