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Quantifying the Threat

15 December 2021

I'm quite serious about the threat from solar activity.

Let me see if I can make it real to you: Over the next few years, your computing devices will become increasingly unstable. All brands, all sizes and types, unless they are shielded from outside interference, will begin to crash more often. The underlying issue will be a rise in the amount of charged solar particles penetrating the earth's magnetic field. Those particles can change the contents of your RAM and make the system unstable.

This is already happening to satellites passing over what's called the South Atlantic Anomaly. Back when the Space Shuttle was flying, the onboard laptops would crash every time it flew over that part of the earth, because they were unshielded. It's been around for a long time. You should look it up online.

This anomaly is a weak spot in the earth's magnetic field. As one source said, it's like a pothole in the earth's shield, growing and getting deeper. But the entire field is weakening at the same time. The whole shield is now down to about 20%. In the next few years, the altitude of penetration will drop lower than satellite orbits, and shielding may be effectively gone from the whole earth in a couple of years. I believe aircraft will have to avoid it very soon, or start navigating by Visual Flight Rules (VFR), and it will show up in that spot centered over South America first. The more recent expansion of this thing is covering southern Africa. Some indications are that it's also reaching toward the northwest, as well, toward North America. So it's going to take effect all over the world, but the Western Hemisphere will get it first.

At the same time, the earth's magnetic poles are moving. Right now, the southern magnetic pole has left Antarctica and is zipping more-or-less toward Australia. The northern magnetic pole is hurrying towards the north coast of Russia. The pace is accelerating geometrically, as is the collapse of the magnetic shield. If the trend continues, the two magnetic poles will collide off the coast of Malaysia in a few years. These two problems are connected, as the bunching of magnetic forces in one spot is bound to leave gaps elsewhere.

I can't even begin to list all the ways this will effect life on earth. For example, your GPS will be disrupted, both the satellites and your devices. At the same time, your magnetic compasses will go completely crazy. Precise location will be impossible without a map that shows prominent land features and using the sun itself for direction. So air and sea navigation will become very challenging, since neither GPS nor old-timey compass headings will be reliable. Animals that rely on geomagnetic fields to navigate are already having problems. Flocks of birds changing their seasonal flight patterns, sea mammals stranding on beaches in huge numbers, etc. -- you'll see it getting worse.

There's also the way this increases the electrical charges of the earth. Storms will get progressively worse, with much more severe lightning strikes. We'll even see clear sky discharges that fry the ground, melting sand into glass. Oh, and it will tend to set fires and cook living things.

And those who avoid that kind of problem will still face the effects of charged particles jangling their neurons. How much more mental and emotional disturbance can you tolerate? People around you will start going over the edge. And all of this will be aggravated by their high dependence on devices that will start to malfunction long before they are completely fried.

This is just the kind of stuff you can discern using human science. People of faith have sensed this coming without knowing the science. Prophets have been warning of divine wrath, and it all sounded nutty because they didn't have any kind of precision. Well, now we do. And all of this is coming right about the same time politics is going absolutely crazy all over the world. Oh, wait -- do you suppose it's all connected? Yep.

This document is public domain; spread the message.