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Esoterica 04

04 February 2022

So, what is this thing most people think of "Satanism"?

I'll reiterate that Anton LaVey's Church of Satan was a big joke, and it still is. There's no doubt people who take it seriously, but that's not the point. It has no power at all beyond the deception itself. Don't pay any attention to it.

Here in America that leaves the organized religion of Satanism. While it varies to some degree, the real Satanism here in the US is a mask for secular humanism. It simply makes itself a participant in equal protection under the US Constitution by having the flavor and organization of a religion. They are evangelistic, and some can be quite pushy, just like overzealous evangelicals. They simply lack the numbers to be so influential.

The reason a secular humanist embraces the label of Satanism is simply that same old mockery of the mainstream church leadership. Most of the church people using words like "Satanic" have no real idea what it ought to mean. That it often gets plastered on secularism becomes their reason for organizing and creating a clergy. It's just a reaction to the spite coming from church leadership. They don't actually worship Satan, but some esoteric ideal of humanity.

Thus, the real danger here is how it supports political globalism, stretching to the point of trans-humanism, merging with AI, and even working towards uploading your consciousness into a server. It's a philosophy that says you can be anything you want to be, and there is no just restrictions on your choices. It's not a hedonistic total rejection of civilization, but makes social peace subject to their doctrine that we can transcend our fleshly limitations via intellect.

The honest truth is that this is about to hit its peak. It was fashionably rebellious at one point, but now it's mainstream. It's The Establishment and that means it's dying.

Then, what is the real threat? What will be coming against believers in the End Times? There is a very real Satan worship out there. You aren't likely to encounter anyone involved in it. That is, they aren't going to tell you unless there's a very good reason that helps fulfill their agenda. Unless you are invited into their club, you'll never know who else is involved.

So it's not as if we can name names, at least not easily. We can identify people who serve their agenda, but that doesn't mark them as members. You'd have to be an insider to see enough to recognize the real deal. They are a closed cult of their own.

For the most part, they are truly devoted. Most of them have stronger commitments than the majority of church folks do. Yes, there is a self-centered element, but they view personal benefits as a reward, not as the goal. They would willingly sacrifice their lives for the cause, so to speak. They give the appearance of believing in some kind of afterlife in which they find their true reward.

It's not hard to estimate their traits, if you have a proper biblical understanding of Satan. The popular notions among Western evangelicals are generally wrong, as I've noted before on this blog. Satan lies to his devotees, but they trust him. They aren't demon-possessed as most think of it. Rather, they consciously submit to the Devil as their lord. They do exercise Dark Arts when needed. They won't hesitate to stab each other in the back, but it's all very calculated, and there are no rules. They expect it from their Master, so it's just part of their game. It could be called a doctrine that you can trust no one; you will always stand alone in the final analysis. Their path is harsh in the first place, even when they amass creature comforts.

A Covenant Christian can feel the presence of these people, either physically or in terms of their filthy influence in certain events. That's what matters for most of us; it's best to think of their cult as an influence, not a concrete organization. Scripture warns that at some point they will rise to political power, and will eventually show themselves. When they do, it's your cue that we are in the End Times. They know what real faith is, and don't feel threatened much by organized Christian religion.

Instead, they will target a genuine covenant faith. They won't be too difficult with everyone else, but they will make the Covenant illegal.

This document is public domain; spread the message.