Catacomb Resident Blog

Bad Times Are Here

10 February 2022

So, do you like what's happening in Canada with the truckers' uprising?

Here's what the Covenant says about it: You can participate freely if your convictions guide you that way. You can even advise someone who leads this thing, if you sense the Lord has granted you that kind of wisdom. However, we would not be permitted to lead or provoke such a thing. The only way we can lead something like this is if we lead at the head of a covenant body that follows us in feudal commitment to revolt as a tribe.

As long as the Covenant is not the fundamental cause, we cannot represent any political movement.

This guidance comes from the precedents set by Joseph and Daniel. Both of them were called into service outside the Covenant. Joseph guided economic and political reforms under Pharaoh's authority. Do you realize that what he did brought greater centralization to Pharaoh's authority? It was still feudal, and the Egyptian nobles still bore a certain amount of independence, but it also served to stabilize the situation by making Pharaoh a real monarch, whereas he had previously been just the leading nobleman. It became proper feudalism and Joseph saved the empire and the people living in it.

And Joseph did so with a prophetic eye to what God was planning to do with Egypt. So it was in Daniel's case. He was not a ruler, but a satrap under an emperor. He knew full well what God had planned for Babylon and Persia, so his leadership and counsel followed the Lord's lead. But by no means would God have allowed them to rule over any kind of empire that did not presume the existing Covenant.

I cannot tell you how things are going to turn out in Canada or any other country with echoes of this revolt against medical mandates. What I can tell you is that the instability is very much a part of God's plan. It's part of His wrath on the West. This civilization is now quite worthy of destruction. The globalist and neocon conspiracy is nothing more than a revival of the Tower of Babel, and Babylon must fall again.

And what replaces it cannot be allowed to hold the same power in this world. The divinely ordained decentralization means there can be no resurrection of the previous evil dominion. It must be chaotic and destructive of institutions and social stability. The West is doomed; it's a good time to emigrate to a non-Western country.

Let me give you an example of why: Christian men cannot find women worthy of a life commitment in marriage. Worthiness is a very messed up issue right now. Feminism in the churches has created a marriage holocaust. So far as I can discern, there are a significant number of men moving toward the Covenant, while women are fleeing farther from it. It's not just a self-indulgent demand for submissive virgins. These men would be willing to marry a single-mother if she would just submit to the Covenant boundaries and perform the biblical role of wives.

Right now, the only sane path to a biblical Covenant marriage is to emigrate to a non-Western country, marry a local gal and stay there. Bringing her back here would only expose her to the horrific influence that would destroy the marriage. Eligible men who stay in the US need to prepare for the worst. Granted, our God could perform a miracle and match you with a godly woman, but you need to understand that it would indeed be a miracle. And while you may well need some work to be ready for it, you need to understand that this particular time and space is under God's wrath. The problem is pervasive, so your chances are slim, even if you stand in God's favor. If you aren't called to stay here in the US, don't.

The same goes for the paltry handful of Covenant women in the US. Finding a Covenant man is really tough. Even if I could code a Covenant matchmaker app, there would be too few takers. As it was in the New Testament period, this is a very bad time to get married.

And since it is so awful, we need to be ready for the worst in broad general terms. It's a great time for strengthening faith and seeing miracles, but you have to know that suffering is here for all of us. So we should expect uprisings and social instability and the collapse of government institutions. The economy will collapse, as well. This has to come long before it gets any better. It's not as if smarter state governments can't get together and reform a better federation, but they will have virtually none of the resources and wealth to which Americans have become accustomed. We will have to start almost from scratch.

Don't look for this trucker's uprising to solve any serious problems. It's just one of several waves that must come. Canada has her own brand of moral depravity calling down God's wrath, but He hasn't called me to prophesy to her people. Meanwhile, Covenant people should just watch and play whatever role God throws at you. Our apocalypse is here.

This document is public domain; spread the message.