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Collapse of the West

22 December 2021

Western Civilization is doomed. Most people get that. But it's doom is not because people fail to support and defend the Western identity. It's doomed because God hates it.

Sing the praises of Western Civilization all you want, but it does no good to praise the West from within the Western frame of reference. There is a standard of judgment that is above all civilizations -- the Bible. The Bible didn't come out of the West; the Bible is an Eastern book. To be more precise, it is an Ancient Near Eastern book. Both the Old and New Testaments reflect an Ancient Near Eastern outlook, a broader approach to reality that stands outside civilizations. Jesus was an Ancient Near Eastern man promoting the restoration of the Old Testament religion as the path to His new kingdom.

The Old Testament was a specific implementation of revelation. Revelation was founded on a mystical outlook. The New Testament retains that outlook. But instead of keeping things within the human boundaries that once interpreted that outlook, the New Testament calls for reinterpreting other cultures from that same mystical approach. It's the mysticism, not the culture, that is the signature of divine revelation at work in this world.

Do you notice how the New Testament condemns an awful lot of what was prevalent in the culture of those who received the Gospel message? It's the same flavor of condemnation that Jesus applied to the corruption of the Old Testament religion. I wonder how it is that Church History is bereft of understanding just how thoroughly Judaism departed from Moses. Rather, very early in Church History we see the leadership compromising and embracing the Judaic materialism and human political emphasis against the mystical otherworldly teachings of Jesus.

We recently looked at Matthew 10 because it's about as clear as any other passage where Jesus openly promotes the destruction of Judaism. He warns that His Kingdom is otherworldly, that it would be rooted in a spiritual identity, not a national one. So He warns the Twelve that His message will destroy the political unity of the Jewish nation, right down to the household level. Embracing the Kingdom of Heaven is disruptive to human politics. You cannot build a national identity on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Judaism was a compromise with Hellenistic philosophy. The history of the Church is more of that same compromise. The course of events show the willingness of the church leadership to embrace first Hellenism, then Roman culture, and then Germanic mythology because their interest was entirely political, not spiritual. They didn't judge those cultures based on the mystical approach of the Bible. Rather, they judged the gospel message according to those pagan cultures. The result is that Western Civilization is simply a blending of Germanic mythology with a Greco-Roman philosophical approach to life thanks to the Church's compromise. There's no genuine faith influence at all.

The West is entirely pagan. At one time there were some Bible verses painted on the facade, as it were, but that's all gone now. The core identity of Western reason is hostile to genuine faith, and offers no tolerance to the otherworldly outlook of ancient biblical mysticism. If you do not denounce the West and embrace the Hebrew mystical outlook of Jesus, you cannot hope to be fully covered by His Covenant blessings.

I stand on a call for God's people to restore the Covenant boundaries to their lives. All the promises of God come within the Covenant.

This blog has been linked in aggregators alongside blogs that fiercely defend Western Civilization. I'm not sure how that works out for those aggregators' readership, but at least a couple of those blogs have seen warnings against the pagan idolatry of the West. Under other names, yours truly has posted comments on those blogs to that effect in past years. I'm not the only one. It's not like they haven't been warned that God does not bless their love for the West. The people behind those blogs will face the discipline of the Lord in due time, and sooner than you might expect.

I'm convinced we won't make it the start of 2024 without some kind of major upheaval. I can't tell if the human folly or the direct wrath of God will hit first, but time is short. This is not some warning to join my little club; I don't have one. What I'm warning about is that you will find yourself without Covenant blessings if you don't embrace the Covenant requirements. That includes an ancient Hebrew orientation, Hebrew mystical assumptions about reality, and rejecting the primacy of reason.

The risk is not a matter of what happens to you and your pursuits. Rather, without standing fully under the Covenant, you cannot hope to understand what God is doing, and you won't be at peace with Him when His wrath starts to fall. You will be carried along by false assumptions about how reality works, and what really matters.

This document is public domain; spread the message.