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Stop Clinging

31 January 2022

I'm getting a lot of response to posts that touch on the Kingdom of Darkness. It's not like I'm some guru of spiritual esoterica. If you were to embrace the fundamentals, your heart would answer the questions for you. More to the point, it would give you the answers you need to serve the Lord in your own context. It isn't likely to satisfy your curiosity, but that's just Lust of the Eyes in the first place.

For our world today, the number one principle is this: Stop clinging to this life. Faith means being firmly in the grip of an otherworldly orientation. Satan's domain is restricted to fallen human awareness, the worldly orientation of those who cling to this mortal existence. Job was doing okay, preparing himself to leave this world, until his friends got him distracted by their focus on this world. Everything they had to say sprouted like thorns from the seeds of worrying about the things of this life.

Once you despair of this life, you are in a far better position to understand how things work. From that position, all you really need is time in the written Word to get a solid concept of what has already happened. Yes, it does require a strong Hebrew orientation when reading the Bible to understand the implications. Could I recommend my friend's book, Law of Moses [PDF]? The concept behind it is to keep a focus on the feudal covenant with God and what it required, compared and contrasted with what people actually did in Old Testament History. It will help to introduce a Hebrew mindset for Western readers.

The only purpose in our human existence is to be a mirror for God's revelation. His Word says that this existence is a lie; this is not what He made us for. We were supposed to be in the world, but not of it. We were supposed to manage and supervise the natural world as eternal beings. Instead, we are now enmeshed in the mortal natural world as part of it.

Now that we are here, the only mission is to point out the path to restoration. It stands fundamentally on a rejection of this world and its concerns. We are not supposed to be one of the animals in the natural world that have no eternal component. To be made in the image of God does not mean our human form is divine. It's fallen; the mere fact it exists is a testimony to what it means to not be in God's image. God's image is eternal and otherworldly.

If you can just get a hold of that, and commit yourself to it from the heart, you stand in the place to see very clearly everything about Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness. You could grasp that it's not necessary to know all the lies he tells, but that you could recognize them whenever he tells them. His biggest lie is that this life matters.

I realize that there is a wealth of counterfeits out there. I've read already too much nonsense from people who claim to be Christian Mystics. Their mysticism is not like ours. I'm not going to bother listing all the people who get it wrong; you'll figure that out once you commit yourself to doing it right. The whole point of mysticism is in the definition:

Christian Mysticism is the fundamental assumption that one can and should have a personal communion with God. It builds on the notion of an ongoing connection to the Spirit Realm using faculties not confined by the fleshly nature.

I grant you that an awful lot of people would intellectually embrace the words in that definition, but somehow never managed to get their heart and convictions engaged. Because of that, they remain at least partly enmeshed in the Kingdom of Darkness. Do you not understand that the definition of the Kingdom of Darkness is the fundamental lie of our fallen human existence? It's not some esoteric spiritual realm out there. It's inside your soul. It only appears to be external to you because you haven't carried the light of truth into that part of your soul.

If you poke around in there without the leadership of the Holy Spirit, you'll encounter demons without the armor to resist them. They already infest the dark corners of your soul, but if you start tromping around in there without a living heart-borne connection with God, then it will become a nightmare dungeon for you. That's how people get demon possessed. I'll warn you that drugs will only make it worse. They won't show you the truth; they'll only expose you to even worse lies than those already burdening you.

So if you are fascinated with occult stuff, that's the ticket. Keep poking around in the darkness without the light of the Holy Spirit. One Christian counselor called it "psychic burglary" -- you have no business going there. But once you've embrace the Covenant and its boundaries on your ways, you can go anywhere without fear. You'll go and conquer those areas and turn them over to the Lord. But they are always inside your own soul; this has nothing to do without going out and changing the world that others experience. That's part of the Big Lie. The only thing that changes is your world.

So, yes, your host has read some of that occult stuff. I can explain Aleister Crowley, for example; not in any great detail, but I understand the fundamentals. I refused to touch it until the Lord told me to take a look at it. I wasn't that interested in the first place. It's a bunch of junk, half-truths. Sure, it's real enough for the folks insisting on rejecting the Word of God. It does lead to Dark Arts, and they work -- in the sense that they capture souls for the lies of the Devil. They produce experiential shifts in "reality" for people. But it has nothing to do with ultimate reality.

And you can bet that most church folks have no idea, or a very false idea, of what the occult teachings are. They have no grounds for analyzing it even if they do read that stuff. They make all kinds of noise about "Devil worship" without having a clue what it is. Having an intense curiosity is a bad sign, but censorship is no better. That's just another lie.

Stop believing the lies.

This document is public domain; spread the message.