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Tribulation Prophecies

09 January 2022

Something tells me that this is the year when things get so bad that it becomes readily apparent to even the sheeple that the system cannot be repaired or reformed.

I started this ministry a couple of years ago on Blogger, and from the beginning, the message has always been the same: Tribulation is here and getting worse. The only valid response is to face it by restoring the Covenant. God is pouring out His wrath on humanity. Human governments will rise and fall, but it doesn't matter. The whole point is to call His people back to holiness.

A fundamental requirement of holiness -- inherent in the meaning of the word itself -- is greater separation from the world. The point is not to improve the world at all, but to become less attached to it. That means an increasingly otherworldly orientation. We need to become "so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good" -- embrace the mocking phrase of those who think this world can be saved.

This world is rushing headlong into the Abyss. Let it go. The outpouring of God's wrath is nothing more than Him demonstrating the true nature of things. There is no way we can predict some of what's coming, unless the Lord chooses to specifically reveal it. That's actually only a very small part of what prophets do. Most of what they do is declare how God does things in general. Such teaching allows people of faith to move forward in obedience without special revelations of coming events.

This is why most genuine prophecy doesn't come with a specific time frame. Rather, it typically comes with conditions or context: When you see that, it means God is doing this. It typically includes some kind of instruction on how to handle whatever it is God is doing. And prophets themselves are seldom able to explain just how painful and frightening it is in the flesh to experience a word from God on that level.

Prophets I trust these days have said some things we need to prepare for. If you have wealth, invest in precious metals or hand-powered equipment that you know how to use. Invest in facilities only if your convictions say so, because we are coming to a time when being forced to move is increasingly probable. If you are poor like me, invest in canned goods and other life support items -- paper goods, toiletries, medications, water filtration, etc. We should expect some kind of solar flare/CME very soon, big enough that your computer devices will likely become unusable, at least for a while.

One item in particular is hard to explain. One prophet says that if the US attacks Iran, God will allow our troops to fail completely in battle. It involved a vision of ruined US equipment and bodies scattered across the land somewhere. Very specifically, this does not signal God's favor on Iran, but His disfavor for the US. God has drawn His line for the US at Iran's border. Iran is the symbol of going too far. In other words, have no fear of whatever Iran is doing, because it's none of our business.

There are some other prophecies a little easier to grasp. The US evangelical religious structures will face an exodus of membership. The point of failure will coincide with something shocking about Israel; Christian Zionism will take a major hit. Modern Israel is not blessed, but a thorn in God's side. Elsewhere, Microsoft in particular, but Big Tech in general, will face some special wrath from God; they'll be exposed as genuinely hostile to consumers at large.

Those are just some of the things I believe are warnings from the Lord for us. But all of them came with the warning that the particulars really don't matter; holiness is the only real answer to everything. So I set out to provoke an awareness of what holiness means, and to help people discover what Covenant boundaries mean. It's not a question of buying into the boundaries I draw. That's not too bad if you have no other guidance from the Lord, but if you find my answers objectionable for any reason, get with the program and draw out your own convictions. What I'm really getting at is the process.

The process is to first move your conscious awareness into your heart. Your heart is the seat of faith and conviction. Convictions are the boundaries of holiness God wrote on your soul with His own finger. Spiritual birth means awakening all of those things. Next, strive to embrace a Hebraic frame of mind, the ancient mysticism inherent in the Bible. That's how God designed us to think, and it's the way He revealed Himself in His people and in His Son. Drag your flesh kicking and screaming, but divorce yourself from this world. Stop investing any concern or energy for the broad conduct of human affairs, except to notice that God's wrath is here and is going to increase.

Greet His wrath as one manifestation of His increasing divine Presence. For us, it is cleansing and healing; for the world it is destruction. This is not the End, but this is a fresh dose of apocalypse. The meaning of that word is "revelation of hidden things" -- God is exposing things people would rather ignore. He's forcing us all to become more aware of His assessment of what is sin and how rotten our world has become.

It boils down to asking God for more holiness.

This document is public domain; spread the message.