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Esoterica 05

05 February 2022

One esoteric occult religion is worse than the rest right now.

You know all of those self-help gurus? In a certain sense, they are right. If you are determined to have wealth and happiness, you can have them. If that's where your faith is directed and your heart is fully engaged, those things will come your way.

That is, until they don't.

It's an idolatry. It's a gigantic spell, self-hypnosis on a massive scale. It works as long as your kind can control the context. But eventually that context will fail. As tribulation grows, you can bet the religious and secular variations on the Prosperity Gospel will fall apart. That stuff works only within a limited context. It has a distinct shelf life.

Again: The basic principle is that reality for fallen mankind is variable within a certain range. It's not some special dispensation given to the Devil to mislead people; it's part of the original design of Creation. It's just a matter of tapping into something God built into His grand design of the universe.

The flaw is clinging to a reality that pleases your fallen nature. It means holding to a perspective that is limited to the time-frame of your own life. Most esoteric stuff works up to a point. That threshold is contextual. It has to do with your perception of the where the horizon is. If the span of your existence is the frame of reference, then you aren't going to consider the very long frame of reference by which God operates. The fatal mistake is clinging to this life.

One of the penalties in the Fall is the boundaries of time and space. In our eternal form, those are variables we can adjust at will. In our fallen mortal form, they are iron constraints. And if we allow our conscious awareness to be constrained by them, then we cannot see what works eternally. We see only what works within the context. We get lost in ourselves, unable to distinguish between the mortal and immortal.

Our intellects are inherently incapable of recognizing the power of our fleshly desires. The myth of reason and objectivity is of the mind's own making. Our fleshly intellect is utterly certain that it can quiet the demands of our animal bodies and find pure reason. That's a lie. The reason we have so many rational debates about what is reasonable for everyone, everywhere, at all times, is that the intellect is utterly blind to its own fleshly nature. Everyone who attempts to dig into the question of what is objectively true is burdened with a host of fleshly desires and motives that they do not acknowledge fully. We are ineluctably steered by our fleshly lusts -- Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh and the Boastful Pride of Mortality -- and no two of us can ever agree rationally.

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle arose from the fleshly background of pagan Greek mythology. On top of that, it's not really a question of what they actually taught, but it's a question of what their ideas provoked in broader human society. We can see how it influenced Rome. Then, thanks to the political scheming of Roman Church leadership after the collapse of Rome, Europe was cast under a blinding fog of accommodating Germanic mythology on top of the Greco-Roman pagan mythology. This eventually led to the Enlightenment, with all it's pagan false assumptions about reality.

For Americans, there was yet another layer of lies added on top. The Germanic-Christian Anglo-Saxons invaded the British Isles and mixed in the pagan background of Celts, Jutes, Picts and others there, and later absorbed a mass of culture from yet one more source, the pagan Nordics. This mass of pagan confusion became the dominant culture that invaded North America. Other crap got mixed in during various periods of immigration, but the fundamental nature of American identity remains Anglo-American, with a veneer of secular Enlightenment.

Most Americans have no idea of all this. They simply deify the resulting pagan cultural mass and somehow imagine that it is "Christian". And not recognizing that it's time for this yet-another-pagan-empire to fall, they cry out to gods that don't exist (variations using the name "Jesus"), insisting that Jesus wouldn't let this happen. Well, He's not involved. The whole thing was under Satan's control from the beginning, way back when the generation following the Apostles drifted away from the Hebrew roots of Christianity.

There hasn't been a valid Covenant presence on this earth since the First Century AD, barring a tiny few enclaves here and there, getting fewer and smaller as time went on. There have been plenty of individuals who embraced the Covenant, even a few tiny clusters, but no significant covenant bodies for the most part. We were warned in Scripture to expect that.

Never mind denominations and their orthodoxies -- American Christians are tightly chained to this world and its concerns. Their horizon is too close. They insist on changing the world, when Jesus said our mission is to change individual hearts and leave this world. The commitment to change the world kills shalom; it means abandoning the Great Commission.

This is the biggest cult in history so far. But if you were to adopt the Covenant perspective that ignores your personal horizons in exchange for an eternal viewpoint, then you can see that America was doomed from the start. It doesn't matter what human agencies out there are determined to tear the US apart; they are only the agents. The real problem is what built America in the first place. It is Our Father who is tearing it all down, and His servant in this is the Devil, working through any number of human agencies, internal and external to the US.

Covenant people should not be misled by all the rhetoric of "saving America". It's a nasty cult, degrading and defiling. Get over it. It is the background environment against which we must present our witness of the Covenant faith. The Kingdom of Hearts outlives all human governments. The promise of shalom is rooted in Heaven, so it naturally manifests on a sliding scale in the human context. It is God's peace in spite of the context; it is the ultimate reality invisible to flesh.

To be a loyal American is to worship Mammon. To follow Christ is to wade through the end of America while shining the light of God's glory.

This document is public domain; spread the message.