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Esoterica 03

03 February 2022

So, one of the things Thelemites share with us is that they aren't trying to change the world itself. They are simply trying in their own way to understand this world. Most of them are quite adept at understanding the natural world. It's far more than ecology science; they understand it from a personal connection on the level of the heart. They can hear the natural world's communications, but can't hear what you and I can hear from it.

Far more dangerous to us is a related occult religion that includes a great many threads under the general label of the Greens. These people are trying to take over the world. They will pretend to use science because that's what appeals to the masses, but the underlying commitment is very deeply spiritual. They are devoted to Mother Earth with a depth of fanaticism that is hard to grasp.

They regard the bulk of humanity as pests infesting Mother Earth, and only the precious few devotees of Green religion are fit to let live. They reject the notion that the natural world needs the guiding hand of people serving the Creator. As far as they are concerned, there is no Creator. Mother Nature is inherently good and righteous, and the only reasonable path for humans is absolute minimal interference in what she does. These people would be quite willing to slaughter the rest of humanity, but not in ways that would defile Mother Earth.

There's a type of religion that overlaps Thelema and Green religion: witchcraft. The real thing is called "Wicca". There's far more to it than I can explain here, but the part I feel led to describe is what follows. It's another esoteric thing that is buried in the mists of ancient past. A lot of Thelemites are also Wiccans, and it's simply the nature of the thing that it mostly reflects the Celtic version, related to Druidism. There is a heavy dose of Germanic mythology, too.

The primary thing you need to understand about Wicca is that it adds the primary element of worshiping female deities. It's a reverence for the unique supremacy of feminine nature. Don't get this wrong: It's not anti-male at all. It's more like Yin-n-yang. Men are very important for what they do best, but females have their own equal place. Each takes the lead in their own areas, and is subordinate in the realm of the other. Wicca is the religion that seeks the natural balance of things.

If you understand the Hebrew Old Testament, you realize the spiritual flaw here. In the Bible, men are dominant in all things. God has granted us moral dominion and we are the covering. It's not a totalitarian concept. Men are supposed to let women take charge of a limited range of things that God equipped them to handle. However, the balancing point is far more heavy on the man's side than Wiccans like.

Still, it's not quite fair to blame modern western feminism on Wicca. If anything, they view feminism as a major perversion of their teaching. Again, Wiccans are quite expert in the Red Pill lore, which is perhaps the only real danger for Christians Mystics. If they take the notion, they can seduce like few others (in all senses of the word). And while there are few male practitioners, they do exist. But they reject the all-encompassing headship of men that the Bible teaches. Scripture warns against women having any kind of independent private worship of their own deities, which is precisely what Wicca requires.

As I said, there's whole lot more to it, but this is the core issue we have with it. Having clarified this much, we must note that there is a whole mess of fakes that have more influence in society at large. There is a widely varied mass of junk called "witchcraft" that reflects a very shallow grasp of Celtic and Germanic lore.

On a related note, we've seen lately a rise in another false mythology that is spreading like wildfire through gaming, computer games in particular. A lot of what you see pushed into public awareness is from that community, which is far larger and more influential than you might expect. It's only power is that it's fantasy, but it's empty. Gamers have rewritten the Celtic and Germanic lore extensively, and the Wiccans and Thelemites are quite annoyed by it all.

You far more likely to encounter the silly nonsense of the gaming community than the real thing. You can dismiss it as just another mass delusion with no real power. Despite how deeply some of the gamers have believed in their fantasy worlds, it was never anything but a silly lie. There is nothing sinister about your local Dungeons and Dragons aficionado. Rather, they are sad and silly. The same can be said of the newer trends in fantasy gaming.

This document is public domain; spread the message.