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The West Is Worst

10 January 2022

The wrath of God is here, and it won't go away until a lot of things have changed.

The tribulation is global. In particular, the economic distress will trouble the whole earth, simply because of the unhealthy level of integration. However, for some countries it will a matter of collateral damage, because the Lord is very specifically targeting the West.

Very few voices on the Net recognize this. Almost everyone is chasing some kind of restoration of grand imperial power for the US in particular, and the West in general. Have you noticed how the Eurocrats are oblivious to their limitations? When God is finished, Russia and China will be struggling to recover economically, but the West will be just a memory. I seriously doubt Western governments will even recognize their impotence for a long time to come, but nobody will take them seriously.

Yes, the illusion is massive. Already, the internal structure of presumed unity is gone. It was never very real, but it's gone now. The first time something demands a unified response, it will become readily apparent that there's only shadows and mists. Let no one be fool enough to rely on US or European imperial sponsorship; they cannot possibly fulfill a single defense treaty even now.


Let's unwind this one more time. It is just possible to have a human government under the Covenant, but it's not going to happen because of human intransigence. Now, all human activity outside of the Covenant is under Satan's authority. The common notions about Satan and how he operates are completely opposite of what the Bible says. Satan is not in rebellion any more; he is confined to a task he does not love.

He and his angels (one-third of all) are required to serve as the Lord's left-hand. Whether you like or not, God portrays Himself as a nomad sheikh, and He maintains a very strong espionage force as a critical element in how His Kingdom operates. Satan is tasked with trying to seduce us to come outside the boundaries of the Covenant, and whatever it is that Satan considers to be his wages/profits comes from denying God's people our Covenant blessings.

He cannot take them; Satan tricks us into surrendering them. That's his job. He is the Tempter. He is not God's enemy, but he is our Enemy, and that's his job assigned by God. He doesn't get to deal in glory and blessing. He's forced to wallow in cursing and moral darkness.

If there is one thing Satan could call his proud accomplishment on this earth, it is Western Civilization. It is the first human civilization to utterly deny the Spirit Realm entirely, and to render the heart as nothing more than a repository of individual sentiment. Regardless of the rhetoric, our whole civilization is founded on the notion that there can be no moral sphere of reality. There can be no God and no moral truth written in human hearts. Anything spiritual in nature is just a bunch of woo-woo. There is only this world and this life, so whatever purpose humans have in existing must be found in "reality".

Western Civilization is by its very nature the grandest ever manifestation of our fallen nature. Everything about the West reinforces the Fall. It is the very essence of asserting fallen human capability and rejecting revelation. The West asserts that everything that matters can be handled totally by human reason.

There's something you need to understand: Satan is authorized to reveal the ultimate truth of things only in such a way as to take away its power. A primary way of doing this is to leave out critical elements so that his human minions never see the whole picture. There is no single Satanic force of human servants on this earth. There are demons and there are human fools; nothing else in his Kingdom of Darkness.

So there are broken groups of truly deep and secret human servants, and none of them is capable of accomplishing anything that matters. They will carry within themselves the illusion of total power. Each group is convinced they are the apex, and will seek to manipulate everyone else, including the other groups serving Satan. So, for example, there is the globalist cabal, there are neo-cons, and we have the global financier cabal, etc. There are others more difficult to pin down because, frankly, a significant portion of the participants in in it for themselves, hedging their bets by keeping membership in more than one cabal. So each of these cabals have numerous factions, as well, each so utterly convinced they are the real deal.

And every one of them is deceived about the nature of things. Indeed, the one thing they all share is the certainty that ruling over this world is what really matters. You'll notice Jesus didn't fall for that line in the Wilderness Temptations. His Kingdom is based elsewhere. This is definitely Satan's domain down here, and only so long as the Father wants it that way, until He's ready to change it all and send His Son back to restore Eden.

So, the end of the West is not even that significant. It is for us, but not in the grander scheme of God's will. Among the other human civilizations in history, this will be one of the shortest lived, just a flash in the pan. It is also, so far, the worst and most dehumanizing of all civilizations. I tend to believe the next one -- the Networked Civilization -- will be shorter and uglier, but that's because it's built on top of the West.

So get over it: The West is already dead, and only fools will lament its passing.

This document is public domain; spread the message.