Catacomb Resident Blog

For the Children

09 February 2022

If you are a parent or other guardian of children in America, you have a monumental task under the Covenant.

It is possible to go off-grid. Right now, that takes a lot of resources and work, but it's quite possible to take your kids out of the system and raise them in isolation from the vast evil of our world. Yet, if that's all you do, you will have failed. You still have to do everything you can to inoculate them from that world of evil. It means acquainting them to that evil as evil.

The problem is that the world of evil out there remains far too close and threatening. It's not like the Old Testament where there was a nation with the ability to restrict what passed through the borders of a fairly large area, and in a time when travel was highly restricted by the lack of technology and energy. Ancient Israel could in theory keep most of the evil far enough away that it wasn't necessary for people to learn much about the evil world out there. Our evil world today is unavoidable, and aggressively threatens anyone seeking holiness before the Lord.

So the task is quite large. You first have to inculcate strong moral values and heart-borne awareness. Then, you have to teach your children about all the common forms of moral perversion they are likely to encounter. It's rather like the way the ruling elite handle their children, managing to keep them on track to carry out their "prime directive" regardless of all the hostile influences working against them. It can be done; that the elite exist as a distinct class across multiple generations proves it. (The difference is that they rule the fallen world, whereas we shall rule in Eternity.)

Until there is a genuine apocalypse that resets civilization back to zero, or at least functionally near zero, it's no good pretending we can create an ideal situation. We have to face what's actually out there. The range of variations possible in reality are not unlimited, if for no other reason than that the Lord has fairly firm plans. Reality will always be variable, but all the miracles that shift reality must fit inside the boundaries of what He has promised to do.

Naturally, this all assumes that you are walking with your conscious awareness in your heart, seeking to expose your convictions and obey them. You are walking by faith in the Covenant, right? The imperatives will vary from one Covenant believer to the next.

Given that, I must declare my own convictions: You cannot be serious about faith if you aren't at least trying to homeschool your kids. I mean that in the widest sense that you seek to help your child distinguish between good and evil, as well as their obligation to wear a strong moral armor against evil. Yes, I know just how awful and fearsome is the power of evil to seduce your children. I'm familiar with the "science" of public school pedagogy. I know how addictive is the seductions offered to your children, driving them to become just another in the herd of souls sacrificed on the altar of human depravity.

Moreover, I'm fully aware that the task can seem well nigh impossible once they get past age six. At that age, they begin to model themselves on the world around them instead of their parents. And if you wait until they are past twelve, it will be a miracle if they go along with any radical changes.

If you are unprepared to dig into that massive problem yourself, then you really need to seek assistance from someone who at least understands your concerns against the system that consumes children like the demonic oven god Moloch. Yes, having a good education yourself and a strong intellect does help, but you can accomplish an awful lot by simply holding to a genuine biblical standard of moral convictions. Your heart already knows when a threat is present, even if your brain cannot comprehend the details.

This is where we bring in that long-term view of moral infrastructure. If we do not begin to build a system of Covenant awareness, then there is no hope for our children and grandchildren. The whole point of a covenant is to provide that moral infrastructure, to grow up a system of awareness that is prepared to handle all the dirty details. It gives life to a whole orientation to last through the ages until our Lord Returns.

Thus, at a bare minimum, you need to embrace the full meaning of the Covenant. You need to be able to transmit that to any child the Lord places in your care. However limited you might believe your influence to be, make the most of what God does in your soul. Be fully conscious and on guard against the schemes of the Enemy. Trust in the miracle promises of the Father, but don't ever let your guard down in watching for those moments when God wants to work through you.

Be faithful stewards of what God places in your hands.

This document is public domain; spread the message.