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Short Lifespan

21 January 2022

Just a reminder: Don't get too comfortable with your Internet access. The way I see it, God intends to shut it down sooner or later.

Out at the far end of "later" is the coming micro-nova from the sun. The experts figure that's within 50 years, roughly. A little nearer to us is the ongoing progress of the poles shifting when the earth's magnetic shield goes down for a while, allowing even the smallest solar flares and CMEs to clobber the earth directly. The climax of the pole shift is somewhere around 15 years out; it's already under way.

Meanwhile, this looks to be an active solar cycle in the first place, with some dangerous levels of flares and CMEs over the next couple of years. We are overdue for a Carrington Event, so that could come any day now. We aren't sure if it will shut down the electrical grid or the Internet permanently, but our use of such things will take a hit.

That's the stuff God does directly. There's also plenty of things that can make the Internet useless via plain old economics and politics. The economics you probably understand well enough without much explanation. If things get tight, folks might have to decide between eating and having Net access.

But the political situation is much more murky. It sort of looks like the COVID lie is falling apart. I know they'll keep pushing it to very end, but it's getting harder and harder to keep that lie going. The whole thing looks to collapse soon. But that won't stop the powers that be, since the background plan is still going -- the Great Reset. And a primary element in that has always been the lie about Global Warming (the old name for it). They are going to force that agenda down our throats through regulation.

Keep in mind that even if most of the state governments flip to Republican this year, the entire federal government bureaucracy is still Democrat/globalist. In a significant portion of states, their local bureaucracies are also leftist, regardless who holds the various offices. Worst of all, any shift from Democrat to Republican means a serious rise in neocon policies. That would mean Israeli policies crammed down our throats, and Israel has been toeing the line on some globalist crap lately.

No matter which way our leadership goes, the end result will be a more centralized control that will be engineered to crush dissent. Look for the Internet to be highly restricted. Stuff like this blog will be censored in one way or another.

And then, it's always possible the Lord will simply tell me the mission is complete and to just back away. It's simply going that direction regardless. So, the main point here is that you should start planning on not having any useful Net access. Start preparing yourself for it. Start looking for ways to get things done without that full-time access. Pray about it and test your convictions.

One way or another, the Net as we know it won't live much longer.

This document is public domain; spread the message.