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07 February 2022

The one thing I most want to see is God's people fully embracing the Covenant.

Yes, it would be really nice if there were signs and wonders among believers. I've tried to explain how we can stand in the right place for that. Miracles rightly come from the Covenant. Within the Covenant, miracles are simply part of normal operations. Outside the Covenant, they are random, in the sense that God does them for entirely mysterious reasons, and withholding them is the same. Only within the Covenant can you understand them.

The Covenant boundaries are the place to stand for miracles to become the norm. What most people fail to grasp is that the Covenant boundaries are not simply a catalog of behaviors. The boundaries are drawn by the heart -- your boundaries are drawn by your convictions, informed by the Scriptures. The question is how to get to the place where you rely on your convictions for guidance.

I contend that keeping your conscious awareness in your heart is a prerequisite. It is not enough by itself to make you holy. That was part of my motive for explaining the occult stuff; you need to realize that they are misusing the same power God designed for His children. The power is there, built into the universe. It doesn't affect God's realm, but that power does have an effect on our fallen existence. And it can have good or bad effects, but it's the way things get done. Without that power, you have no means to bring discipline to the flesh.

It's the meaning behind all that the Bible says, but very pointedly refers to Galatians 2:20. If you want to live by the power of Christ's Presence, you need to put the flesh on the Cross, and that includes realizing that the capabilities of the flesh are a hindrance to the Covenant. You don't get the Covenant by your intellectual choices; you get the Covenant by the miraculous intervention of God. Once that miracle has come to life in your soul, you are now in the place to seize the blessings of the Covenant. But it's not automatic. You must go along with the requirements, and those requirements start with a heart-borne consciousness.

The flesh is already wired to submit to the heart, though it certainly does not want to do so. The flesh knows how to organize and implement the wisdom of the Holy Spirit speaking through your convictions, but it is unwilling. This is why you must move your conscious awareness into the heart. As long as you are working from the brain, the flesh rules. In the Bible, the heart is the seat of the will, of faith and conviction.

This is how the Covenant comes to life. The boundaries are already there in your heart. When I write about what those boundaries look like for the flesh, it should ring a note of recognition in your convictions. It should help your heart bring discipline to the chaos of your flesh. But what I delineate as ways to honor those boundaries, that is not the same thing as the boundaries themselves. The boundaries are in your living communion with the Father.

For the most part, the simple act of telling you that you can move your conscious awareness into your heart is enough. It should trigger the perception of the pathway. There's not much more I can do. I suppose if you and I were friends and meeting in the flesh, the touch of my hands could awaken things. That's what "laying on of hands" is all about. There is a resonance between my heart and yours, and it awakens your own faith. It's not just a symbolic act; it's a genuine exchange of power. But in this virtual setting, that isn't going to happen, so I do the best I can by explaining it in words.

I am utterly convinced that, for a while yet as humans measure such things, this virtual ministry is the primary outlet for my calling and mission. That means my audience is people who are on the Net, who are led by the Lord to this blog, and who are capable of receiving the message. That's not very many people; site stats indicate less than a hundred people are interested in what I have to say. There are almost as many bots keeping track as there are probable human readers. That's not a lament, just the facts.

My convictions are the reason for starting this blog, not whether there is an audience. I'm going to give vent to the fire burning within. But the knowledge that I may be blessing a handful of people is a blessing back to me. The Lord has chosen to scatter us abroad as anchor points for some future miracles. I'm sure there are plenty more out there like us; we aren't some kind of exclusive elite. They may not have any need for my words; more power to them. God is my publicist, so I leave that in His hands.

This message isn't for everyone.

This document is public domain; spread the message.