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Path to Victory

03 January 2022

Again: It's not necessary to be directly involved in the secular political wrangling in America to understand it. Frankly, it's better to be outside of it so we aren't forced to see through anyone else's glasses.

You can see where progressive ideology is going. There's no progress except for the elites running that movement. Look at what's happening in cities and states led by wokie policies. They are quickly collapsing into third-world hell-holes. That's what socialism breeds; it is wholly contrary to human nature. Oddly enough, there are plenty of wokie fools celebrating these outcomes.

Let them have their demonic Nirvana. We cannot save the world, and people who refuse to leave those lefty enclaves deserve what comes with the territory. This is the outlook for one of the smartest articles I've read in a long time: How We Will Win. I'm not going to suggest that Jeff Diest is a great source for everything he talks about, but this is one subject he understands.

There is no going back, no restoration, no "reform" -- the America we thought we knew is gone.... America is barely a country at this point, beyond a pure economic arrangement. Without material abundance (no small thing, of course), what really connects us? America certainly is not a cohesive nation in any meaningful way -- and why should it be, given its vast geography and enormous (real) diversity? This reality, not pining for some fuzzy, long-lost constitutionalism, should inform us.... A compelling and viable path forward starts with identifying and coalescing around the many de facto smaller nations which already exist within the US.

Yes, let's have decentralization so that nobody has to drag along the ball-n-chain of violent dissent as we move forward into the future. Diest goes on to note that the progressives are consumed with hatred for those who refuse to worship their idols, and those on the right are lost in the swamps of Trump's false hopes. The desire to preserve the US as a single country is inherently evil, to the point we can say it is Satanic.

But we say it for different reasons than Diest offers. Among those with a non-Covenant orientation, he makes more sense than most. He would never propose God's solution; I doubt he even knows about it. Still, he gets one thing right: This is not the time to grouse about having to leave your home. The biblical standard is to defend your home ground if you can, but if the Lord does not prosper your turf war, it's time to migrate. What we have now is way too much like living in Egyptian slavery in some parts of the US. Yes, the Nile Delta fruit and rich grasslands are really nice, but God says you need to cut back and subsist on manna for a while until He can bring us to a better place.

The most important thing we can do right now is try to find each other and build genuine covenant communities of faith. As we head into an apocalypse, we need more than ever that testimony of God's shalom, and it never shines brighter than in a community of faith.

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