Catacomb Resident Blog

Weep Now

16 February 2022

Now is the time to weep. Get it out of your system, because when things go critical, weeping will be a distraction.

We can weep for those who have already died from the manufactured plague, the restrictions, and the vaccines. And weep for those who have yet to die from the evil poisons they were compelled to accept. But the powers that be have more and greater evil up their sleeves.

Think about it for a moment: For most of humanity, this life is all they have. Worse, they don't really have the best this life has to offer, because they do not live under the Covenant. Their lives are empty and morally forfeit without Christ. They will die for nothing, and with no peaceful eternity ahead of them. It is scripturally valid to sorrow for the emptiness of their lives, both while they live and when they die.

The only thing you can do for them is to live your faith and convictions. If that doesn't move them, nothing else you can do will help.

But the folks committed to this latest Tower of Babel -- generally called "globalism" -- have decided now is the time to seize full control. They will continue to use mass deception and "democracy" for as long as it works to any degree at all, but that mask is now very, very thin. Just one step is all it takes for them to come out in the open with their intent to oppress. Just take a look at the Canadian government's response to the truckers' blockade. There is nothing "democratic" about it.

By the way, this is not a leftist versus right-wing thing. Here in the USA, political leaders are working together toward a dictatorship, totally lying to the common people. Virtually nobody in Washington DC is looking out for your interests. The system of government in many countries is now utterly closed to any real hope of hearing the people's wishes. The government is wholly unrepresentative; it is elitist to the core. So much for the illusion of democracy. Here's the real problem for the masses: They still do not realize any of this. They still believe in democracy, and they still believe that government can be forced to hear their voices.

What this does is set things up for unimaginable bloodshed. The only way to have prevented things getting this far was to silence, and if necessary execute, the people who were so committed to abusing and hijacking democracy. That moment was passed a long time ago. We might debate where various turning points were in the past, but they are all long gone. This is the natural progression of "democratic" government.

So with the sheeple refusing to resist meaningfully, this emboldens the terrorists in our government to oppress more forcefully by increments. Have you seen how the government is so utterly hateful toward the January 6th mob that flooded government facilities? That is relatively nice compared to what they will do in future encounters. And those encounters will come, because the government is fully committed to ever worse atrocities. They will keep pushing and squeezing in open warfare against the citizenry until someone wakes up and organizes an armed resistance.

That awakening will come very late in the game. By the time it does, the only options left will be unconscionable. And you are a damned fool if you don't see it coming. It won't be long now.

Weep for it now, because when it comes, you won't have time to mourn.

This document is public domain; spread the message.