Catacomb Resident Blog

Know Your Enemies

23 December 2021

Recently Fauci complained of receiving death threats. It's just another of his lies; he's in no danger from opposition groups. I've often said that the patriot community is a paper tiger. The closest they came to any kind of armed resistance that accomplished anything was the Bundy Ranch stand-off. That was a long time ago, and it was more theatrics than threat. Even that feeble resolve has faded. If patriots were going to do anything useful, we should have already seen a couple thousand assassinations since the start of the fake COVID pandemic.

There's no excuse for not getting it by now: These pandemic pushers and vaxxers are out to murder us all. It doesn't matter at this point what the lackeys know or don't know; they are part of the enemy forces intent on killing us. Regard them as a determined foe.

And I'm very tired of people giving the local media a pass. Yes, they report your weather and local events of interest, but they also push the outright lies -- knowing that they are lies -- about this campaign of death. Don't treat them as celebrities to be admired. They are murderers. Your local patriot types are doing nothing about any of this, and will continue failing until it's too late to do any good. Patriots don't understand the seriousness of the threat.

For those of us walking in the Covenant, this is all part of the tribulation. We knew it was coming a long time ago. We do not buy into the human way of politics and war. There is no sin in defending your life, if that's what your convictions require. However, we leave politics in God's hands. His appointed servant for human politics is Satan, and there's no way to get involved in political affairs without a very high risk of defilement.

So I warn you against any kind political activism. In particular, stay away from the patriot types, because they have neither clue nor courage to act until it's a lynching. They are not your friends; they do not meet the biblical test of being called "neighbors". But at the same time, don't forget that the media and other lackeys of mass murder are also your enemies. Don't trust them in any way. We have no dog in this fight.

Pay attention to what's going on. When you see how the fallen political winds blow in your area, let your convictions tell you how to react. There is much in the Covenant to discourage war, and very little that can be understood to encourage it. Unless you have a large enough covenant community to act as a tribe, don't even talk about war. Biblical warfare is restricted to valid covenant communities defending their domain.

So the next most likely path of valid resistance is through state and local governments. The devolution of the centralized system is your only hope for any kind of political solution to this crisis. The US federal system, including all the ideals, has failed. It's dead. They aren't coming after Covenant believers specifically because there aren't enough of us to be noticed. That waits for another time in the future. This is simply bad times for everyone as the Lord destroys the USA.

This document is public domain; spread the message.