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Starvation Rations

19 January 2022

If you haven't already stocked up on shelf-stable food, it may be too late.

The primary cause of the bare shelves in US grocery stores is purely a matter of government regulation. We already know that a major purpose behind the quarantines and vaccine mandates was to destroy the economy. It's part of a much bigger plot often referred to as the Great Reset. The hysterical reaction when anyone sneezes or clears his throat is part of that planning. It's meant to shut down operations that feed us and provide the necessities of our existence.

People aren't working, and not because they are getting federal bonuses. It's because of the mandates and quarantines. The only businesses prospering are those that can automate most of their operation. The hold up at the ports is another factor; it's due to port management. They are making a ton of money as things are and upgrading the ports to incorporate greater automation and fewer bodies would take a bite out of those profits. They refuse to automate the process of enforcing the quarantines and mandates, in particular. It's an added bureaucratic barrier that locks up everything, tying up manpower that is needed elsewhere.

It's going to get worse as the vaxxed people who are permitted to work continue dying off. Meanwhile, something around half the US population knows that the vax is designed to kill us slowly. They refuse to submit, so it means they don't work. The employers who know better than to make this a burdensome thing are the ones who can get people to work. They risk being shut down, of course, but it just goes to show that the whole purpose is to destroy the economy. We aren't going to come out of this.

That is, we aren't going to come out of this until the system that controls it is destroyed. The system of government is wholly controlled by the pro-vaxxer party, the folks committed to the Great Reset. There is no charismatic leader of the people to come rescue us and restore the system to what could be. Such a rescue would have to be an armed coup with the slaughter of most of the federal bureaucracy. The only real hope is some form of devolution of centralized control. Pray that your state government moves toward secession.

You should have known all of this already. If you haven't already invested in a stock of things you know you'll need, it may be too late in some parts of the US. This is when you start to shift over to survival mode, whatever that means for you. For most people that means getting used to eating less, and with far less discrimination. For now, it's still possible to order some items online, but only at a high price for high demand items. Don't count on that working out so well in the future. Even life-saving medications will be in short supply.

I'm convinced that this calendar year will see major disruptions of the consumer supply system. For some of you, it's already here. Does your state government have National Guard troops taking over some civilian operations? Well, they will also be in short supply, because too many of the troops are being forced out for refusing the vax.

I'm also convinced the situation will not be reported accurately, not even in the alternate media. But this is not the time to panic. It's the time to buckle down on your Covenant convictions. You've had plenty of time to get used to how that works. There has been ample warning. If you aren't listening to your convictions and carrying your cross, you are the only one to blame.

This document is public domain; spread the message.