Catacomb Resident Blog

Fan of Wrath

16 December 2021

Isaiah set the pattern for a lot of things. In the early chapters he is mourning the sins of his nation, and confessed that he was no better. He confessed that he and his nation were worthy of wrath.

First, you must come under conviction that you live among a people justly deserving of His wrath on sin. Then you begin to mourn that sin, never forgetting your own culpability. So you pray down His wrath and ask Him to begin with you. "Start with me, O Lord. Cleanse me."

Wrath is a two edged sword. It is the holiness of His Word at work in a fallen world. If you seek His cleansing power, then sin will be cut away. It won't be nice, but it is what your heart craves. But if you will not let go of the sin, then it will cut you off from His blessings. You see, wrath is one edge of the sword, while Covenant shalom is the other.

You need to become a fan of His wrath. You should look forward to it. You should be eager to face His correction. It's the surgery for Eternal Life.

Even if you don't believe in the warnings about solar afflictions on this planet, you surely can see the rising chaos in human government. Since no government obeys His will, they are all under His wrath. Sooner or later, that wrath falls. The fools who rule start oppressing and making policies that cannot possibly work. When it fails, everything comes down on their heads. The problem is, it falls on everyone else's heads, too. That's the way it works.

All I can do is share my conviction that wrath and tribulation are here, and rising in intensity. We are in for a rough ride. There is a measure of Christ's blood covering on the doorposts of our lives, but it depends on the Lord how much that mitigates the suffering. And however much mitigation you can get from God depends on seeking His face and trying to read your convictions. You must take the position that whatever He chooses is always in your best interest.

Keep in mind the story of the Passover (better, "Sparing"). It wasn't just the blood on the doorposts, but they were packed and ready to go. They were prepared to carry what God said to carry and leave everything else behind.

Get away from your device(s) for at least a few moments every day. If possible, go to a place that is at least somewhat natural and wild. Pray out loud to the Lord, asking for Him to restore His Covenant, to bring His wrath to bear on the sin around you. Ask Him to start with cleansing you first. Then call on Him to awaken His people. You see, wrath is how He does that. When it falls on people with no spiritual life, you'll get all kinds of reactions. However, where His Spirit can be heard, wrath drives people into His arms. So the best thing you can ask for is Him to pour out His wrath. It polarizes people, and that's the criteria on which God decides to bless or curse.

Cheer on His wrath; become enthusiastic about it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.