Catacomb Resident Blog

Another Kind of Prepping

20 December 2021

Try to bring it all together. At the highest level, we shouldn't care too much about this life in the first place. Most of what we experience is a distraction. God uses Satan to steer the mass of humanity into one vanity after another. Despite appearances on the human level, none of mankind's great plans ever accomplish anything.

Our focus is to endure this crappy existence and serve the Lord's glory. We aim to obey and leave the outcomes in God's hands. We have nothing important to accomplish except to earn our release by being faithful until He's through with our human lives. The mission of the church is simply to exist and demonstrate what revelation requires of us. We have an adequate explanation of how-to in the covenants published in the Bible.

That much is true universally, regardless of context. However, in our context today, there are things coming that will provide the background against which we pursue the Lord's glory. We have the rising political and economic chaos in our world. The current focus in that realm is the Great Reset. The global economic system will collapse soon, but it's structured to hit us little people the hardest. There's no hard schedule for it, but look for it in the next few years.

At the same time, we have God's wrath coming at us, chiefly in the form of solar events that will wipe civilization from the earth. While those events could happen any day now, we estimate certain events. A Carrington Event is overdue on the cycle; it is triggered by something internal to the sun itself. The magnetic poles will swap and earth's magnetosphere will collapse sometime in the next 20 years, probably. And we can expect a micro-nova of the sun within 50 years or so.

The Covenant mission comes first. Assess what your convictions tell you about what provisions and tools you'll need for that. Keep an eye on the way the context is shifting and give it our best shot when the time comes to make decisions. In general terms, this is a good time to buy shelf-stable food and supplies you use daily. Adjust your diet according to what you can reasonably expect to get when the supply system crashes. That means what you can get locally. Shift your money into tangible things of value, because the US dollar could die without notice any day now.

What does our mission demand? Start investing in things that don't require electricity to operate. Make sure you know how to use that stuff. Expect federal government services to be spotty at best and fading over time. To the degree possible, become independent of all that. Local government services will depend on your assessment of how likely it is your state and local officials grasp the nature of what's coming. A good indicator is how quickly and strongly your state fights federal mandates.

Don't work this too hard. When a moment of decision arrives, make your best guess and trust the Lord for the rest. This is tribulation; we will suffer some. Many of us will die when things get really bad, so always keep an eye on going Home at any moment. Obey your convictions, but make sure you understand that it's all a matter of obedience in the effort, not a matter of accomplishment. As someone else has said, "It's about the process, not the product."

Your host tends to believe that we are awfully close to a major flare and CME event of some kind in just a year or two. Whatever strength it will have should be enough to make the power grids of the Western Hemisphere go down at least for a while. Consider that the magnetosphere is weakening in the Americas first, because the magnetic poles are converging in Central Asia, concentrating the remaining shield in that part of the world. There isn't much time to prepare for widespread power outages, not to mention they could come for other reasons. Whether electronics will be fried is impossible to guess, but they would useless with the power grid down. I'm betting that ordinary electrical stuff will still be usable once power is restored.

But in all cases, don't forget the dire necessity of investing heavily in moral infrastructure. Seek to restore the Covenant as a frame of reference for what's real in this world. Poll your convictions about ways to increase your commitment and the marks of holiness Christ and the Apostles taught. Do your best to understand what God required of His people in the biblical setting so you can discern what He requires of you here and now, "rightly dividing the Word."

This document is public domain; spread the message.