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So-called Christian News

29 December 2021

I dipped my toe into the waters of "Christian news" sites on the Net. I'll react to a few of the bigger stories.

1. I am aware that there is an organized program claiming to pray for restoration of the Covenant meeting in Plant City, Florida next month. They aren't talking about the same thing I promote on this blog. They are referring to the Zionist Christian movement that imagines America has a covenant with God. America has never been a covenant nation, not by any sane definition.

Anyone promoting "Judeo-Christian" values is referring to how successful the Judaizers were at subverting the early churches. I don't doubt the folks gathering in Florida are sincere, but what they are asking for isn't how God works. I also don't doubt they'll come up with some kind of program of action that will amount to the same religious right-wing politics we've seen for decades. This is just a new generation doing it with some different flavorings than their predecessors.

2. Churches are more like secular entertainment operations than ever. One of the big stories right now is how 30,000 churches are using a company called Gloo to develop advertising. That is, they are reducing evangelism to a manipulative human behavior pattern based on data harvesting. Gloo has a massive database of online human behavior. It's all about following the social trends. Lord, save us from entrepreneurial "churches".

3. Was anybody ever actually paying attention to "Ye" (Kanye West) in his self-worshiping religious shows? So he recently featured Brian Warner at one of those meetings -- you know, Marilyn Manson. Yeah, the guy who was made an honorary priest of the Church of Satan. Could it get more bizarre and blasphemous? Look, I'm only mentioning this to ensure you understand it's not important. It ranks right up there with Pentatonix recording Christian songs. Let's just note what it is -- another money grab -- and move on.

4. I've been prodded by a couple of people regarding how Amy Grant made it into the news lately because of her charity stuff. Lots of people do charity work, especially this time of year. She's not special; she's outside the Covenant. She's just another slutty church-girl. Have we forgotten that she committed adultery and then divorced her husband to marry the man who seduced her away from her husband? And she has yet to repent, and her current husband is an even bigger sleaze ball, making money off songs about adultery. How many Contemporary Christian Music folks have demonstrated quite clearly that they are just entertainers who act as corruptly as any honestly secular entertainer?

Oh, how rare it is to find someone wealthy who humbly walks in the Covenant of Christ! Why do you suppose Jesus kept warning people not to cling to their wealth? Notice that He didn't tell everyone to sell all they had, but He did it often enough that it shows there's a real problem with it for some folks.

So, all we learn from so-called "Christian news" is that there's nothing new.

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