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Don't Look Back

22 January 2022

It's probably less from the bloggers themselves and more from those who comment on those Men's Red Pill blogs, but the ones who claim to be Christian seem to be missing something altogether critical. Granted, it's mostly because the majority of them have no clue about the Covenant, much less the boundaries. But most Christian Red Pill guys appear to be a lot closer to the secular pick-up artists than to the Bible.

The whole point in pursuing a marriage is to build the covenant community -- period. More to point, it is to build community shalom. And it really does need to be drilled into our heads that this is a multi-generational task. That is, for shalom to really manifest fully requires a heavy investment from the first three or four generations just to get things front-loaded. It means that if you get started now, you won't live to see the real harvest of blessings. And if you don't really invest heavily in explaining it to your descendants, that stuff crumbles really fast. That's how it works, so get on with it.

For the most part, God doesn't care what turns you on, guys. Given that Western men haven't invested much at all in covenant shalom for centuries, we have a long way to go. Take a wife who understands this vision. That's the single most important qualification any woman can have. Stop worrying about what she looks like. Given how few Western women are even amenable to the whole thing after professing Christ, you may have to extend your search to other cultures. In a broad generalization, white girls suck at covenant faith, but it's just about as bad with any color once they are Westernized. You may be waiting a long while before you find one that is qualified.

So, unless you are a high ranking male, you better just ignore her looks and be very picky about what really matters. Does she have the moral strength to follow you into the Covenant? Once you get that settled, everything else should be negotiable. Learn to hear your convictions instead of your lusts.

As it is, this is a really awful time to get married. You need to make sure your convictions require it before you even look at it. If it so happens you are already hitched, then Paul covered that pretty well in his letters. Turn your feet onto the Covenant path and let her follow or not. Drag her along if you can, but realize that the call of God is a very tough path to walk. Once you put your hand to the plow, don't look back.

This document is public domain; spread the message.