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The Real Threat

02 January 2022

There's a popular lie out there about FEMA camps and Executive Orders. It's a document that has been around since the 1980s, with roots before the Internet. You can find a copy of it here. It wasn't true when it first appeared, and it's not true now.

Honest people have debunked it many times, but you don't need to take my word for it. Check the EOs listed; you'll find they have little to do with the claims in the document. Even better, check out the alleged list of FEMA camps. I've done that in the areas where I've lived, as have many other honest people. The list is at best a half-truth on a few sites, and sheer nonsense in most cases. Most of those sites are in no wise prepared to receive even a handful of detainees, having zero detention fixtures.

Stop and consider: There's a ton of training involved in running a detention camp. The number of personnel required is fairly high even for the most placid detainee population. If the folks running such a camp expected trouble, they would have a huge number of personnel on hand. On top of this, the the restraining fixtures are massive, even for something set up quickly from scratch. Your host has personally seen the exercise run through in a military setting. Most people cannot imagine what's involved. I know for a fact that the federal civilian agencies suffer even worse bureaucratic tangles than the military version.

Feel free to examine the FEMA training literature. Keep this in mind: FEMA cannot even begin setting up detention camps without having in place local Joes and Janes who are trained in advance. There simply are not enough active duty, reserve or national guard troops to carry out a program of mass round-ups and detention on this scale. The courses are on online; check with your favorite search engine. Read some of that stuff for yourself. It's incredibly poor training, dumbed down in part to hide the true intent. For that matter, the military manuals are online, as well, and it's only slightly better. The only challenge to reading this stuff is to zero in on the specific parts that actually deal directly with the training for such operations. It is a massive undertaking loaded with bureaucracy. What you see in the movies is sheer nonsense.

Then consider this: The MSM and government agencies are lying about how many of us are still refusing the vax. Sane estimates suggest it's more than half the US population, though it varies across locales. There aren't enough people in uniform and/or with badges to round up that many. What is more likely to happen is local governments picking on certain populations. Despite state and local efforts to disarm their people, we still remain one of the few countries in the world with an armed population. While the majority of gun owners would surrender, there's a minority of unknown number and ferocity that would resist with deadly violence. Just the criminal gangs alone would be too much to handle.

Here we have a collision of problems for the powers that be. The whole point of all the COVID nonsense is to disable and kill massive populations, but even more important is shutting down the economy. Both government and business have worked very, very hard at making the US population helpless and dependent. But there are way too many alive right now who know how to make things work decentralized. The powers that be have jumped the gun, in part because they underestimated the resistance. Now, there is a minority, but very substantial number of shrill supporters of this oppressive program who honestly do not understand that this is not a health crisis, but purely political. They would be quite willing to crush resistance piecemeal in their own locale, not realizing how pointless that would be in view of the overall agenda.

On the one hand, you should have no doubts about the depth of depravity that moves these awful elites. On the other hand, most of them are of dubious competence, and their lackeys are almost uniformly incompetent for the jobs they are expected to do. Yes, the majority of the US population can be tormented into complying. But even if it was unanimous, it would still be a massive boondoggle that would soon fall apart in their hands. The problem for us is to hang on and keep our divine witness alive while this plays out.

Never forget that Satan is lying to these people about what they can actually do. He makes promises he knows he cannot deliver; that's his job. The program itself is rickety and badly broken, but the resistance is no smarter. Indeed, the patriot types are often far less competent and more poorly organized than the idiots trying to oppress them. The real threat is not a bunch of inescapable round-ups and FEMA camps. The real threat is the certainty of chaos as things roll along this hopeless path. There's just enough competence to give the appearance that it can be made to work, and they are going for it. The result will be something truly nasty primarily because of the stupidity factor and how it works out in practice.

So here's what's real: Somebody somewhere in the US is going to try a round-up and confinement of some selected target population. It may end up working in a few places for a while. The probability of long-term success is near zero. Meanwhile, a significant number of state governments will refuse to even allow such a thing. Still, a bunch of poorly organized patriot militia types will make some noise, and a few will fire their weapons, mostly at the wrong targets. The chaos will rise in fits and starts, but it will increase generally. And let's not forget the outside parties that will attempt to capitalize on our internal conflicts.

And all of this is going to happen in the midst of natural disasters from God's hand.

The biggest threat is not the plans of evil fools, but the chaos that serves only Satan. Stop worrying about FEMA camps unless you can put up a good intel estimate of what would happen in your local area. There are some real camps already constructed and ready to go, but were so expensive and troublesome that only a few were built. Some of those will be blocked by state or local governments. There is a very high probability that some city and/or state governments are willing to try it, one way or another. They will attempt to target those they figure cannot resist much. The initial success will provoke a hysteria and things will go crazy quickly. I expect to see that this year (provided current trends don't change dramatically).

At some point, Big Tech is going to be forced into certain choices, as a critical element in this kind of oppression is limiting victim communications. This is a tool the federal government can manipulate rather easily. I cannot estimate what kind of warfare that will provoke among the various service providers at various levels of the Net. For folks like you and I, there will be a flurry of activity with information flowing at high volume, much of it sheer nonsense. Then, things will start going haywire as Big Tech companies start falling under federal pressure and most of us will experience networking blockages of various kinds. You would be amazed at how much of the Internet is already captive to the globalist agenda, if not federal policies. The few celebrated cases of censorship are just the tip of the iceberg.

In other words, it is highly probable that this is the year many of us will be effectively kicked off the Net. We'll be allowed to consume, but not comment. Disapproved content will be shut down. It's highly likely that there will be work-arounds, but they will tend to require a technical acumen most cannot muster. You should have already been praying about how to exercise Covenant faith without support from that direction. This is what some of our tribulation will look like.

Again, the threat is not what the alt-right suggests it is. For Covenant people, the biggest problems will be related to the chaos as all sides in the political battles will miscalculate their opponents and their own capabilities to act.

This document is public domain; spread the message.