Catacomb Resident Blog

Not Why but How

30 December 2021

We have all the evidence we need that the virus and vaccine hullabaloo is aimed at disabling and killing people. It's all quite mainstream. The virus was cooked up in a lab to increase its communicability and to make it do more damage. Anyone who understands viruses will tell you that's not at all natural. Furthermore, we know that Dr. Fauci was ensuring that this lab work to enhance the virus was funded by US tax dollars. We can't at this point discern how it was spread around the world, but it was released according to some secretive schedule.

The countermeasures were patently bogus, as anyone with medical training could tell you if they dared. The restrictions and mandates have been wholly unjustified, carefully designed to destroy the economy. And the vaccines are meant to destroy your resistance to every other disease going around, while causing your body to poison itself. We can be sure all of this fell short of their goals. Despite the hateful noise from those who despise the resistors, there is still a very substantial resistance to all of it. Worse, neither the virus nor the vaccines are killing as many as they had hoped.

But they have doubled down on the public shaming to ensure that the political divide sets in harder than ever. This is all part of their "Great Reset" plans of weakening the popular opposition to the slaughter and enslavement. It's not working. Granted, they will certainly succeed in destroying the value of Western fiat currencies, the US dollar in particular, and creating a shortage of everything, including food and other necessities. But there are way too many people in positions of authority who are not onboard with this program, and way too many of us little people who understand how to survive it anyway.

So, we don't need some dingbats telling us that the graphene in the vaccines is some secret plot to use 5G technology to kill us. These are folks taking advantage of the situation to sell fear so we'll be persuaded to buy useless trash sold at a premium price in the advertising on their sites. One particular Nimrod has been using a couple of video clips of women having fairly ordinary epileptic seizures as "proof" that some unknown signal from their cellphones is trying to kill them.

He goes on to rattle about graphene in the vaccines and compares it to an experiment at Rice University regarding carbon nanotubes. Fact: graphene and carbon nanotubes are made from the same molecules. But, they do not have the same physical properties, and do not react the same in the presence of energy fields. Neither of them will respond to the low powered fields from a cellphone. The experiment at Rice University used a potent Tesla coil that you dare not get close to; it will hurt you without graphene or nanotubes. And if you listen to the way this idiot blathers, you'll recognize he's using standard psycho-manipulation techniques. Meanwhile, his video includes sinister footage that is totally off-topic. He's no better than the MSM and their brand of lies.

What's the real issue with the vaccines? It's not how they kill, but that they kill. The whole pandemic management plan is a lie programmed to destroy the global economy. The powers that be are crossing the line and violating God's Law. This is aggression; it is warfare. It doesn't matter what they hope to accomplish; they are doing evil and we don't have to go along with it. They are defiled with filthy idolatry and massive blood-guilt, and its our duty to resist putting our hands to their sin.

So the only question is how to resist. How are you going to keep your hands clean before the Lord? What does He require of you? Stop pursuing silly theories promoted by hucksters. If you are worried about cellphone technology, don't use one. If you want to encourage resistance to oppression, then let's talk about what we need to do according to the Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.