Catacomb Resident Blog

The Joys of Tribulation

28 December 2021

The current political division of the US is a lie from Hell. That is, a partisan orientation is what Satan promotes.

The Lord spoke to me in a dream the other night. He showed me the legacy of David Boren. This man ran as a Democrat in Oklahoma, but his policies were often rather conservative, both as Governor and US Senator. Most Okies still respect him and remember his terms fondly. Then the Lord showed me a faceless Republican politician raping his own minor daughter. Of course, it's not an accusation against a specific individual, but rather the way Republicans treat their constituents. They keep you dependent while they abuse you. Nobody manipulates and lies like a Republican in office.

Thus, no one should be surprised that Trump came out in favor the bogus vaccines. He doesn't give a damn about the people; he never did. Oddly, that still makes him one of the best presidents to ever serve in that office. At the same time, no one should be surprised that the Democrats would never allow someone with the good sense of Tulsi Gabbard to serve as president.

All of that is relative to the non-Covenant context, of course. The minutiae of what each party promotes is of no consequence. The real problem is the modern democratic system in the first place. It's not even a problem with the way elections are manipulated. The real problem is that fallen humanity has no clue what's in their own best interest, so voting is a fool's errand. And the notion of a multi-state secular empire is an abomination to God. There are ways to do it better, but He will always destroy it in the long run.

Right now there's an unpublicized attack on the economy of most Western nations. Government policies across the whole of the West are creating a highly restricted supply of natural gas. Did you know that nearly everything we eat requires fertilizer, which in turn requires natural gas to manufacture? Oh, and some of the vital additives to diesel also require natural gas to manufacture. Think about all the diesel powered machinery involved in food production and transportation. Thus, we have two major inputs in our food supply -- fertilizer and diesel fuel -- going to be in very short supply over the coming months. It will take a while for it to become apparent, but by February, countries in the Southern Hemisphere will suffer drastic food shortages, unless the policies change.

I suspect the policies will get worse. The powers that be know what they are doing, and destroying life in the West is their whole intention. Every politician in the US is participating in this plan, and most of them knowingly. Meanwhile, the US currency is being destroyed, just to make sure we can't afford to eat. Yes, they want us to riot so they can justify slaughtering us. The partisan political division is just a distraction.

Ah, the joys of tribulation. By the way, it's long past the time America could have repented and avoided the worst of it. The best you can do is embrace the Covenant and ask for mercy.

This document is public domain; spread the message.