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Clean Up Your Own Backyard

12 January 2022

I can see the logic. I can also see the unspoken assumptions.

Let's go back to the foundation: God has revealed that peace with Him requires humans be governed in highly dispersed and decentralized tribal feudal nations. That's what He forced on the people of the original Babylon, at the Tower of Babel. His verbal command was that mankind should disperse and fill the world. That translates clearly to decentralization and diversification. He effectively forbade unity into empires, forcing mankind to use a wide variety of languages, implying a wide variety of cultures.

He might be slow to react, as humans measure such things, but He will not tolerate political and cultural centralization. Nor does He tolerate anything resembling democracy in it's broadest definition. Mankind must live under Ancient Near Eastern feudalism, must be patriarchal, and must adhere to valid covenants. If you don't see that in Scripture, you are trying to avoid the truth.

So, every human government that varies from this plan is evil. When you set about the task of evaluating any government or policy, it begins with the biblical assumptions. There is no other valid standard for Christians. You don't like the crackdown in Kazakhstan? You are missing the point. What's happening there is quite natural for an evil government facing an evil insurrection. Both sides are wrong, so there is no good guy. You are left with vague generalizations about what gives people the most room to gravitate toward the biblical standard. I'm pretty sure the corrupt nepotism of Kazakhstan's current government is a lot better than the CIA-led revolt. Yes, the NED is just a cover for the CIA, and the CIA is so evil that we don't have words for it.

It's not hard to find all the evidence you need to show that this instability was planned in the West. This was organized a long time ago with every evil intent to threaten Russia and/or China. Those governments, bad as they may be, both offer less hindrance to the Covenant than anything in the West. The US is easily the worst by far, making the Covenant lifestyle virtually illegal from every possible angle.

The so-called "will of the people" does not get a free pass. It is not good; it is inherently evil. The Bible makes it quite clear that the "will of the people" is always contrary to peace with God. Even when the culture and language itself is built around the righteous way -- as Hebrew was -- the people invariably head for the wide open highway to Hell. The whole point of human government, as we learn from the Covenant of Noah, is to restrain sinful impulses for the people's own good. It's not a good system, but everything else is far worse.

The people have no will beyond hedonism, however their culture masks it, so the whole point in so-called democratic civic culture is to bring them all together for mass manipulation. You can either do it honestly, or you can do it with deception.

American mainstream Christians have no business talking bad about what's happening in China, Russia, Iran, etc., as long as America is such a cesspool of moral evil.

This document is public domain; spread the message.