Catacomb Resident Blog

Pastoral Message

24 December 2021

I want you to hear from a friend of mine, Ed Hurst. He is the senior elder of the online community centered on the Radix Fidem forum.

As a life-long servant of the gospel, I know how challenging it is for people to struggle with building a personal religion from scratch. It's an awful lot of work. Most folks are simply not up to the task. However, it's a whole lot easier to start from an existing religious base and modify it to match your personal convictions.

If you find yourself struggling in a religious context that doesn't make it easy for you, let me invite you to investigate the Radix Fidem online community. Our community covenant starts from the assumption that you will need softer boundaries than is typical of organized religion. We have published a booklet of our covenant [PDF] as a starting point for you. We also have a whole library of materials, with more stuff being added from time to time.

Notice that this is not a church in the traditional sense. Radix Fidem is an approach to religion, not a religion in itself. It's the basis for a community of shared faith. You can treat our community as your church in a very limited sense, but you will eventually have to form your own real world community. With the approaching demise of the Internet as we know it, this becomes even more critical. I know that Catacomb Resident has shared on this blog warnings about that, and our community agrees with his message.

Time is short. We aren't trying to capture a bunch of people in our little private club. You need not register and get involved if that's not your thing. Nobody will ask you for money or resources of any kind. We are striving to prepare you for a time of tribulation when you'll need to stand alone in your faith. If the Lord didn't endow you with the capability to build something from scratch, we invite you to consider the work we've done as the basis to build your own.

This CatRez blog remains a prophetic ministry, with a different emphasis from the Radix Fidem community. I agree with them, but it's not my mission to participate directly. However, if this blog resonates with your convictions, you'd do well to check out the Radix Fidem community forum.

This document is public domain; spread the message.