Catacomb Resident Blog

His Schedule, Not Ours

04 January 2022

The difficulty in proceeding to a devolution of the American Empire through decentralization is that we still have one very serious fundamental problem. Even a conservative state/regional power would engage in Orwellian tracking and control. A conservative government is better than a progressive one, but still not good. It may just be tolerable.

Let me suggest a bit of amusing fantasy that points to something far more important. Notice how the little story hints at something quite critical to our understanding: Covenant people can never really belong to this world. No matter how we are reduced to data and tracked, no human system will ever own the Covenant soul. In a certain sense, we are here under a false identity. Not that we have created one, but that it was manufactured by the world and then foisted upon us.

We don't have to hide; they can't see us in the first place. They see only mists and shadows of our real selves, and even then, only yesterday's record of where those shadows stood.

Others have explained it better than I can: Bureaucracy attempts to freeze us into static representations in a database. The whole point behind bureaucratic record keeping is for the convenience of the bureaucrats. They restrict what we can claim about ourselves to a few categories that interest the State as a whole. The bureaucrats would be ecstatic if they could simply kill us all and lock us in one place or another. They'll do what the State demands, but not without foot-dragging, and certainly not without running over us roughshod. They don't realize that they themselves step into that bureaucratic hive-mind and become an entirely different person.

Now, as it turns out, the most effective political resistance to dehumanizing bureaucracy is very closely akin to living as a true child of the Covenant. If we are true to the image portrayed in Scripture, our churches would always be slippery, largely impossible for a bureaucracy to identify and regulate. The true biblical model of church organization makes it a gossamer fabric, ghostly and indefinable.

Consider: The people who belong to such a mystical body would be motivated by something no secular mind can possibly comprehend. We would as a group tend to do things that would fracture the iron will of the State, but mostly around the edges by which it anchors things to itself. If we all follow our convictions, no one would have to train you to disrupt the State. It would happen because God was doing it through us, with or without our conscious intent. Rappoport would have us seek ways to consciously monkey-wrench the technocratic State, and that's a very effective plan. There's no political strategy that can stop leaderless resistance. I sincerely hope that more non-Covenant people follow the advice slyly offered by his little story. However, the way of the Covenant and conviction would have the same result without all the human effort.

More to the point, our guidance by conviction results in God's glory, and ignores any brand of human political necessity. We don't set out to disrupt the State; we can't avoid doing it. We aren't trying to make the world a better place. We are trying to make the world see God's glory and seek to leave this world. The real issue is helping Covenant people see the necessity of divine glory and not calculate on practical effects at all. Sooner or later, our God will destroy every human government because they are all evil. But these things will happen on His schedule, not ours.

This document is public domain; spread the message.