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Wrath Events

09 December 2021

You don't need to buy into anything I say. If the Lord draws you to this message, then pray that you can find in it what God has for you. This is a prophetic ministry, calling God's people back to the Covenant life. Whatever happens, this is always the right answer to everything.

But I'm convinced God is at work, that He has decreed wrath and tribulation, at least on the USA. I'm not called to address other parts of the world, though it should be obvious at least some of this applies globally. Still, the focus of my service is to Americans. And you need to be ready for a lot of divine wrath.

At least once every day I engage in a quiet ritual prayer session. During that prayer time, I am often struck by visions of what I believe God is going to do to the USA. I'm convinced God wants me to prepare to face these things. It's not a question of whether they will actually happen; the preparation is the point of obedience. That's what my convictions demand of me. Here are the things I'm preparing for:

  1. The first thing I see coming is the economic collapse that has already begun. Of course, this is quite intentional; the powers that be are working hard to make it happen. It's just that God is going to add His own twist to things. The elite folk are generally incompetent, so this isn't going to work as they expect. The key to survival is decentralization.
  2. The Union will be broken up. There's no way I can estimate the timing on this, but most of the elite seem to believe that none of the states' leadership has the balls to do this. Well, they do. It won't be a single event, but a series of events where a selection of state leaders will work together in the background breaking off federal control here and there. It's a trend that has already begun. It will eventually be official, with states forming smaller regional unions.
  3. Trump isn't done yet. But so far he hasn't been willing to follow God's path on things, so it's going to be messy and probably won't accomplish much. Whatever it is he does will be mostly a net loss for the people who still place so much hope in him.
  4. In the background, our sun is getting ready to rip this earth a new one. There will be a string of events tied to each other before the micro-nova hits, with estimates out as far as 50 years for the main event. We should expect a Carrington Event in say, less than twenty years, as a warm-up for the nova. There will almost surely be lesser CMEs and flares of various intensities hitting us from now on. Meanwhile, the earth's magnetic field is weakening dramatically and the magnetic poles are moving down to the equator, and the magnetic equator will be somewhere else. Weather patterns and climate will change dramatically, but not as the popular theories suggest. There will be a mass flora and fauna die-off. Yet, it is not a complete extinction event. (Search for "Suspicious Observers" to get more details; you don't have to buy everything they say.)
  5. Before all of that gets too wound up, I'm convinced that Israel will finally do something that will destroy the Zionist obsession of so many evangelicals here in the US. I'm inclined to think it will be due to the collapse of US power and wealth. Israel will need a new bitch. Because most religious leaders are too deeply invested, they won't shift to meet this very well, and we are likely to see a significant rush of members for the exits out of churches.
  6. The Internet will be dramatically changed due to collusion between governments, Big Tech, and perhaps their annoyance at the criminals. At least, that will be their excuse. For some of us, the Net may well become utterly useless. The powers that be will certainly try their hardest to get rid of dissent, turning it into a broadcast medium with its one-way info movement. It won't censor us all at once, and maybe not completely, but it will raise the price of participation very steeply. The snooping has just begun.
  7. We will see a significant population decline as the COVID and vaccines continue serving their intended purpose. It's really hard to keep track of the nefarious stuff they have put into those injections, and the individual resistance will vary widely. Still, there's enough crap in them to eventually cripple or kill a significant number of people who took them over the next few years. Don't look for this to be reported honestly. Even when the MSM are forced to admit the stats, it will be blamed on anything except the vax.

If any of this sounds real to you, how you respond will depend on your own sense of calling and purpose. It's easy to get into a panic and be pulled in different directions. Some of you need to move to another state soon. Some of you need to learn a lot about going underground. Just a few of you will feel called to organized resistance. Just remember: Don't make common cause with people outside the Covenant. Play along when the context calls for it, but don't agree to lead unless there's a valid biblical covenant in play.

Again, that's the whole point: Get serious about the Covenant. It's your best hope regardless of the situation, but as things get tougher, it's your only hope. The Lord has promised to take care of us, in the sense that we will always have what we need to carry out the mission. Nothing else matters.

This document is public domain; spread the message.