Catacomb Resident Blog


28 January 2022

Again, I am not a prophet. I simply share what I see through my heart, through my convictions.

You should understand that walking in your heart is a separate issue, a prerequisite to walking in genuine faith. Would you be surprised to learn that it is making a comeback? It's not massive, and it certainly doesn't garner mainstream attention, but it's very real and very substantial.

The Scripture acknowledged the existence of heart-borne consciousness in a great many pagan religions. You can walk in your heart after false gods. It comes from being spiritually dead but morally awake. You still get the same messages from the natural world, but you can't properly interpret them. Instead of the Holy Spirit making them recognizable, you have demon spirits misleading you. But the power of a moral consciousness is still there, and it's far, far above anything the intellect can produce. It can be quite intoxicating.

Thus, we see the explosion of occult studies, witchcraft, etc. I'm not talking about the horde of make-believe junk that only mimics all of that. Most self-proclaimed witches and wizards are fake; that much should be obvious. Very few of those making noise know what they are talking about. But buried within that noise is a very real revival of heart-borne awareness that produces very real power. That's because they are tapping into the very nature of the natural world from the dark side.

What Moses faced in the Dark Arts of Pharaoh's court is the kind of thing I'm talking about; that's what is making a comeback. For those of you aching to see Christ Return, it's a good sign in the sense that this kind of crap has to become a major element in the rise of any Antichrist.

But you must understand that their power rests on convincing others. That's the nature of things I'm trying to get across by attacking the false Western epistemology. If you keep buying into the Aristotelian brand of "reality", you'll never understand what's happening. For whatever reason, the Lord is permitting a recovery of this stuff as we march toward the ultimate End of All Things. It was foretold in the Bible, so get used to it. The root of their power is deception, because deceived humans can enforce their own doom. It becomes as real as our false reality.

So, as the heart-borne consciousness arises, you and I need to understand it from the biblical position. We need to realize that this broken false reality is flexible and variable, and that some of what appears to be real rests on what those viewing it believe. This fallen "reality" itself is fraught with bias confirmation. It's not merely our minds that can be deceived, but our experience of reality itself can be perverted and the effects can destroy our lives here.

But the truth is not in the Aristotelian inert matter universe. The truth is that the universe is quite honestly responsive to truth or lies in the mind of humans. This is the kind of universe we are in, and God made it that way. We have lost the insight we had in the Garden of Eden, but not the power. But in sin, we have no idea how it works, and so it works rather poorly until we stumble upon the truth of just how variable "reality" is. How else do you imagine the prophecies of Revelation can come true? How is it possible that the Beast will perform wonders? It's because the wonders are as real as the false reality in which we live. This is why Pharaoh's magicians could turn staves into snakes.

Someone with genuine faith in Christ can shake off those snakes, not because they aren't "real" but because reality itself isn't "real". With eyes of faith we can see, not the Aristotelian "reality", but we can see what God has granted us from a higher realm. If you are utterly convinced of the inert world, then it will tend to act that way with you. If you truly understand that it is alive and responsive, then that's how it will act with you.

Look for genuine pagan magic to come back. It's part of the setting for whatever Armageddon is supposed to be. Right now, it's not powerful enough. The current sorrows we face in this mad world lacks certain critical features for this to be the End Times. The most important item missing is that the oppression does not target genuine faith in Christ. It targets a lot of things, but walking in Christ is just swept up in a general antipathy for people with or without faith. In the End Times, faith will very specifically be the target.

For now, the powers that be do not understand things that way. When a new generation of oppressors arises who actually do understand faith, then we shall see a tribulation like nothing seen before. Secularism is not strong enough to pave the way for the Antichrist. It will require a very strong, heart-borne antipathy for the Lord Himself, a very conscious enmity based on a damned faith. Right now, there's almost nobody in the various attempts at global government who can comprehend the nature of faith.

So, I'll warn you that the heart-borne consciousness is rising again. At one time, it dominated the entire Ancient Near East. Given what I've seen from history and reading between the lines, it will take a very long time, or a truly astounding level of civilization wiping, to get rid of secularism. As long as secularism lives, we have little to actually fear. However, it is about to run its course. After this coming tribulation, things will most likely turn. At first it will appear to be a restoration of things, but eventually its evil nature will be exposed.

This document is public domain; spread the message.