Catacomb Resident Blog

Unmasked Oppression

11 February 2022

We are all well aware that oppression is rising and becoming more onerous. We little people tend to give our attention to folks who dissent. On the Internet, there's a spectrum of dissent and we all have our favorites. By now, we have all noticed the censorship efforts by the oppressors and their lackeys. The Internet is now a battlefield.

Think for a moment about how things work on the Net. It started out as a free-for-all. Over time, things coalesced into the pattern that allowed those who garnered more attention to prosper from it. Yes, there are plenty of liars who are paid by oppressors to mislead the masses, folks like Alex Jones, Hal Turner, Ben Shapiro, etc. We call them "controlled opposition." Without that back door sponsorship, these people would never be able to make a living from the Net. But there are far more who make a living from the Net simply because they scratch a lot of itches. The attention they receive allows them to leverage advertising income. That's how it used to work.

Now, it doesn't work so well. The raging censorship has cut into that attention and the income. Granted, some of these folks are in a position to adjust and keep on rocking. They have the savvy and/or maybe some background business operations that will allow them to keep their voice on the Net, at least for a while. Most don't have those options, and they are scrambling.

The controlled opposition folks will stay on the Net for the most part. They have sponsors big enough to ensure that. The effects of censorship will be very limited on their operations. They keep all of that hidden. Those who simply have savvy or back-up funding will stay on for a while, and you'll likely know exactly how they are doing it. They have nothing to hide. A great many others will have to make a decision whether their message is important enough for them to pay the price and keep putting it out there regardless. Either way, the Internet is under an alignment process.

All those companies that contribute to keeping the Internet running in the background are being recruited to support the oppressors. It's part of the same process that took over the mainstream media some time ago, and has been working somewhat slowly through the entire big business ranks, trying to create a behemoth system that favors the oppressors at every level, and in all directions. Until recently, a lot of Internet background services were committed to neutrality. Their numbers are dwindling as the culture itself has also been hijacked by the oppressors.

The whole fabric of things is being aligned. Banks themselves are starting to act in partisan ways, so that dissenters can't even keep their own money. Bankers have always been part of the oppressors, but it was profitable to keep that a secret until recently. They oppressors have decided to make their move, coming out of the shadows. They are doing their best to squeeze the neutrality out of the Internet, across the board, from the devices folks use to the connectivity to the content available. They are also trying to make the laws conform to this oppression; check out the EARN IT Act, a naked attempt to make it impossible to hide your dissent.

I happen to be one of those with some measure of savvy about the Net. (This blog is hand-coded, very simple, static HTML files and costs only $100/year with high-grade support.) What you see here is a reflection of my efforts to resist the oppression, though for a very specific purpose. I'm not really involved in the broader warfare, but I'm paying attention to it. This blog is hardened against most common attacks, but I can assure you it's just a matter of time before the oppressors will be more overt and direct in shutting down dissent, and I'll be forced into silence. From where I sit right now, I can't guess the specifics of how this will all turn out. I'm pretty sure there will always be a way around censorship, given what I know about the technology and the kind of people who make it possible, but I'm not sure whether my audience is prepared to go that route. It's "one day at a time."

What happens on the Net in broader terms will be determined in part by resistance from the little people. Yes, the resistance manifested in the Canadian truckers' strike is heartening for the little people. It gives hope. I don't think by itself it will work, but maybe it signals a sufficient resistance to oppression that things could turn the corner. What bothers me is that too much of this resistance is still too constrained.

I realize that things have to bounce back and forth. Right now there is no focal point, no champion of the little people to give resistance a concrete shape. Those who claim that position are flat out lying, seeking to bring everyone back into line under one brand of oppression or another. Without such leadership, there can be no unified agenda, with a sharp awareness of the boundaries. As long as the resistance is spontaneous, it runs the risk of being shut down by a harsh resolve from the oppressors. And that reprisal will come.

So I'm suggesting that we as Covenant people stand back from all of this. Be wary of getting directly involved unless you carry enough cynicism to face the inevitable failures. I don't think rebellion is ripe yet. Protest and nonviolent action is not going to work this time. My convictions assert flatly that without an armed uprising, this nightmare is not going to end. At least some of the oppressors are committed to the point of their own bloodshed.

Sure, cheer the truckers on. Donate to the funding for it. Give support in other ways, but don't expect it to succeed as it is. Unless the enforcers join the resistance, the oppressors remain in power, and they will not relent. A lot hangs on the level at which the uniformed bodies hold with the oppressors. Unless there's some kind of coup d'etat that includes at least part of the upper chain of command, it will be very messy. That means the resistance must form their own armed and organized counter to the armed enforcers.

Do you realize that the oppressors are already trying to reduce the population of those most likely to resist? This is warfare. It has already come to the point of mass murder with the plague and treatment protocols. This is the last level of pretending to care for the masses before it comes to open slaughter. They've been trying to soften up the little people for a long time, and they are ready to come out in the open.

This document is public domain; spread the message.