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It's Like a Tax

07 December 2021

We shouldn't have to discuss this any more. The COVID was engineered to create panic and manipulate the public into ditching their constitutional rights. Those rights never amounted to much, given the US Constitution was one big lie in the first place. It was the first major step in elitist perception management in America. The COVID panic was meant to be the last, in that the vaccines are engineered to reduce the population and place survivors at a serious disadvantage.

Here's where it gets a little confusing: The demonic elites seeking to rule this world aren't all on the same sheet of music. There are different agendas in competition over outcomes. The group currently in the lead want to destroy as much as 90% of the human population in the world. The other major group would prefer that civil wars break out to occupy or reduce the population of those most likely to resist, while keeping the fools as slaves.

The only thing on which the elites agree is not blowing the whistle on each other. It's not organized in any particular way; it's not as if they have some pact with each other with a formal code to which they swear. It's just the natural result of their perverted character as elitists. Some elites are playing both sides in this conflict. So it's not two organized teams competing, but two major agendas and several minor agendas competing. Sometimes one or another rises or recedes in power. The transhumanists are rising, for example, while the globalists will soon collapse. This is how Satan operates.

Most of these elites aren't consciously serving the Devil. Most of them are worshiping various idols, though almost none of those idols are the traditional ancient kind of thing. It's gotten more nebulous than that, and frankly less honest. Sometimes the agenda is the only idol you need to identify; all idols are demons in disguise. Most of these people worship themselves, or at least their own lusts. But there is a lot of common elements in their devotion to these lusts. A primary element is sexual perversion, for example. It's a common feature of elitists; that's just how they are. Demons have only a limited range of tricks for defiling these people.

At any rate, most popular theories about the elites are sheer nonsense. So is the popular conception of how God will handle those filthy demon worshipers. So long as Christ has not returned, there will always be idolatrous elites seeking one path or another to rule as many humans as they can. But the destruction of their dreams comes in cycles, and God always acts at the moment it looks like the elitists are winning. And the resulting chaos is a new chance for us to shine His glory. If we do things right, we can establish a solid testimony that will last through the next cycle. Sadly, that hasn't happened to any significant degree, so far.

Don't expect any golden age coming out of this next end of cycle. There is no cosmic justice in this fallen existence, in that sense. There is hope, but it's not that kind of thing. Hope is like every other gift of the Father in this world -- it's mystical in nature. It betokens our connection to a higher dimension. We shouldn't care that much about this dimension.

The notion that you can trust any system of control is the biggest lie of all. There is no white-hat team riding to the rescue. If you expect a better team of elites to grab the system, you haven't gotten enough divine cynicism yet. There might be some decent people, but they are also utterly deceived in thinking the system can be rectified and used for good. Human government is inherently broken, a lie of Satan. Human conflict is necessary outside of the Covenant; it is decreed by God. Any attempt to create peace and prosperity without the Covenant is doomed, because God isn't going to let it happen. Outside of the Covenant, Satan rules, period.

Tribulation is the natural element of those who seek to restore the Covenant. Persecution is not just expected, but desirable. Wrath is the other edge of the blade of God's Flaming Sword; we can get the blessing edge if we can just embrace the whole picture. His Sword should carve away the sin in our lives, and if we don't take that path willingly, then it is we who shall be cut off.

This is not the Ends Times, so the vaccine is not the Mark of the Beast. However, it is a mark of capitulation to the Beast of evil human government. Yes, God can heal or protect those who find themselves compelled to accept it. Still, it will be used in the same way as the Mark of the Beast is portrayed in Scripture, but those who refuse that mark are not necessarily the righteous. There's any number of human reasons for avoiding it.

This is where we get to the point of my blather here: This is not a rational choice for us. It's a matter of conviction. We don't need reasons; we need resolve to walk in faith. For most of us, living under the Covenant means refusing the vaccines simply on the grounds that it's an evil demand from evil governments. We already have adequate evidence that it's a big lie. Just say "no." And because this is a form of warfare, there's no sin in using violence to resist the mandates. There's also no requirement for violent resistance, but it's an option under the Covenant. If you die by either the vaccine or by resisting, it does not amount to crucifixion. The act itself is not the point; it's the obedience to your convictions.

It's useful to think of this as taxation. Most of us cannot afford to pay, so avoid it any way you can. The preferred response is to withdraw to the Catacombs, as it were. If your local and/or state officials will take the heat for you, so much the better. Pray toward that. If you lack that protection, ask the Lord if you really need to stay where you are. If you need to stay, then start praying about ways to avoid conflict over it. If you feel led to resist, pray about guidance on that. Don't trust your own or anyone else's logic on this; obey your convictions. Don't bother to explain it to anyone. Your fellow Covenant folk already understand, and those outside the Covenant cannot understand in the first place.

Jesus said that we should render to Caesar what is his. He explained what it meant; most people used Caesar's currency, so he already owned it. Jesus also talked about how God owned something else most of us carried in our souls, things Caesar couldn't claim. Does Caesar have a valid claim on your body to maim or kill by these vaccines? God is the final Judge of such things.

This document is public domain; spread the message.