Catacomb Resident Blog

Democratic Vanity

20 January 2022

It's time to review the boundaries of American idolatry.

One of the most damnable elements of American culture is this business of fairness and equality. God doesn't even care about fairness and equality. Let's make this clear: The concept of human rights does not come from the Bible. For example, US First Amendment comes from pagan religion. Do you understand that the entire background of modern day democratic philosophy is based on idolatry? Who dreamed it up? The ancient Greeks came up with it. Where did they get it? It was the natural result of the pagan idolatries of their philosophers. The basic assumption is that mankind is not totally fallen, but that we can be perfected. This flatly contradicts the Bible.

It's not a question of whether you can see that this world is broken. Rather, it's this Satanic perception that it can be fixed, and that mankind has the capabilities for fixing it. The biblical position is that this world is damned and slated for eventual destruction. It cannot be saved by any means. God never intended to save it, and the whole point of divine revelation and redemption is to escape this world.

Thus, it is imperative that you see the idolatry inherent in American culture. This whole business of human rights is a lie from Hell. Going back to the First Amendment mentioned above: In the Bible, you do not have freedom of conscience and expression. Rather, it is assumed that all kinds of evil imaginations will infect human minds. Thus, human government must assume the worst and put up boundaries that, if you cross them, you must be punished until you come up with the right answer. It's not just a matter of compelling you to say the right things, but to surrender to a love relationship with the Creator. It doesn't matter if His ways make you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Your problem is your distance from Him, and that distance is the source of all your unfulfilled desires.

The solution is to get close to the One who made you. It assumes a covenant, and that means your government must be a covenant government. Without that, no government can possibly be right. We've been over this several times. We live in a world where a valid covenant government is simply not going to happen. It's just barely possible that you could join a private covenant community that could feel it's way along to some measure of covenant government in the closed setting, but actual human government will never get there.

So, we are forced into a strategy of knowing we will oppose all human government. Worst of all, we are forced to live in a pagan society that worships false gods, to include the deities of democratic philosophy. Sure, we know what to expect from the people around us. It all boils down to an ongoing rejection of God's ways. But at no time should we even pretend to support their idolatries. As soon as someone in the covenant body starts talking about human rights, you must silence that pagan idolatry. Not in some ogre-like repression, but with the clear teaching that this is pagan idolatry and contrary to divine love. This is family, and it's for sure that a Hebrew tribal feudal family is radically different from a Germanic feudal household. The latter is evil; the Hebrew approach is much warmer and kinder.

The Hebrew approach is very personal, not cold and mechanistic. We seek to redeem the fallen soul by awakening the dominance of the heart. We know that those who lack the heart-borne perception by convictions are people who really need a code of law to help them see the boundaries. Thus, it is by grace that we give them a law code that they can understand. That's how God did things at Mount Sinai. But so is our underlying purpose like God's -- we want to awaken a genuine moral awareness that can only reside in the heart. We don't want to have to enforce a law code, but a law code is built into every Covenant the Lord offered.

The law code that comes with the Covenant of Christ treats as children those who aren't led by the heart. We give moral children every chance to grow into it, but barring genuine development barriers, that patience can run out. At some point, the kids can either embrace God's Word in their hearts, or they will need more forceful correction. Do you understand that the heart can be activated without spiritual birth? That's why the Law Covenants demand a priori a heart-borne feudal submission. It's part of the law code itself. This business of being led by the heart is a matter of law; it is within the reach of humans without the Spirit.

Thus, the very personal feudal attachment between shepherd and sheep is part of the law code. This is the radical difference between Hebrew and Western culture. In the West, it's possible, but not necessarily ideal, to have personal warmth. The system is fundamentally impersonal in nature, and ends up depersonalizing everyone. However, the Hebrew approach is essentially personal in nature. Any Hebrew governing authority is a matter of personal influence. It assumes that personal affection is exchanged. This is what Paul meant in the latter part of Romans 13: The law code is fulfilled fundamentally in the personal affection written into the biblical feudal government. It's a fine art of building affection against moral failure.

This is why we call democratic ideals a pagan idolatry. The Bible assumes pagan idolatry is just misguided love. You become deeply attached to something that isn't real; it has no power to reciprocate. It's just a one-way love. Furthermore, you are feudally tied to a demon, because everything we worship that isn't God is just a front for Satan.

The Devil gladly sponsors all kinds of human talent. So, within the covenant body, we don't care what brilliance and genius might be behind your ideas. If they don't line up with the feudal demands of the Covenant, they are inherently evil. We might fall back on the law code to explain it, but that's only because you might not be listening with your heart. If you operate as a child in need of law, then law is what you'll get. If you can't see the love behind it, that's your problem. We long to keep you out of the hands of the Enemy, but if you insist on wandering outside the protection of the Covenant boundaries, we will refuse to let you drag any part of us, and what we do, out there into the moral wilderness.

There is no First Amendment in faith. You are subject to ostracism for trying to use any kind of human rights thinking. There is no Second Amendment in faith. You may be disarmed by the body to prevent you destroying the covenant shalom. And the same goes with the other so-called "human rights." You have no rights at all under the Covenant; there is only love or rejection. By the same token, when it's godly and right by the Covenant to oppose an evil secular government, it's godly and right without any reference to what a human government may hold as "truth." We won't resist the system of pagan rules from within the system they propose, but by the Word (AKA love) of God.

So while we as Covenant people do understand the US Constitution, and we do understand how the current regime totally violates it, such has little or nothing to do with why and how we might resist. Our resistance is guided by conviction (AKA a passion for God), and the Bible says we take that as the voice of God Himself. It may not be a perfect reflection of His voice, but that's taken for granted. Rather, we are commanded to act on our convictions as best we understand them in any given context. We'll learn from our mistakes, and our conscience (as the engine of understanding and fulfilling conviction's demands) will be reshaped, but we will obey what we have today. We need no other justification before pagan idolaters: This is what my God demands of me.

This document is public domain; spread the message.