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Social Justice Impossible

05 January 2022

This is not a debate. I'm not going to offer verse-by-verse exposition here. You either know the Bible or you don't care. All I can do is remind you of what the Bible teaches broadly.

The Hebrew people were very much aware of national identity, typically because the single greatest factor in human identity is what deity/idols you worship. In other words, they understood that Jehovah was both Creator of the all things, but also their national God. They had one covenant of adoption with their Lord, and the rest of the world was offered a different covenant with Him as ruler. Anyone could find peace with God, but it was their birthright; it was theirs to lose.

Thus, in the Bible "racism" is meaningless. Nothing that matters in God's eyes can be an issue of race; it's always the issue of what god(s) one worships. You are required to notice indicators of idolatry and call them out. Skin tone and other genetic features meant little, though Scripture certainly notes that those differences exist, and that they do make some practical differences. However, the real issue has always been where your heart is.

And as always, in the Bible, the "heart" is a symbol for your moral commitments, the capacity of faith and the repository of convictions. Evil has always been a matter of either serving Jehovah with full commitment, or not serving Him at all.

Everything you hear or see in America regarding "race" and "racism" is 100% nonsense. Nobody -- nobody -- is taking the biblical approach. There is no biblical justification for defending whites, nor for BLM and CRT. The Civil Rights promoters are lying. It's all from Satan. Nor can we back out somewhere and claim to be defending civilization as a whole; the Bible condemns civilization as a poor, man-made substitute for developing a Covenant orientation.

Furthermore, this hyper-sensitivity about labels and terminology is straight out of Hell. It's the fundamental basis of where the Hebrew people went wrong in their history; it's the core of legalism. In the ancient Hebrew culture, words do not convey truth. Words serve only as signposts to where you should explore things from your heart. There is no such thing as "propositional truth." If it's a proposition, it's not truth. It cannot be nailed down; it's alive. Truth is ineffable as an element of God's Person. It is the moral purpose of His divine character. If anything departs from what God revealed in His Son, then it's a lie.

A part of the package with the incarnation of the Son of God is the Hebrew intellectual orientation. If you do not become a Hebrew mystic, you cannot claim to be a following Christ. All this blather from certain brands of organized Christian religion is a lie from Hell when they claim that certain actions must be taken and certain ideas must be taught to the public. It's the sin of the Tower of Babel again. Go ahead and compare that tub of sewage with the Hebrew mystical teachings. You'll see quickly that they are lies from Satan. "Hebrew" is not a race; it is the revelation of God as to how all humanity must live in order to find peace with Him.

So then, what is a biblical answer to the racial conflicts in America? It's almost not worth answering that question, seeing that everyone involved in the discussion is anti-Christian from the start. Still, it's not that hard. Pay attention to everything you see in terms of what false idols people worship. Yes, some in the past have sinned by making skin color the grounds for social approval and fair treatment. However, that society itself was inherently evil, so being denied an equal place in that society was no real harm. The real error here is not allowing people the freedom to build their own tribal social enclave.

The issue of slavery is not at all a sin in God's eyes. Get over it. Frankly, gaining slaves is something for which people should be thankful to God for His provision. The evil was not the enslavement of some folks; it was the society itself that desired slaves to sate their own fleshly lusts. Taking slaves is by no means a sin in God's eyes. Why you seek slaves, how you get them and how you use them is where the sin resides. If you are honestly seeking peace with God (shalom), then you aren't likely to ever need many slaves in the first place, but enslaving someone is no sin. On the other hand, there are very strong Covenant boundaries on the treatment of slaves.

Go ahead, argue with that. It marks you as a child of Satan. Sin is defined as disagreeing with what God said. By the way, Scripture does not differentiate between slavery and prison. They are morally the same, so the Western pretense of being anti-slavery is sheer nonsense.

What is a Covenant believer in the USA going to do now? Make peace with folks who will rise to the biblical standard. Learn to recognize that you will have a very few Covenant family members, but you can have a lot of allies who help and don't hinder your faith. A part of what defines an ally is that they don't openly worship idols. There may be a lot of folks who don't distinguish themselves in your world, so they become background or scenery. God does not give us the resources to treat every human as significant in all contexts. And then, there will always be enemies who seek to subvert your faith and God's shalom. They work for the Devil.

Yes, it's for sure that a person's internal sense of identity is a deciding factor. In our current social atmosphere, a lot of this will be strongly correlated with skin color. Still, it's your duty to give folks a chance to place themselves in any of those four categories, at any given moment, and to respond accordingly. It's their choice. Don't hate your enemies; pity them. They face eternity in Hell.

All of this presumes that you will first establish your own personal commitment to the Covenant of Christ. That means you will commit yourself to constantly examining your convictions and making changes as the Lord reveals what He wrote in your soul with His finger. Consciously, you will walk by your conscience with the full expectation that it will learn and grow toward a better grasp on the Covenant. No human on this earth has any business pretending to establish standards to hold over your head. There is no objective truth; there is only you and the Lord seeking to understand His revelation.

There can be no "social justice" for past wrongs. That term always signifies evil idolatry. You can take into account the natural imbalances of humans clamoring for the same things, but all refusing to do what God says will provide your real needs. That is, you can realize the evil of human lusts and how they have brought us to where we are today. But you are by no means accountable for anything beyond your own convictions. There can be only the justice you execute today in service to your faith in Christ.

The real battle is clarifying your own convictions in any context.

This document is public domain; spread the message.