Catacomb Resident Blog

We Can See

01 January 2022

We are not terrorists or insurrectionists, but we have always rejected the lies and oppression of human government. We have little interest in the partisan political debates, but we aren't fools as to what's going on.

Yes, we can see that globalists have seized American government (along with other governments) and we know what it means. It's wokism, racism against whites, the confiscation of all private property, the state-sponsored terror and manipulation, and the brutal crushing of everything that makes life worth living. We get that.

Chances are we cannot avoid saying and doing things that will make us the target of this soul-sucking hatred. It's not really aimed at us specifically, but it's one of several different flavors of oppression that have haunted human existence on earth, and there will be more to follow when this one runs its course. There will surely come a day when something arises that very specifically attacks faith and conviction, but that's not here yet. So far, it's just attacks on organized religion.

We aren't going to stop this steamroller of general hatred for humanity. It's vaguely possible to derail the current manifestation, but that would require some kind of charismatic leadership that was honest about what we would have to do about it. In the given context, the only possible alternative to this globalist Borg onslaught is a right-wing revolution in the same mold as every previous "anti-communist" crackdown. The threat is a form of leftism based on the consuming nanny-state hatred for anything it can't control. Thus, the only plausible retort is a right-wing slaughter of lefties. The problem is that it won't happen until it's too late and serves no purpose.

Nobody -- nobody -- is interested in God's solution, which is Covenant based tribal feudalism.

So, the civil war is highly probable, and it will be just as wrong as the oppression. What's left is to keep your eyes on the Covenant gospel message of wading through whatever it is Satan prods fallen men into doing. That wading exercise means being ready for what's coming, lest you completely fail to testify of the Covenant truth. We recognize various points of conflict.

Some of those conflicts are easy to guess: the vaccine mandates, wokism as institutional policy, and the attendant economic exclusion of both of those. In general, stay away from those conflicts as much as possible. Avoid participating in the systems that those forces control. In general, don't be dependent on their stuff. Work out ways to live your life by excluding them. That ranges all over the map: homeschooling, off-grid living, DIY, etc. It's between you and God what is appropriate for where He wants you to reside. None of that is new; it's been appropriate for the past two centuries.

More challenging is the broad economic collapse. This requires a much more nuanced response, because the mission is not necessarily to avoid the suffering. You'll have to discern when your testimony is a matter how you handle it alongside everyone else. There is only some small tactical difference to us between how much the collapse has been engineered versus a certain amount of official ignorance about how the economy really works. Either way, if you have sufficient resources that you feel moved to protect wealth, consider precious metal coins and bullion, along with the useful tools and supplies for living.

The same goes for the broader expectation of natural disasters. Some of this we already know about, the solar disasters in particular. You need to get fixed in your mind that, any day now, the power grid can go down. Think about how that will affect your daily habits, particularly in terms of how to live for as long as it stays down. It's not a question of simply living through it off toward some far horizon, but of transitioning to another way of life. Granted, that may not happen for years yet, but the point is that you are considering the certainty that it will come sooner or later. Pray about putting resources into equipment that is human or animal powered.

Also, stock up on things that require electricity to produce. Some of that you simply cannot store, but there will be a period of adjustment before folks come up with an alternative way of living, so we aren't talking permanent storage. Have on hand whatever you might need to get past the shock until you are in a position to invest in whatever system arises afterward.

Probably the single biggest shock for American society in general will be the disappearance of the Internet. Even a moderate reduction of Net access will cause a major panic. I'm not sure I can explain to the younger generations how to get your head around that. This is a good time to consider ways to reduce your dependence on networking devices. For example, do you have a dictionary in your home? Do you have writing stock? Can you imagine reading books or playing board games as entertainment? How about making music that isn't recorded? And most dreaded of all, can you carry on a conversation with people that doesn't involve something you experienced online?

Most important of all is that you learn to be sensitive to your convictions. It can be quite subtle, and will often be opposed to what seems reasonable. That's the whole point: Human reason is broken and cannot be trusted to discern God's will for you. Your human existence is expendable, and so is your health while you live. The real issue is how you handle the problems of mortal existence, not that you avoid common problems. This otherworldly attitude is our single biggest testimony to the world.

Yeah, the crap's going to hit the fan this coming year. There will be new threats plotted against us that we cannot guess. There is a high risk that the some level of government will do the same thing Australia does, locking up people in quarantine camps on the slimmest pretext of exposure and nothing but the whims of bureaucrats -- at least on a small scale, in some locales. The bureaucrats already hate us. The last line of protection is the resistance of some state governments. Our mission is to be ready for anything, in the sense that we are prepared to work around it for the glory of our Lord.

This document is public domain; spread the message.